The car door was opened for Kylie. She thanked her driver and hurried inside her luxurious ground floor apartment. She closed the door and put her jacket on the rack by the front door.

She called out loudly and apologetic

"I'm sorry Jennifer, I know I'm running late" Kylie starts to unbutton her tailored shirt as she made way to the bedroom. Jennifer appeared from the dining area with a glass of wine. Kylie quickly diverted towards her

"Oh heeey, yeh I remember you, I think" she played "we used to have a thing" she smirked at her smartly dressed partner.

Kylie pouted and whined as she wrapped her arms around her lover's waist, pulling her in for a much needed kiss. She finished off with a hug before pulling back.

"It's absolutely the last time, no more week long business trips away, I promise." She rushes off to their bedroom stripping as she goes "I'll just have quick shower, we won't be that late"

Jennifer followed her "You've told me that before" she calls to her, but her tone still playful

Kylie appears after 5 minutes, her clothes for the evening already on the bed. She dressed in casual black slacks and white shirt. She came out into the hallway, still continuing on the conversation.

"Yes well I told the boss if 'you send me on anymore business trips I'm going to quit.'" She goes to her jacket hanging up and pulls out her wallet checking it for cash.

"Ok, I'm ready, let's go darling" but it was met with silence. Kylie looked over her shoulder, Jennifer had not followed.

Kylie walked into their large dining and open living area to find Jennifer sitting on the dining suite table. She was wearing a short dress she had fashioned herself, buttoned up at the front. Kylie's smile softens as her eyes slowly look over Jennifer body, slight and curvy, her hair let down to her shoulders. Jennifer tilts her head to the side as if to exaggeratingly check out her partner.

"ummm darling" Kylie nods to the door

Jennifer had other ideas on her mind and starts to unbutton her dress down to almost the last button, she leans back, allowing the cotton dress to almost fall away from her shoulders, exposing her milky, silk like body

Kylie subtly glances at the clock, then back to her gorgeous partner who was trying to seduce her. Kylie moved closer, unsuccessfully fighting the urge to touch her partner.

"I don't think we have time" Kylie moved up to the table.

Jennifer adding nothing to Kylie's comment, just smiles and reaches in and starts to caress her breast, teasing her nipple "uh huh" she moans

Kylie was broken and her hands reach in and around Jennifer pulling them together, her lips takes to Jennifer's, passionately. Kylie fondles at Jennifer's breasts, squeezing them tenderly. Jennifer breaks the kiss and whispers something into Kylie's ear

Kylie's eyes widen, a smirk appears on her lips as her hand slowly moves down and touches Jennifer intimately. "That is why I love this dress on you" coos Kylie in confirmation of her lover's taste in fashion.

"I know" Jennifer starts unbuttoning Kylie's shirt and caresses her breasts thru her bra fabric. "What are you going to do about it?"

Kylie needed no encouragement of what her lover wanted, lifts her from the table, carrying her into the living room. Gently lowers her to the floor, the softness of the rug caresses Jennifer's body. It had been a source of comfort multiplies of times during their love making sessions.

Kylie continues to kiss Jennifer, touching her intimately again, the wetness drawing out a groan from Kylie and Jennifer. Kylie stood up removing her shirt and bra, tossing it to the seat, she quickly, with hands trembling proceeded to unbutton her pants, lowering her fly. Jennifer sat up just as impatient and tugged down her pants, Kylie stepping out of them. The both grabbed at her panties, discarding them as well. Jennifer lies back down and Kylie drops down again onto Jennifer's lips at first, then kisses her body just as softly.

Jennifer's leg wraps around Kylie trapping her as she rubbed against her. Their kissing had not slowed since their session started. Kylie pauses her kissing, slips a finger into Jennifer who took it completely.

"yesss" she hissed before pulling Kylies lips back to her.

Kylie worked in and out, feeling the ripples deep inside of her. "oh sweetheart" she whined as she felt Jennifer shudder.

