Chapter One: The Arrival aka They're Here! (And Flynn is hyper)

Are you sure everything's set up? No problems?

im major sure. no prob. ur bein a worrywart

Can't help it. It's who I am.

don't i know it ;P

You kind of suck.

i no i do


u brought it up. not me.

One. Word. TMI

actually, that's an acronym. 4 2 much info


yes, i no my ass is very smart. what abt urs?

Do you actually expect me to reply to that?

u just did

Haha. Not funny.

then y'd u laf?

I did not. It's called sarcasm

doesn't transl8 well by text.

Okay, you're right…it doesn't.

ha! i win! cha-cha!

Win? Win what?

i don't kno. i haven't decided

You can have Joe.

no thnx. i want some1 i can make out wit

TMI. Again.


What the hell does that mean?


hah! i win! again!


i do 2. deal :P

We shall see. I will bring in adjudicators.


I'm not sure either. I think the lack of sleep's getting to me

aw pur widle west. 2 bad. u're keeping me company til ur train gets here

Who says?

i do. duh

How much coffee have you had?

enuf to stay up til 7

Oh. God.

don't worry. i'll find sometink to occupy myself

That sounds wrong…

its meant 2 ;)

So, so, so wrong.

get over it prudislut

You're not going to call me that in public are you?

i mite…unless u gimme reason not 2



Sour worms?

i want gummy bears


haha, so easy. where u now?

I'm not sure…

u sure u haven't missed it?

No, I just checked with Joe. One more stop.

yay! ull finally b here!

Yes we will.

is every1 sleeping?

Yeah. I had to wake Joe to ask where we were. He was not pleased



sound effect!

You have, officially, had too much coffee

i disagree

You would

where r u? i need 2 p but i don wanna miss u

Another fifteen minutes I think. We just stopped.

oh, ur at lakefeld then. 20 mins i bet.

Oh, Dev's waking up.

will he b waning attention?


want me 2 giv it 2 him? ;)

……Keep away from my boyfriend.


West shook his head at the last message and decided not to reply. What could he say, really? Devin sleepily watched him put his phone away.

"Who was that?"

"Who else?"

"Mmm. What'd he say?"

"He's waiting for us at the station."

"Mmm." Devin repeated, wriggling slightly.

Joe had made West and Iris sit together, and he and Devin sat opposite them, with Devin facing Iris and Joe facing West. It was, in West's opinion, a very poor attempt to stop him and Devin making out.

"Bit early isn't it?" Devin asked with a yawn. "To be waiting for us, I mean?"

"He says he's been waiting for a while now. And that he's had a lot of coffee."

"Oh. God."

Devin's tone had West frowning, worry piqued. "You are going to be civil aren't you?"

"What?" Devin paused mid another yawn to glare at his boyfriend. "Where the hell did that come from?"


"I promised, didn't I? I promised you and I promised Iris and I even freaking promised Joe! Yes, I'll be goddamn civil to the asshole!"

"Now that," West managed in a dry voice, "is why we're worried."

Devin let out a rude sound, crossing his arms over his chest. His scowl deepened. "I know how to be freaking civil, even when I want to kick a guy's ass. Hell, I didn't punch him when he came over to my house and there was no one to stop me."


"I was freaking civil to him then and I'll be freaking civil to him now. I promised. Happy?"

West resisted the urge to sigh. "Yeah."

Devin snorted but didn't say anything. He stared at the door of the small carriage, since Joe was sitting beside the window. West let out a soft breath and reached out, touching the other boy's arm. Devin didn't turn.

"Dev, I'm sorry."

No reply. Damn him.

"Are you going to make me beg?"

A smile quirked the blue eyed teen's lips. "That would be nice."

It was West's turn to snort. "Not a chance."

Finally, Devin turned to look at him. "You are supposed to beg. You're in the dog house."

West grinned at the look in Devin's eyes. He leaned closer, slipping his finger into the collar of Devin's shirt and pulling him closer as well. "How 'bout I just kiss you instead?"

