Her fingers fumbled through trough the pages of her book while taking sips from her warm hazelnut coffee. She sighed in frustration and laid her head against her desk. The characters in all her romance novels often made her yearn for more excitement. The heroine often found love and enjoyed a couple good rumps in the sac. Unlike her fictional characters, Naomi Fox didn't have a life worth writing about or a man who drove her sex drive off the wall. She was twenty-five, boyfriend less, and worked a well paying job as the StormTech's computer and networking technology secretary. Regardless at how boring her life was, her boss Nigel Storm seemed to make her secretary life easier. At forty-five, Nigel was one hell of knockout. His beautiful forest green eyes and soft warming smiles gave Naomi a reassuring feeling. He was tall, blond, and handsome. For a man reaching close to retirement, he kept his body in shape. She often found herself gazing at his body like a dog in heat and having him appear in her random sexual fantasies. Naomi shoved the book into her desk draw.

She has been working for Nigel for four years, responding to every call or tasks he placed her on. In all actuality, she was the perfect secretary. She was devoted to him and no matter how much work he gave her, she would smile and finish it before the day ended even if it meant skipping her lunch breaks. Nigel would always joke that human resources would have his ass for this but she never cared. She lifted her head from her desk and stared up towards the ceiling. Nigel Storm fit her description of the perfect man. He was trustworthy, intelligent, and reliable. He looked incredible in name brand suits that often had her fantasizing about him unbuttoning his collared shirt, revealing his smooth tan skin and beckoning her to him with a lust filled gaze. Her dreams were often shattered whenever her eyes landed on the picture of his wife Margret who was the complete opposite of her. Margret was beautiful, kind, intelligent and refined. Whenever she came by the office her graceful movements caught the intention of all the employees. She wasn't young, probably in her forties, but she had a slim, short, and petit figure. Margret was the perfect Stafford wife.

Naomi on the other hand, had the figure of a tall mocha hour glass. Standing at 5'9, she had hips, breasts, and curves. She wasn't necessarily fat or thin she was just average. She often had the look of a secretary with her thin black frame glasses and her black hair put into a tight bun. Her body language came off as "all work and no fun," kind of girl which made man steer away from her. Who could blame her? She had a high paying salary, a nice car, and a home to call her own. Though sometimes, she wondered if sacrificing her never existing love life for work was really worth it.

"Ms. Fox, can you please come to my office."

The sound of Mr. Storm's voice coming through her intercom snapped her out of herself loathing. She got up from her desk and adjusted her suit and dusted off her black slacks. Time for work. She grabbed the folder containing a couple of documents off her desk. She walked over to his office with a smile on her face. Before she could turn the knob, the door opened revealing Nigel's smiling face. Up-close he was just too handsome. Even though his face still held the look of an older man, Naomi's attraction grew.

"Ms. Fox come in, I'd like to introduce you to my son."

Son? She vaguely remembered him speaking about his son. She walked into the room and stared at a tall figure dressed in a black suit that had his backed turn to her. She raised an eyebrow and adjusted her glasses on her nose. "Hello, my name is Naomi Fox it is nice to meet you—"

"It's Logan…"

His voice was oddly seductive but cold in a sense that sent shivers down her back and her tender loins wanting sex. He turned his body to face her. She couldn't believe how attractive he was. He was tall with a broad muscular frame and black thick silky locks of hair cut into layers cascaded down his to shoulders with part of it covering his left eye and framed his face like model. His piercing blue eyes stared at Naomi, examining her body as he was looking for flaws. His face was expressionless and by the look of it, she could tell he was young but his body was that of a man. She ignored the feeling of her heart rapidly beating against her chest. This man was way to perfect. The sunlight from the skyscraper windows gave off an added affect on his perfect complexion. Damn…what the fuck...is he photoshoped?

"Well Ms. Fox, I'd like you to get acquainted with my son who you'll be working for?"

She snapped out of the trance she was in and stared at Nigel. "What do you mean Sir?"

"Since, I'll be retiring soon, Logan here will be slowly taking over the business and I need you to help guide him. You're the only person here who knows what it takes to maintain this company and I put my son in your hands."

"But sir…I—"

"Father, I don't need help from someone as incompetent as her. I can run this business on my own."