Jennifer hand pushes Kylie up and rolls her over, she now wanted the lead. She teases Kylie's aroused nipple with her tongue, flicking, and then sucking softly. Kylie let out a groan and whimper, her hands roam up and down Jennifer's back as her tension was building. "oh Jen"

Before they could hit their sexual peak, Jennifer's sits up, straddling her love and flicks her hair over her shoulders. Kylie smirks and closes her eyes for a moment when she feels Jennifer's fingers inside her for the first time, stroking her slowly. She releases a laboured breath and opens her eyes. They look at each other quietly, moving slowly against each other, both waiting for the first signs of their shared pleasure taking its toll. Kylie leans up and takes Jennifer's breast completely, sucking at it hard. Jennifer's hand moves a little quicker , then at that moment, she felt the signs that Kylie was succumbing as her hips thrust to Jennifer, her breathing changed to laboured panting.

"Oh god you're so beautiful Jennifer" compliments Kylie as she collapses back down, unable to hold back any longer. Jennifer leans down allowing Kylie's finger to stroke her over aroused clit, she too had given in completely.

Jennifer rocks against Kylie's finger, moaning loudly "oh baby, that's it, oh please"

They share a final passionate kiss, and then grip each other, as if scared of being pulled part. Kylie was the first to let go, stretching back and crying out loudly, unashamedly how the moment made her feel.

Jennifer was close, the circling of her clit had her almost there, her body trembling against Kylie's.

"Darling, just a bit.. just a bit .." begs Jennifer, but immediately clamps down hard as her orgasm was finally and satisfyingly freed.

Kylie wraps her arms tightly around Jennifer, both still breathing heavily. "I've missed you and I love you so much" she whines into her shoulder.

Jennifer smiles and touches her face, dropping her lips for a lingering kiss. "I've missed you as well and I love you too." she stays for a moment in Kylie's arms before breaking the mood with humour.

"Do you think they still have our table? I'm famished" Jennifer gets up and helps up her lover

Kylie wraps her arms around not ready to let her lover go, and quite happy to take it to the next level.

"We can always stay in" she says in hope, nuzzles against her, kissing her shoulder.

Jennifer pushes her away gently "absolutely not, I'm hungry, we can pick this up later" and laughs at her girlfriend's pretend hurt look.

They dress and head on out to dinner.

Kylie holds door open for her partner and they enter the very exclusive restaurant. A line of people was already evident. Kylie confidently walks to the front of the line.

"We have a booking for 7pm. We are a little late" she says to the maître de on duty.

He looks at his watch then up at her "it's nearly 8.15, not what I call little" he mocked in a sultry voice.

Jennifer bit her lip and looks away as if uncomfortable. She knew this was going to end up bad for him.

Kylie sneered at the young man "well regardless I am here, so I want my table now. If not, I am quite happy to take my business elsewhere that includes all my business lunches, dinners and functions. So you weigh up $20,000 loss of business over being a little late."

He shifts uncomfortably and excuses himself. Jennifer steps up to Kylie "Honey, he's obviously new, I don't think he knows who you are"

"Hmmm" she huffs

He promptly returns and apologies, then escorts them to their seat. Jennifer couldn't help but feel a little smug and proud of being the domestic partner of the CEO to a multi-national Telco company, it has it perks and she wasn't ashamed to use them.

They sit down; their waiter puts the napkins in their laps.

"The usual champagne" asks the waiter.

Jennifer smiles "that will be lovely Joel, how have you been?"

"I've been well Ms Warner, and you" he smiles broadly at her, "you look a little flushed, can I offer you some water"

The young man feels eyes on him and looks to Kylie. Kylie nods and he leaves. Jennifer holds back a slight laugh "He's only doing his job love."

Kylie eyes give off a slight glare of jealousy, then returns to playfulness "he's too young for you anyway" she doesn't hold back a laugh at her partner's expense as Jennifer pokes her tongue out.

He soon returns with the champagne and water.

Kylie looks at the food menu, and catches her breath suddenly. Jennifer watched for the signs she expected to see. She reaches across and takes Kylie's hand "sweetie, it's ok, take a couple of breaths, have some water"

Kylie tries to fight back tears, "oh no, this is ridiculous.... still after all these years" she turns her head aside quickly as someone came up to them.