Devin's eyes lowered slightly, his gaze focusing on West's mouth. "How 'bout you do that?"

"How 'bout you don't?"

Devin turned his head to meet Joe's glare. "Spoilsport."

"I'm not a spoilsport. I am the opposite of a spoilsport."

"Spoilsport," West repeated and closed the distance between his and Devin's mouth.

Beside Devin, Joe groaned and covered his eyes. He spent a lot of time covering his eyes nowadays. A whap on Devin's shoulder had him breaking the kiss, turning to look at Iris. "What?"

"Our stop," she said, jerking her head towards the carriage door. "They just announced it. Or would you rather make out until you hit Dallas?"

"Huh?" West shook his head. "Shit! Our stop!"

He stood up fast enough to almost hit Devin's nose. "Hey!"

"Sorry." Absently, the streaky haired teen patted his boyfriend's head. "Come on, let's get moving before the train starts up again."

"I very much doubt it's going to go this very minute." But Devin got up, grabbing bags and hauling them down. He slung his over his shoulders, picked up Iris' suitcase. "What the hell's in this?"

"Bricks. I'm giving them to Flynn as a present." Tugging off the scarf he'd mailed her as a gift, Iris stuffed it in West's backpack.

They got off the train, pulling out one suitcase, three bags and one box out with them. West and Iris knew what was in the box but they weren't telling anyone. When Devin had tried to take a peek, Iris had hit him. He thought it best not to try again.

The train station was pretty much deserted – not surprising considering it was three in the morning. It had been Iris' idea to take the night trip, citing jet lag. Devin'd said she'd just wanted to because there was less people and she'd never taken a night trip before. She hadn't disagreed.

In addition to being pretty much deserted, it was tiny. One platform, with a small building attached to it and a clear view of the parking lot. There was only one vehicle in it; a jeep, it was yellow and there was a smiley face on the hood. There was no doubt in hell whose it was.

Flynn came barreling from the darkness. West, at the head of the group, dropped his duffel bag and braced himself. Even so, the impact was still enough to send him toppling back into Joe.

"You're here!" With a laugh that would have been considered maniacal by some, Flynn launched himself off West and onto Iris. "You're all here!" He grabbed Joe next, going as far as to plant a kiss on his cheek. "All!" And then, before Devin could do more than hold his hands up, he was grabbing the blue eyed teen, practically climbing up his body. "Yay!"

"There's high on meth and then there's Flynn on coffee," Iris observed from a safe distance.

"Amen," Joe agreed, watching as Flynn jumped down from Devin's body.

He'd dyed his hair again. West said as much; "you dyed your hair again."

Flynn grinned, fingered the black tipped honey blond strands. They were several shades lighter than Devin's own honey brown mess, and matched his eyes. "I didn't dye it; I'm letting the black grow out."

West cocked his head. "Suits you."

"Thanks, I know."

West rolled his eyes at his comment, which just made Flynn smile even wider. He bounced, clapped his hands. "Come on, come on! Time to go. Don't want to be hanging around too long. Old Man Finnegan'll be coming out and yelling at us for waking him up."

Joe arched a brow. "Is there really an 'Old Man Finnegan'?"

"No but Brian will probably come out and tell us to move along now." Even as he spoke, Flynn was moving, heading towards the jeep. "He's a bit of a stiff. He was more fun when he was younger."

"Define younger."

"Two years ago. Used to give us all rides to the coast. Then Anna – his wife, but she was his girlfriend then – got pregnant and he stopped being so fun. This is his second job, days he works in the bank. Anna works as a secretary for Mr Hopson. He's the only lawyer in town. Their girl? Celia? A terror."

"Okay." Devin blinked as Flynn wound down his rambling, opening the driver's side door. "Is any of what you just said true?"

Flynn's grin was bright and cheeky. "Maybe. Who wants shotgun?"


