Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
Please guard my toys throughout the night,
And keep them safe till morning light.

I thank you for my mom and dad,
And for my brother, though he makes me mad.
I thank you for my grandma too,
Who cheers me up when I am blue.

I thank you for the stars so bright,
To keep me company in the night.
And thank you for my teddy bear
Who I promise I'll take everywhere.

I pray you keep the monsters from my bed,
And let sweet dreams fill my head,
I guess I now must go to sleep
It's time I start to count the sheep.


I've been on a children's poem kick lately, I hope this one turned out well! I got the idea from, "A Selfish Child's Prayer." I decided to write my own, but not for a selfish child. I hope this turned out well! Please review!