The waiter returns but Jennifer sends him away again.

Kylie looks back with tears glistening "9 years, it's not long enough, you know. They talk about a 7 year itch, but it's not true. It's not long, there is so much more I want" she takes another sudden breath

Jennifer continues smooth and consoles her, knowing Kylie was like clockwork in most things, even when it came down to the emotional outpour after they were intimate. She smiled as Kylie continued to ramble, knowing she was slowly falling apart. Jennifer knew she just had to get her mind off that moment.

"Kylie, darling, your fly is open" she says seriously

Kylie blushes and removes the napkin to reposition her fly, but smirks before lifting her eyes to Jennifer.

"You're soooo funny" as all was normal with her pants.

"hmmm, that's one of the reasons why you love me" relieved she had refocussed Kylie.

Kylie picks up the menu again and looks it over. Jennifer rolls her eyes as she drinks her champagne.

Joel returns to their table "Are we ready ladies"

Kylie still flicking through the pages, "mmm in a minute"

"We will have the usual thanks Joel" Jennifer takes charge of the situation.

Kylie hands over her menu and holds her grin

"As if you are ever going to chose anything different than what you normally have"

"Well I was thinking about it" shrugs Kylie

"uh huh" she puts down her glass and changes conversation to her work. "so ummm did everything go alright, did they accept your terms?"

"Pretty much, but I had to negotiate, not without a price to us tho. I agreed to take a pay cut "

Jennifer was quiet at first, then pressed on "how much?" almost afraid to ask the question

Their entree's arrived and they both started. Kylie continued "5 million"

Jennifer's eyes widen and she quickly took another mouthful of champagne, nodding slightly.

Kylie amused at Jennifer's concern for their lifestyle. She never denied her partner of anything and now that she had grown accustom to their high-priced lifestyle, it showed she was obviously afraid of losing it.

"Darling relax, we can live on 15 million, and as I have threatened to fire myself if I went on any more business trips I needed to have a little clone. I took a cut for this to happen. Look it's a small sacrifice we can endure."

"Oh" she says quietly, still not convinced until Kylie put it in a little more perspective for her.

"Sweetheart, its either that or we fly economy class, kiss goodbye your open limit Amex card, our little chateau in France and Villa in Greece."

Jennifer nodded "I'm sure I can tighten my belt" she says happily.

Kylie looks around, trying to hold back a smirk "I don't think so, I think you've actually gain some weight"

Jennifer's eyes narrowed "you're lucky I'm not the one to make scenes in this family, because you would be wearing my hand around your cheek at this moment darling" subtle, but blunt.

Kylies eyes flirted "yes dear, my apologies"

They had just finished their main course when Kylie reached across the table and took Jennifer's hand. She never was shy or ashamed to show affection to her partner in public. Kylie ran her fingers across the diamond ring on her wedding finger. She reminisces briefly about their wedding last year in the Bahamas. She takes her hand and kisses the ring.

Jennifer's eyes widen suddenly "oh, I've got something to tell you" she says all excitedly.

Kylie nods waiting for the outcome to her dramatic exclamation.

"The results are clean, Jeremy is good to be our donor."

Kylie eyes light up now matching Jennifer's excitement "really, that's fantastic. Oh my god. Oh wow, now I just have to get you pregnant"

Jennifer laughed "yeh can't wait for that"

Kylie still excited bursts over "I don't care if we have 10 kids, as long as they"

Jennifer puts down her glass of water rather hurriedly "whoa, whoa, back up honey. Let's work on one for the time being."

"Well yeh, but we have such a huge apartment; there is enough room for a tribe of kids' honey"

Jennifer's eyes narrowed at her over excited partner's plans for her body "anytime you wish to volunteer your uterus, by all means be my guest"

Kylie blushed and toned down her excitement "sorry, it's just.... it's so real now, or nearly"

"Well, it will be, and then"

Kylie interrupted "we need to start arranging things, a nursery, and nappies, then there is child proofing the apartment"

Jennifer just sat back and rolled her eyes. "Here goes miss be-prepared and organised" she thinks to herself. She watches Kylie's eyes dart as she processes every little detail of child rearing as if it's a long term financial report.

