My name is Mark. I just turned sixteen. And I'm pregnant.

It's not really how you think. I'm a virgin. I wasn't raped. There weren't any experiments done on me. I'm not half female. I don't have extra body parts. I wasn't abducted by aliens. I'm all human and all male.

If you guessed artificial insemination, then I suppose that could be right. Like I said though, it's not how you think.

It all really comes down to where I live. It's a small town up in the northern part of the United States. There's an isolationist aura about the place, so I won't tell you the name or even the state. All I can say is that we are on a coast.

Most of us grew up here. The only exception is a marine biologist and his son who came to study the wildlife. Other than the postman, that's pretty much the extent of the contact we have with the "outside world". Most of us will stay here. It's just bred into us.

My story up until this part is boring. I'm a normal town-kid. I have aspirations to take over my parent's general store when I'm older. I like video games. Boring.

That was until I woke up this morning. I was face-down on my living room floor. Naked. I like sleeping naked, but usually I'm in my room, not in front of the TV. After a moment of stretching and a groggy review of the room, I realized that it was also about 8am. Not my usual wake up time. I also realized that I was still signed into Xbox Live and that I had somehow passed out in the middle of a match. Lost two skill levels. Damn.

I'm not really coherent until I've taken a shower, so that's where I stumbled, leaving my clothes on the floor downstairs. As I scratched at my skin, I noticed a slimy residue on my stomach but it didn't register in my brain except as "ew." All I could think of was that I needed a shower.

It wasn't until I got into my room that I actually noticed anything amiss. I went to wrap my towel around my waist and that's when I felt it. The bump. It was a small one, but on my skinny frame, it was something that definitely shouldn't be there.

I stood there rubbing it for a few minutes. It was hard, not like fat at all. My foggy mind wasn't sure why my body seemed to be fascinated with the bump— it didn't hurt or anything, it was just new. And it was small, it only added a few inches to my 29 inch waist.

Somehow the rational part of my brain broke through and I made my way to the door of my room. There had been no bump last night. And I couldn't seem to remember anything that had happened after I'd started that first match in Halo.

I heard my parents talking once I got into the hall, so I knew they were awake.

"… all the slime. Ugh, this happens every single time," my dad was saying.

"I can't help it, honey," my mom answered. "Neither can they. You know it's a natural function."

"Ok, from now on, at this time of year, you're not sleeping in here. I'm all for natural instincts and whatnot but not in my bed while I'm sleeping in it!"

I heard my mom sigh and I slowly backed away from the room. I didn't need their help now. I knew what was wrong. It had never happened before, not that I could remember, but there was no way there could be any other explanation.

I went to my closet and pulled out a pair of stretchy sweatpants. They were big enough that they easily accommodated by new form. Then I found a tee and put that on before grabbing my spare towel and heading down the stairs. I knew what the slime was and where it came from now. And it would be all over the floor in front of the TV.

The slime meant one thing— my mom is pregnant now. And so am I.