Um, Hi God. It's Emily.

It's always weird
that first time you talk to God.
Not speaking through thoughts
or prayers
But really talking to him.
Out loud.
Like you're talking to a friend.
A simple "Hi God"
to start things out
Followed by a "this is weird"
and an "I've never done this before."
You'll want to explain to him,
if he does exist,
that, just because you only talk to him when you're in trouble,
doesn't mean that you can't believe.
You'll want to tell him,
or it could be a her,
that you don't want to bother her
with petty requests
and bothersome prayers.
You'll try and tell her
that all your prayers and requests
are from the heart
desperate pleas for help.
But, we all know, that
in the end,
you'll simply sigh.
Then whisper "never mind"
and go on your way
because you don't know what truth is
and never know what to