The Day They Talked Without Words

Let's not say anything, said the note that Greg handed Matty after opening the door. Summer was nearly halfway over.

"Why?" Matty started to ask, but Greg pressed his lips against Matty's before the word was fully formed. He pulled back, giving Matty a soft little smile as he gently held the side of the shorter boy's face.

Matty held his hands up, still wondering why.

It'll be fun.

That was the last Greg used of the notepad. Instead he resorted to actions, like he'd planned. He took hold of Matty's wrist and tugged him outside to the back porch of his grandmother's house. They seated themselves on her little swing, facing the row of peach trees along the back fence. There were roses in the corner of the yard, and four or five stalks of corn growing in a fenced-off area to the left of the steps. Matty breathed in the smell of summertime.

Greg held Matty's wrist still, silently stroking Matty's veins with his thumb. There was a pitcher of lemonade on the side table next to the swing, and two glasses filled with ice. Greg gestured to them with his other hand, and Matty nodded.

They sat there sipping lemonade and leaning against each other until Matty's stomach rumbled, speaking for itself. Greg chuckled and they got up. Greg kissed Matty on the cheek as he led the way into the kitchen.

They made scrambled eggs, because it was the only thing Greg really knew how to make properly - Matty laughed as he watched Greg try to explain this with charades. They ate silently, back on the porch swing, their arms pressed together.

When night fell, Matty was leaning his head on Greg's shoulder, and Greg was leaning his head against Matty's. It was a position they often found themselves in, their heights being perfectly situated for them to fit that way. Crickets chirped and the moon shone down, and Matty thought, Maybe sometimes words only get in the way. Maybe silence says more.

He lifted his head up to kiss the corner of Greg's mouth, and in the pale light of the full moon, he saw Greg smile. Matty looked into his eyes earnestly, trying to convey exactly what he was feeling - which wasn't easy. Matty thought that even if he used words, he wouldn't be able to properly describe it. But Greg knew. He wrapped an arm around Matty's shoulders and spoke for the first time that day, "You too."

So.... I just saw Inception and I died a little. Most. Amazing. Movie. Ever. Oh my god. I will have Christopher Nolan's babies. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but I will say that it definitely made me have very, very clear urges to write something ridiculously happy and simplistic. So. This chapter of Another Summer Day was brought to you by Inception. Kind of.