Made: Monday, April 26, 2010

Time: 10:37p.m


Can't you see my demise
Past my fading disguise
Just look into my eyes

I always lie to you
(Lie to you)

I'm always gonna lie to you
(Lie to you)

Don't you see this pain
All of these stains
Made from these broken veins

You're never gonna hear the truth
(Hear the truth)

I'm never gonna tell the truth
(Tell the truth)

I can't believe you don't get it yet
Maybe you just don't care
I set you up, you failed the test
You were never really there

I thought it was so obvious
Put up right in your face
But you just kept looking past me
I can't keep up with this chase

Hide behind my mask
Can't complete this task
Falling way too fast

I won't be there to catch you
(Catch you)

You aren't here to catch me
(Catch me)

I gotta end this now
It never mattered how
So I'll take a bow

I won't be there to fall for you
(Fall for you)

I never really fell for you
(Fell for you)

So now I say goodbye.