"Schools, Monday I'm going to ring the few in our area find out their curriculums, start comparing"

Jennifer smirked, topped up her glass and just listens "schools, uh huh"

Kylie sat up as if a startling revelation has just crossed her path. "I'll have to set up a trust fund, especially if he/she is going to university."

Jennifer played with her glass quite amused at the tangent Kylie had gone off on. "hmmm university now is it"

"Oh god, a car, they will want a car, but I don't want it to be too extravagant. Don't want to be seen as spoiling"

Jennifer raises her eyebrows in mock agreement "no, of course not dear"

Kylies pauses to think giving Jennifer the opportunity to add her own forth sights into future events.

"Then there's the boyfriends/girlfriends, wanting to stay over and we both know what our randy little child would be up to."

Kylies eyes light up with fear "oh god, no....oh wow" she notices Jennifer trying to hold back tears, trying desperately to hold back from falling into fits of laughter.

Kylie finally breaths out.

Jennifer pats Kylie's hand "Getting a bit ahead of yourself, don't you think. Let's just work on me conceiving first?"


"Great, well we got the weekend to make a start on that."

Kylie looks at Jennifer "both days" almost asking it as a question.

"Yes" confirms Jennifer confidently. "Well I'm in my cycle, so you can just forget about golf on Sunday."

Kylie pouted momentarily

Jennifer folded her arms "Fine, I'll just let Jeremy do it for you then"

"YOU WILL NOT" Kylie hissed

People looked at the sudden outburst

Jennifer just looked at her not confirming one way or another how much Jeremy was going to participate.

Kylie had always said she was going to be involved with the process from the beginning until the end.

"That will be fine, golfing can wait and Jermey will use the cup only" Kylie lowers her voice to a dirty tone " After all, if my woman's in season, I can't waste that."

Jennifer nearly spat out her champagne at Kylie's crude remark "Oh my god, I can't believe you just said that. I'm not some animal you know"

Kylie leans in still wanting to play more "you're my bitch" she says and winks at her.

"yeh, well you're bitch is going to make you sleep on the couch if you keep that up. You are not with the boys now Kylie Swan"

"yes maam." Still smug.

Jennifer just shook her head "You are just so incorrigible sometimes, but honey, I do agree with you, 9 years is not enough, so happy anniversary." raises her glass of champagne.

Kylie does the same and they touch glasses together.

"It has been a wonderful, but quick 9 years, and I'm hoping for 90 more." Stated Kylie, she then leans over and steals a kiss from Jennifer.

"You old smoothly" and rubs off the little slip-stick mark left on Kylie's lips.

Joel returned to the table. "Can I get you ladies any desserts?"

Jennifer starts to read the menu.

"No thanks Joel, just the bill please." Hands over her gold Amex company card

Jennifer looks at her as if an explanation was required for being rushed on their special occasion.

"Thought we have dessert at home, considering I've been starved of dessert for 5 nights."

Jennifer gathered herself together, she shrugs at the comment "And whose fault is that? Any way I thought when a woman hits 40, it's suppose to slow down"

Joel returns to the table with the bill and Kylie signs it "That's why they call it the naughty 40s, just like it's the dirty 30s for you"

Joel looks at them both, unsure what to say at being caught up in their flirting. Jennifer blushes and exclaims "Kylie not in front of Joel"

Kylie gets up as does Jennifer. She reaches for her wallet and pulls out some money, hands over 50 dollars. "Thank you Joel for your usual, excellent service"

"Thanks Ms Swan, you both have a lovely evening" he smirked.

The girls head to the door when Kylie stopped at the maître de. Jennifer watch anxiously at what her partner was going to do.

Kylie pulls out a 10 dollar note and a 100 dollar note showing both to him. He reaches but Kylie only hands over the 10 dollar note and some advice.

