He's Dedicated to Roses, Chapter 2 Draft


Keith was drumming his fingers lightly as he watched the screen of the two female brawlers before him. He was bored out of his mind and was not in the mood to listen to Gus' half-hearted comments on how the two girls should've just settled it out with a 'cat fight'… whatever that was.

Occasionally the two would exchange insults but you would think that Gorem and Tigrerra were the ones angry at each other.

Keith sighed as he recalled the day's earlier events… Basically Runo was praising Tigrerra saying that she was the best bakugan in the world and the sort, a grumpy Julie then pranced into the room and retorted that Gorem was better. The two then argued and finally came to an agreement to settle it once and for all with a brawl, dragging Keith and Gus with them-- granted that they were the only other people in the room and that the two girls didn't know how to work the inter-space.

"This is pointless…" Helios would mutter occasionally from his spot on Keith's shoulder. "They're just pushing each other around."

"I CAN HEAR YOU!" Runo would scream in response and the ex members of the Vexos would flinch from her high-velocity scream.