West blinked, looked at Joe. "What? No I don't. I want to sit in the back."

"No you're not. I'm not subjecting myself, or Iris, to you and Devin together. So, front."

West blinked again when he found himself in the front passenger seat. Devin scowled but allowed himself to be bundled in the back, behind Flynn. At least he could still see his boyfriend.

"Okay. Where am I dropping you guys off?"

Joe frowned at him. "You said your parents were cool with us staying at your place for tonight."

Flynn's eyes widened. "I did?"

West rolled his eyes again. "Stop trying to play with Joe's mind. You know he won't fall for it."

Flynn pouted as he started the engine, making West bite back a laugh. He looked like such an idiot when he did that. "I will, someday Joe. Just watch out."

West watched Joe fake a yawn in the rear view mirror. "Sure."

West slammed his hands into the dashboard, bracing himself, as Flynn peeled out of the parking lot. "Shit, Flynn. What're you trying to do? Practice for NASCAR?"

Behind, he could hear Devin, Iris and Joe fumble for the seat belts. Flynn looked at him out of the corner of bright amber eyes. "What're you talking about?"

West heard a seatbelt click into place, then Devin spoke; "you're driving like a bat out of hell."

"Bats don't drive."

Joe swore as they sped over a bump. "Damnit, Flynn! Will you drive like you've at the very least heard of traffic laws?"

"What?" Flynn blinked and, thank god, finally slowed down. "Oh. Sorry."

West let out a slow breath. "They let you have a license, driving like that?"

Flynn shot him a grin, glancing in the rear view mirror. "Wow. I didn't know faces could get that pale." His grin widened when there was a thump on the back of his seat.

West glanced back in time to catch Iris jab Devin with her elbow. West shot him a warning look and Devin replied with a scowl.

"Done trying to scare us to death?" Joe asked, then cursed when Flynn took the corner fast enough to make Joe's head nearly hit the window.


Flynn looked at West, made a face. "Aw. You're no fun." He slowed down, drastically, to a speed that made West comfortable enough to let go of the dashboard.

"If being no fun keeps me alive then I think I'll stick with being no fun." West shoved his hair out of his eyes. "Where's your house Flynn? All I see are trees."

"I live in a small town, West," Flynn grinned. "Not the big city suburbs like you guys. Train station's set a little apart from town. Luckily, my house is on the outskirts of town as well." He nodded as a couple of houses came into view. "We've only got one neighbor and then it's about a mile, probably less, to town." He slid into the nearest driveway, parking the jeep. "Home sweet home. Whoo!"

He flicked the locks open, hopped out, everyone tumbling out after him. West watched Flynn raise his arms to the sky, stretching like he'd been squashed in the jeep's cab for hours instead of, West checked his watch, fifteen minutes. "Okay! Let's get everyone settled. Then par-tay!"

West shot Flynn a look as he grabbed his duffel bag from Joe, slung it over his shoulder. "Flynn. It's in the middle of the night."


"Jet-leg," Iris put in.

Flynn made a raspberry. "You weren't on a plane."

"So? Jet-lag is jet-lag. I'm tired, Dev is beat, Joe's worn out and West is…uh"

Flynn raised a brow. "Ran out of synonyms for 'tired'?"

Iris shrugged. "Need my thesaurus. Borrow yours?"

"How about drained?"

"Hey, that'll work. And West is drained."

"Okay. Fine. We'll party tomorrow." Rolling his eyes, Flynn dug out his keys. He glanced at the box Devin was carrying. "What's in there?"

"No idea." Devin jiggled it. "West and Iris won't let me open it."


"I know," Devin rolled his eyes, then paused when he realized he'd just agreed with Flynn. No one seemed to notice, focused on Flynn as he unlocked the door, flung it open.

Flynn bowed low. "Welcome to my humble abode."

Joe snorted. "How long have you been wanting to say that?"

"Five seconds."

"A year."

