Ever so sweet and so caring is she,

But there is something more that no one can see.

They saw all the scars that covered her skin,

But no one could guess what was her secret sin.

She's always denies that she hurts herself,

And still no one saw what she did to herself.

What they saw was the smile that lit up her face,

How her presence could wake up and brighten the place.

They were jealous of the mask that she always wore,

But this girl was in pain, she could take just no more.

She got in a fight with her very best friend,

Her boyfriend dumped her, when would this pain end?

She went home and made a cut deep in her wrist,

She didn't know soon how much she would be missed.

She stared at the blood gushing out of her thigh,

And said in a whisper, "I don't want to die!"

"I'm sorry that I ever picked up that knife,

Please oh please, God, let me keep my life!"

But soon life was gone from her rosy red cheeks,

And her family would mourn for weeks upon weeks.

So don't do the deed this girl did to herself,

Be kind to your body and please love yourself.

I know you might just think it's just one little scar,

But you never know when you just might cut too far.

And then you'll be gone and your family will mourn,

You won't get more cuts because you'll be no more.