Smith is sort of like that wild crazy exotic bird, that's a bunch of colors. Like Kevin in the movie Up, except that Kevin ended up being a girl but that's beside the point. And well Cindy is that adorable, quiet mouse. Or kind of like a little mouse or something really soft and shy and quiet.

I mean Cindy wears basic stuff, dress a little more preppy with her cardigans, headbands, expensive jewelry and expensive clothes. Stuff like Urban Outfitters and skinny jeans. She occasionally will wear boot leg cut pants, she's got the body type to work anything. Sometimes heels, but many flip flops or flats, boots and sometimes she'll wear Adidas Sambas. Tees, v-necks, sweaters really anything. And she looks good in anything.

And even though her clothes are expensive and she even gets really good grades and never gets in trouble, she doesn't have that stuck up or nerdy air about her. Cindy is just kind and sweet. She's just a gentle soul.

Smith though isn't. Not at all. Granted he is really kind and sweet, he's not gentle. And he seems cocky and is really headstrong and proud and he gets in trouble all the time. Class clown of sorts and in a way jack of all trades. Smith wears a lot of athletic clothes and a lot of band shirts, v-necks, skinny jeans, khaki shorts, and he only will wear Nike's or skate shoes or those Nike or Adidas sandals that wrap guys wear that look good with socks.

Smith gets hurt, a lot but not always intensely. He likes to do stupid things, things you'd find on Viva La Bam or Jackass. He's like a jumping bean and he's crazy to boot. But deep down, he's smart, he's really smart. But in Smith's mind he'd rather "be crazy and do some really stupid fucked up shit. Because where is being serious gonna get me? A PhD in psychics and no fun stories? I'd rather did young and be stupid." And it's true he would die like that if he could, but he's got no death wish.

Cindy though, sometimes she wishes she'd just die. To her she thinks that she doesn't have a purpose for being here besides helping people. She really helps people a lot- too much in fact. And it's not like she's boring, she's far from it. The seventeen year old has many friends, but very few she can open up with and be crazy and herself with. Hey now, she's not suicidal, she just wishes that her time to die would come soon.

And that's exactly what Cindy is thinking while she's sitting in her science class. All she can think about is how she has no purpose, and how unhappy she's feeling. How people treat her like shit because she's basically a door mat in her eyes.

With all that how can she not cry? Tears just flow from her eyes and a couple of people notice but they just try and not make a big deal out of it. But not Smith.

"Woah are you crying?" Smith calls out, look at her, tilting his head. Fake but realistic vampire fangs are currently glued to his teeth and he was previously biting into a pear. Smith hates apples. He's even got the cape on and the natural dark hair to match.

"Yes! What else would it be?" She sobs.

"Sorry, what's wrong?" He asks genuinely. Smith has been in Cindy's science and English class every year for about three years. He's never gotten to know her because he thinks she's too good for him.

Let's say he's developed an interest in her after those three years.

"Everything is wrong! What do you think? People are terrible! They treat me and everyone so terribly and they just walk all over me. Figuratively of course. And you know what? What's the point of all this! I don't even want to take this test, but I still study and I do everything! I try so hard to please everyone and I don't even know why! And you know what!? My fucking fish died and I'm just feeling like shit!" Cindy yells, causing a scene.

Normally she's care what people think but right now she just doesn't care. She gets up and briskly walks out of the room. The teacher Ms. Fig overhears it all, actually everyone does, and she lets her go off.

Smith is just awestruck and intrigued. He follows her. Smith runs out the class, expecting her to go far but she doesn't. There she is sitting about a yard away from the door. He almost missed her.

"Hey!" He says, no to greet her but to let her know of his presence.

"What do you want?" Cindy asks, not looking up at Smith just keeping her head buried in her hands and her hands on top of her knees. Cindy really sounds aggravated but then the nasalyness of it make her sound less serious.

"I want to hug you and help you." Smith walks over and sits next to her, wrapping his long arms around her. Without hesitation she fits her head into the crook of his neck and Smith then places his head on top of hers.

"Help me how?"

"I'm going to help you live."