"That lasted five seconds." Flynn closed the door behind Devin then boogied – yes, boogied – his way to the front of the group.

Devin eyed him. "You're not going to keep us awake, are you?"

Flynn fluttered lashes at him. "I'm not the one Joe's worried about."

"Don't bring me into this."


Laughing, Flynn waved at the stairs. "Everyone but Iris is sleeping in the guest bedroom. She'll be bunking with my sis for tonight."

"I still don't believe your one hotel isn't open."

"It's one in the morning."

"So?" Iris raised a brow.

Flynn shrugged. "Small town. Come on, I'll intro you to Brenna. You'll be sleeping with her." Half way up the stairs, he stopped, shuddered. "Okay. That so came out wrong."

"Yes, it did." Joe gave him a gentle shove. "Now stop thinking about it and move it. I'm about ready to drop."

"Please don't," West said in a voice that indicated dire consequences if he did.

Joe didn't and they made it to the landing without incident. Flynn proceeded to knock continuously on a door until it swung open. The girl standing in the doorway was petite, curvy and had a wild tumble of honey blonde hair the same shade as Flynn's. Her eyes, however, were light brown and glaring straight at her younger brother. "Flynn! How many times do I have to say it?"

"As many times as it takes to get it through my thick skull. These are my friends; West, Iris, Joe and Delicious Dev."



Brenna grinned, both at Devin's indignant reply and West's long suffering tone. "Hey. You'll be Iris, then, bunking for the night? Just dump your bags in here. I've got the air mattress and sheets all sorted out for you already." Her accent was different from Flynn's; sort of flowing drawl but with a lovely lilt to it.

Flynn rolled his eyes. "Brenna's been studying in Ireland. She's been bitten by the Brit bug."

"That's our homeland you're talking about Flynn." Brenna angled so Iris could enter to put her bags in a corner.

"That we haven't been to in a couple seven generations. Are mum and dad up?"

"With your racket? How could they not be?"

"Yeah. Yeah. Mum! Dad!"

"We're in the den Flynn. Which, if you'd been paying attention, you'd have noticed. Bring your friends down once you've shown them their rooms."

"'Kay! Come on," he said to the guys. "I'll show you where you're bunking for the night."

"Please tell me it's not a double bed," Joe pleaded as he followed Flynn down the hall.

"It's not."

And it wasn't. It was a queen-sized bed. Joe glared at the amber-eyed teen. "I hate you."

"I told you it wasn't double." Flynn waved a hand at the air mattress on the floor at the foot of the bed. "Anyway, enough room for the three of you, for one night anyways. Don't worry, we'll wake up nice and early tomorrow morning to book you into the hotel."

"It's not tomorrow morning I'm worried about," Joe muttered, dumping his bag on the floor.

West rolled his eyes, putting his bag on the bed. "I'll take the mattress. You and Dev take the bed. That way you can ensure a good night's sleep and no hanky panky. Happy?"


West looked at his boyfriend while Flynn bit a fist to stop the laughter coming out. "It's not like we can do anything, with Joe in the room."


"Oh god. You've only just gotten to third base and you already want more?"

"What?" Devin's gaze snapped to Joe as red flooded his face. "How do you know that? How does he know that?"

"I am Joseph Aaron McKinley. I know all."

Devin picked up a pillow and threw it at him. It missed and hit Flynn, who was doubled up in laughter. He flopped onto the floor, still laughing. Joe picked up the pillow, lobbed it at Devin, who easily caught it. "It wasn't that funny Flynn."

"I know. It's just that – they're just so cute!"

Devin looked from Flynn, still lying prone on the floor, laughing his ass off, to Joe, to West. He was still holding the pillow. "Is he talking about us?"

"I think so."

"I know so." Joe poked Flynn with his foot. "Come on. Enough. They're not that cute."

"Straight guys." Flynn rolled his eyes. He was still lying on the floor but at least he'd stopped laughing. "What do you know about cute?" He rolled to his feet.

"Hey. I know cute."

