it was dark outside but i could see everything
the moon lit up your face when you started to sing
i'm stuck with a crooked smile and sleepy eyes
who will we be when the sun starts to rise?

i want to wake up and still be asleep
then go dream and peek in at reality
will you stay with me through eternity?
what if i wake up and you were the dream?

the stars shone in shades of silver
but to me they changed colors
whispering pinks and screaming violets
where do they go when the sun's up?

it was grey outside with a fading sun
is it time to sleep or time to run?
how do i know which way is east or west?
why can't i hear your breathing on my chest?

where is my mind? where is my soul?
but body is here, with no control
the sun is here and the moon is too
i'm still here, but where are you?

the sun just filled me with shadows
your love just left me with sorrows
maybe i should start dreaming with caution
perhaps last night was just a premonition.