Naomi's gaze fell onto Logan who walked towards her. She felt the instinct to step back, but ignored it. He towered over her by a couple of by a feet and a couple of inches and seeing those icy orbs up close and personal was slightly nerve racking.

"Naomi, has been working for the company for years. She is excellent at her work and is the best at it. Without her, this company wouldn't be as prestigious as it was now."

If she wasn't so pissed off by his son's arrogance, she would have smiled and thanked him for the compliment.

"I don't care for someone whose unattractive and old working by my side."

Naomi who often kept her cool and remained unparsed stared up at him, ignoring his burning gaze of hatred. "Excuse me little boy, but I've been here long enough to know how to do my job without fail. Any task, no matter how long it takes or how daunting it may be, I've finished it by the deadline. "My record is impeccable and quite frankly," she got up close to him; their bodies almost touching, "I don't give a damn if you don't like me, but I'm the best at what I do…"

Logan's body language didn't appear to change and neither of them did not appear to be backing down at any moment. "Now, now, you two need to get along," Nigel placed a hand on his son shoulder which in return, he brushed off.

"Find me an attractive secretary that best suits my need," Logan coldly spoke and walked out of the room.

"That jerk…" Naomi gritted her teeth.

"He's a difficult one to work with so you must excuse him for his poor manners."

"It alight Mr. Storm," she turned her attention to Nigel.

"I know with your guidance you can break that playboy habit of his and turn him into a professional."

"How old is your son?"

"Twenty-three and fresh out of college. He is a smart boy when he applies himself; he graduated from the top of his class and became the valedictorian. His mother and I are proud of him and trust in his business skills. We just need you to help him."

She smiled and stared at her boss. She could feel the trust in her from his voice as he spoke. "Thank you for believing in me Sir."

"Good…that's why tomorrow he'll be taking over while I'm on vacation."

She cringed."I wish you had told me sooner sir."

"I know, but Margret wanted to go to Hawaii on the first day of December."

She closed her eyes and sighed. "And how long will that be?"

"Oh…a month…"

If Naomi believed in a god, right now she would be on her knees praying that this was all a dream. For the next month, she would be serving that arrogant little rich boy. This gave her another reason to hate her life.

Naomi grumbled as she came out the shower and silently cursing under her breath. The moment she came home, she began contemplating the death of Logan Storm. His attitude came off as cocky, rude, and condescending. She would do anything to wipe that look off his face. An angry growl escaped her lips as she pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and headed towards her laptop that rested on her desk. She found herself typing in his name on Google and staring at the titles of each website. "The sexy younger Storm breaks another runway model's heart, Logan Storm number one playboy of the year, Logan is a Storm that no one can predict…" She rolled her eyes as she went through several websites detailing his likes, physical attributes, his amazing ability to excel in sports, his intelligence, and how each woman he dated was either an actress or a model. A blond, petit, and tanned skinned woman, were his types. Her eyes narrowed in disgust at a picture of him with a young upcoming actress. Her golden tresses flowed in the wind with her arms tightly wrapped around his as they appeared to be walking down a street. She seemed happy while on the other hand, he appeared cold. She was wondering what these women saw in him. Probably money or possibly good sex. She shook of the thought, not wanting her mind to wonder further into it.

"Wow…he's the poster boy for shallowness." Naomi found herself remembering his comment to her. I don't care for someone whose unattractive and old working by my side. She felt a slight pain from her heart. Even though she never really dated someone or had sex before, she never took into consideration her looks. She was never deemed old or unsightly to look at; she just never took the time to look into the aspects of love. Her mother was a hard working single parent after her father was brutally murdered before her eyes. Even though, the sight of her father battered, bullet riddled, and bloody corps would haunt her dreams occasionally, Naomi had to stay strong for her mother. She did everything to get her through high school and college working two jobs. There was no extra money to spend on material things like name brands clothing or salon appointments. There were nights where they didn't have enough to eat but all of that was in the past now. Her mother was relaxing in a house with nothing to worry about. Naomi made sure to take care of her mother's needs first before hers, fixing up their old home and made it beautiful just like her mother who often did her hair and kept herself in shape. She was what older woman wanted to look like.

She closed her laptop and slipped into bed, tomorrow would be the first day of hell. It took a couple of minutes to fall asleep. In the back of her head, she hoped that "he" wouldn't be there tomorrow.