This is just something I thought up while I was doing the laundry yesterday. So I wrote it down and posted it. I might expand on it, give the characters names or something... not now though... I personally think it's amusing. I hope you think the same... Enjoy (BTW-- read it with a British accent in mind. Like the mother is trying to get her son to go to a society party or something. It makes much more sense that way, trust me...) xo ~Misty

Mummy Always Gets Her Way

Mummy: "Oh, darling, let's go to the party!"

Son: "Well, erm, no, I'd rather not."

Mummy: "Why not?"

Son: "Why so?"

Mummy: "Don't sass me boy."

Son: "I wouldn't dream of it, mum, but I'm not going."

Mummy (miffed): "Very well. I'll leave you to telling Beatrice and Jane why you cannot attend."

Son (hastily): "Oh no, no, I'll go.

Mummy (smiling): "Splendid. You go get changed and I'll have the car come round immediately."

Son (ruefully): "You are an expert blackmailer, Mum."

Mummy (affectionately): "And don't you forget it, love."

Well? What'd ya think??? TELL MEEEE!!!!!