Epilogue: Time to go aka Time to go

"What time is it arriving?"

"Five minutes."

West glanced at his watch, nodded. "Okay." He looked over at Iris, Joe, Devin, Travis and Marcus where they were at the bench on which they'd dumped all their luggage. He rolled his eyes when Joe made a comment that prompted Iris to elbow him in the belly.

He grinned when the rest promptly laughed at the expression on Joe's face. He looked at Flynn when the amber eyed teen slung his arm West's shoulders. Devin glanced over but only rolled his eyes when he saw how they were standing. Devin's grin softened to a smile, pleased by that.

Devin was finally figuring out that there was nothing to be jealous about when it came to him and Flynn.

Travis said something, bringing Devin's attention to him and West's smile turned wry. He'd finally figured out the same about Devin and Travis. "We'll see each other again, right?"

"Right," West confirmed, looking at Flynn. "You're coming up during the summer, right?"

"Right. So I'll just give you a call."


They smiled, in perfect accord. "West! Flynn!" It was Marcus who was calling, and waving them over.

They walked from the edge of the platform to their friends. "Here," Marcus said, pushing a brightly wrapped package into West's hands. "From me and Brenna."

"What is it?"

"Open it and find out," Joe suggested.

"I got this," Iris added, holding up a leather bound day planner. "And a note."

"She won't let any of us read it."

West looked at Devin. "What'd you get?"

Devin indicated the package in West's hands. "That too, apparently."

"Open it!"



"You know what's in it."


"It's okay Travis, I'll open it now."


West rolled his eyes at Flynn's enthusiasm but ripped open the package to reveal – a picture frame. With a photo of Devin and him. Making out.

"What the hell? When'd she take that?"

"Oh my god, so hot."


Flynn looked at West, arching a brow. "What? It is."

"There's another one," Joe pointed out.

"Huh?" West looked at the frame and realized that, hey, Joe was right, there was another one. He slipped it to the top.


Iris just grinned when Joe rolled his eyes. But it was an aw-worthy photo. He and Devin were seated on the same couch they'd been making out on, fast asleep. West was curled up, his head on Devin's chest, and Devin had both arms around him, his cheek in West's hair.

Aw indeed.

"Jeez," Devin shook his head, taking the bottom picture to look at it. "She's like a freaking ninja. I didn't notice her, both times."

"The second time you were asleep. How're you supposed to notice her?"

"Shut up."

West looked at Flynn. "What did she give you?"

"Nothing. We were making out in the kitchen. I don't think she thought to look there."

"Thank god."

Marcus smirked and clapped Travis on the shoulder. "Don't worry. I'll make sure she knows where to find y'all next time."

"I hate you."

While everyone laughed, Joe glanced down the tracks. They were rumbling. "Train's here."

They gathered their bags, West carefully storing the two photos away in his bag. He grabbed Devin's hand as the train pulled into the station. "Come down and visit again some time," Marcus drawled, waving a hand.

"We will," Joe promised, stepping onto the train.

Iris gave Flynn a fierce hug. "Take care of him," she told Travis, and the black haired teen nodded.

"I will."

Devin grinned and tapped fists with Marcus before pulling Travis into a one armed hug. "Come up with Flynn," he said.

"He will," Flynn said, smiling widely as he held on to his new boyfriend's arm. "Thanks Dev."

"I didn't do anything much."

"Thanks anyway."

"Yeah," Travis said, "thanks."

"We'll see you again," West said as Devin stepped on the train and, since he was still holding West's hand, dragged him on.

"Bet on it," Flynn called.

They stayed, long enough to wave to their friends from the window seats they'd chosen, and to watch the train leave. Marcus left first, to start up the car, nipping the keys from Flynn's pocket before the amber-eyed teen could react.

Flynn just grinned, letting him go first as he looked up at Travis. Travis, sensing his gaze, looked back at him, smiled. "Hey sexy," Flynn said, his grin widening when Travis flushed.

"Don't call me that!"

"Why not? It's true."

"Oh god."

Flynn laughed and reached up to kiss him, laughing again against Travis's lips when the black haired teen immediately responded with enthusiasm, pulling Flynn flush against his body.

He had his friends, he had his family and he finally had the guy. Life was good.

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