He's Home.

"John's home." My sister told me as I pulled a t-shit over my head. "Go Aztecs!" it read.

"Whaat?!" I asked breathlessly.

"John. O'Callaghan. Is. Home." She repeated again, slowly.

"Beth, you're wrong. They don't come home until next week." I told her. They couldn't be home yet. They had one more show and that was it, for this tour anyway.

"Then why did I see a white van with tons of sharpie writing on it down the street?!" Beth questioned angrily.

They're home?!

That's all I needed and I was gone, running out the door, through the patches of grass and onto the suburb's road. I faintly heard,

"McKenzie! Come back! You forgot your pants!"

I ignored my sister and kept running, Johnny's house was close.


Just down the road.

"Johnny! Johnny!"

I could see the van!

"Johnny!" I screamed.

I could see two boys in front of the O'Callaghan's house!

"Johnny!" I screamed. "Pat!" I laughed when I saw him.

"Kenzie!" Johnny smiled widely.

"Johnny!" I sighed, before throwing myself into my best friend's arms. I held tight as he lifted me off the ground.

"I've missed you, Irish." I whispered into his ear.

"I've missed you too, Indy!" He chuckled.

One last squeeze he set me down and I stood back. I smiled at him before turning to Pat.

I laughed, "Pat! I've missed you!"

I leaned into hug him as he turned his camera away.

Pulling back I smiled at both of them happily before jumping into Johnny's arms again.

"John O'Callaghan!" Mrs. O'Callaghan screamed.

"Smile!" She yelled, raising a camera to her face.

I smiled brightly as the flash blinded me. Through the darkness I heard,

"McKenzie where are your pants?!" from Mrs. O'Callaghan.

But all I remember was Johnny.

Pressing his forehead to my head and sighing into my ear,

"It's really good to be home, Indy."

I closed my eyes as another click of the camera came around.

"Yes, yes it is, Irish." I whispered back, slipping my hand into his.