"Next time I'm a little late, I'd appreciate less attitude and a little more accommodating. Do I make myself clear?"

He nodded "yes Ms Swan" his eyes remained submitted and humbled.

The girls walked down the street, arm in arm.

"I can't wait to get you home my naughty 40s woman" teases Jennifer, pulling on her arm as they head towards their car

They walked past a bar as 3 guys stumbled out drunk, laughing and pushing each other. One nodded as the couple walked by arm in arm. They nodded and followed.

"Oh yeh and why is that" Kylie kisses Jennifer cheek adding to the moment.

"cos I'm going to tie you up, and I'm going to make you...." but she was interrupted.

"Will you tie me up too lovey" came a growling, sarcastic voice behind, followed by laughing.

Kylie stops and looks around angry at the intrusion

"hmmm yeh" says another guy "maybe your boyfriend will let us watch" nods to Kylie.

Kylie went to say something, but Jennifer had a bad feeling "c'mon" she whispers, and pulls Kylie along.

"Hang on, dat's not very polite" they were cut off as one guy stood in front of them. His surprise was in his tone.

"You're not guy, well well, we have two lady lovers" guys from behind excited at the discovery bumped them from behind, the situation getting tense.

"Get lost." Growled Kylie, not taking any attitude from them.

"hmmmm now I wouldn't mind a piece of you in the nice little dress." He tries to touch Jennifer. She immediately cringed away into Kylie

Kylie snapped and pushes his hand away "piss off you filthy pigs." Grabs Jennifer and tries to barge through.

She was grabbed, punched, Jennifer screamed but she was muffled and both were dragged deep into the dark alley. Kylie tried furiously to fight back but she was punched, slammed to the wall.

Jennifer was against the opposite wall, restrained as she was being touched by another. "She's not got any knickers on"

Jennifer screams again. Kylie struggles, she gets free and tries to launch at them but was grabbed. Jennifer watched in horror as Kylie was thrown like a rag doll against the wall, her head hitting it hard, she collapsed to the ground not moving.

Jennifer cries, screams out Kylie's name in vain. She felt one inside her, she tries to block it out, her eyes on Kylie's body, unsure if she was alive.

"Let me have a go" says the guy that had thrown Kylie to the wall. "come on, I want her now"

"I'm not done yet" argued the rapist

She started to struggle again, biting down on the finger that was wrapped around her mouth "KYLIE" she screams again.

She was punched in the face

Kylie was stirred to conscious by Jennifer's screams. Her eyes trying to focus, she jumps up grabbing one of the guys and throwing him to the wall hard. He let out a yelp. Jennifer was released as both buys set upon her, beating and kicking her to the ground.

"Run Jen, now" screams Kylie.

"Get after her" one yells, he delivers a final kick to Kylie breaking her ribs, Kylie gasping from the pain and trouble breathing.

Jennifer ran down the alley, two boys trying to chase her down. Kylie got to her feet, trying to follow, praying Jennifer to get away. She gets her phone out and makes an emergency call.

"Get her" one yells again as Jennifer is at the end of the alley, screaming for help.

Jennifer frighten looks over her shoulder as two guys were almost on her. Petrified she ran into the street, onto the road.

Kylie continued to stagger down the alley and watched in horror, images slowed down, the sound of a car screeching its brakes was deafening and the blurred image of a car trying unsuccessfully to stop. The thud was sickening

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO" screams Kylie as she watches Jennifer's body bounce up over a car and land in a heap.

The boys all witness the event, then ran away. The guy from the car gets out, hands around his head and cries at what had happen.

"oh my god, I didn't see her, she came out of know where"

Kylie groaning, trying to catch her breath, clutching her ribs, the blood flowing from her wounds. She screams to Jennifer. She collapses next to her crumpled, broken body.

"Baby nooooooo, noooooooooooo" she tries to pick her up, but her weight and the pain of Kylie's broken ribs was too much for her to handle, she collapses back down. She cradles her, kissing her head, face and lips.

Kylie continues to scream hysterically into the lifeless body of her partner. "nooooo, it's not enough, it's not enough time."