"Sure. As in oh-those-girls-probably-think-that-kitten-is-cute-so-I'll-pretend-to-find-it-cute-too kind of way."

"Kittens are cute."

"My point exactly."

"Hey." Iris gave a knock on the open door. "Are you guys going to stand here arguing all night or are we going to be polite and go say hi to your parents?"

"Do we have to be polite?"

"You don't," West said to Flynn. "But we do."

Flynn rolled his eyes but he was still grinning. "Fine, fine. Come on! House tour-slash-meet the parents time!"

"God," Devin muttered as they followed him out of the room. "I think my eye's twitching."

West, who'd been close enough to hear, smiled in soft sympathy and kissed the corner of one bright blue eye. "Better?"

Devin turned, caught his lips for a swift, hard kiss. "Much."

"Hey!" Flynn waved from the end of the hall. "Are you going to stand there making out or do you want to see what else is here?"

"We weren't making out."

"Were too," Flynn countered, then waved to stairs previously hidden behind a door. "That's my room. Come on, Joe and Iris have already gone up."

Flynn's room was a converted attic, spanning most of the upper floor. It had sloped ceiling, with a couple of skylights in the roof. Weak moonlight danced through them.

"We flipped a coin. Brenna won but she changed her mind once she found out how lonely it can get up here."

"And you don't find it lonely?"

Flynn grinned. "Guess that explaisn why I spend most of my time in her room."

After a good twenty minutes exploring Flynn's room, they went downstairs. There was the living room, the kitchen with its back patio and small breakfast nook, the solarium and, finally, the den, where Flynn's parents were sitting, nice and cosy, on an overstuffed couch. They smiled when the five teens entered.

Flynn's mom looked like him; honey blonde hair, amber eyes and a bright, wide smile. His dad had Brenna's eyes, and red hair that was tinted with blond and grey. Flynn ran through the introductions, West thanked them for letting them stay the night and then, finally, they were freed.

But when Devin said as much to Iris, she elbowed him in the gut.



"Does being polite mean having to pretend to not be me?"


"I didn't agree to that!"

"Yes you did. You just didn't realise it."

"Stupid fine writing."


Joe tried, unsuccessfully, to hold back a yawn. That, of course, triggered a chain reaction where everyone but Flynn yawned. Iris blinked. "Okay. Much as I'd love to stay up and chat, I think I need to hit the sack before I hit the floor."

"I second that," Devin agreed.

"Aw. But–"

"Flynn, it's nearly four. We haven't slept for almost twenty-four hours. Plus; jet lag. Bed. Please. I promise. All day tomorrow."

"Aw," Flynn repeated with a pout. "Fine. All day. You promised."

"Yes. Yes. Bed. Now." West bumped the door open and Joe walked straight in and on to the bed. West found enough energy – from god knew where – to glare at him. "Hey! Shoes!"

Though he mumbled, he twisted around and pushed off his shoes. Devin blinked. "Oh. Shoes." He looked down at his feet as if pondering how to take them off.

Flynn bit back a laugh. Iris had already disappeared into Brenna's room so there was no one to commiserate with as West took Devin's shoes off for him. "Cuteness!"

"Shut up." West pushed his boyfriend onto the bed, shaking his head when Devin immediately crawled under the covers. "He's not good tired."

"I didn't say anything."

"Shut up. I'm going to sleep now."

"Okay. Night West."


Flynn closed the door as West, forgetting to take his own shoes off, flopped onto the air mattress.

A/N: Holy crap, I finished it. O.o My god, it's been a looooooong time. I wish I could say it was all the character's faults but it's my own as well. Procrastination really should be my middle name (if I had one).

Anyway...welcome to the first chapter of Reveals, the sequal to Facades! (Like you didn't know that already) The story is, like last time, actually finished and I will attempt to upload a chapter a week. Sometiems two a week because a couple of them are really short. That being said, I hope you like the first chapter of Reveals. More to follow!