Come away,

Be drawn into the mist,

Let the mystic music guide you,

Far away from reality.

Figures dancing gracefully,

Along a dreamy plane,

Moonlight casts a spooky shadow,

Am I not sane?

Reality is a scary thing,

It burns, it warps, and it changes,

Landmines exploding,

Blood soaks the ground.

Why is the world so dark?

Why do we have to live in fear?

Footsteps are sounding upon the ground,

Hearts heavy with defeat.

My mind rejects what I see,

I just don't think it's real,

Soldiers holing guns,

Killing husbands and fathers.

Mothers weeping, sisters shrieking,

Hugging each other close,

Because they are just so sad,

As other innocent life goes to waste.

Surely fantasy is better than this?