Cindy is sitting where she typically sits at lunch, at the table filled with good looking, smart kids. Like the class President and such. The future filthy rich kids, and really they're all really kind. Her best friend is in fact the Class President but then there's her other best friend. The Class President is Kelly Surette and she's been Cindy's best friend since she moved to Rhode Island from Texas. Then there's Cindy's other best friend who is more outgoing but she's classified as a freak, she disappears at lunch and Cindy rarely can find her. Really though she's sleeping in the library or reading. A loud bookworm she is, Parker Keller.

As Cindy sits there, finished with most of her food Smith is watching her. Looking as people talk to him and joke around and he's just thinking 'what in the world. I really want to get to know her, I want to be her friend' and for once he isn't sure what to do.

Normally Smith will say and do anything with no fear. For once though, he wants to think about what he's doing. He could suck her into his life and show her another world or adventure. Hell he could even take her on an adventure just the two of them. Smith would like that, he really would but he actually shakes his head at the thought, he couldn't do that yet.

So what can he do?" Maybe I should just go and talk to her, be spontaneous and just go with the flow, I'm good at that," Smith thinks, "Planning isn't my forte. I think I'll go now!" Smith convinces himself quickly and acts on his thoughts.

He quickly jogs over and his friends watch him just thinking, 'what the hell?'

"Hey." Smith says with a grin, a very toothy happy grin.

"Hi." Cindy replies. She appears to be shy and uninterested but really inside her heart is beating fast and she's getting nervous. Her friends and most have already heard about her melt down in science and Smith's chase after her. Many came up with conclusions of their own thinking that Smith and Cindy are dating or having some kind of romance.

But no only Cindy, Smith, Parker, Kelly and Morgan know. Morgan is Smith's best friend. Morgan Sowers is crazy like Smith but he can be serious, he's really into school work and he likes it in fact.

"Why are you still wearing fangs?" Cindy asks quickly.

He smiles a proud happy smile, " Cause it's fun, you should try it."

"Um no thanks." Cindy declines, not even tempted to trying it. Smith though it determined to get her to try it.

Against his better judgment he decides something fast. "No welcome. Cindy, will you go out with me?"

Cindy's face heats up and she's cherry red. Well, more like tomato since her lips are always a cherry red.

"Um-" Cindy has no clue what to say, she never thought of him like that and she thought that he would never think of her like that, ever.

"Come on please? Just this once." Smith smiles again. He's been rather calm since he's talked to Cindy. Usually he's bouncing off the walls. Oh the magic of a potential love/romance.

Smith had no intention of dating Cindy, he thinks that she's out of his league but he thinks that if she agrees to go out on a date with him then she'd let him bring adventure to her life.

"Okay." She says slowly and very skeptically. 'What does he want? They always want something form me.' Cindy thinks.

Cindy's ex's were jerks and douches. They used her, and broke her heart. Some wanted sex, some wanted to get to her friends, some wanted money and one even abused her. That was her last last boyfriend.

"Yes!" Smith couldn't hide his happiness. Really this was a miracle in his world.

Smith has always thought that Cindy's light brown/blonde hair was pretty and it looked really soft, smooth and silky, he's always wanted to just run his hands through her hair. And her skin isn't too pale or tan, just about right, very peachy and her lips were perfect- all the guys thought so- and always cherry red, he loves that about her lips, and she's really slim and slender, skinny as hell but not in a gross unhealthy way and she's not too short or tall. Gorgeous green eyes that she typically gets compliments on. Like a sea foam green color.

Smith though, has wild messy curly strawberry blonde, brown hair and he's pretty tall, and plays hockey, so he's got a good body, Cindy has even admired it. Smith has green eyes too, an emerald green and he's slightly tanned.

Okay so maybe Smith has had more than a little crush on her before. Cindy even used to like Smith, but then she stopped. It was a teeny tiny crush but a crush nonetheless. She admires his ability to be fun and happy.

Quickly, Smith grabs Cindy's hand dragging her to his table.

"Where are we going?"

"My table."

"No I mean, on our date, it's kind of sketchy." Cindy was shocked at her own words, she normally doesn't say what she's thinking or at least without thinking.

"Oh, a costume store."

"What?" She asks in dismay. Is he trying to get her to work?

"Yeah I work there, and it's closed after 7 on Thursdays, tomorrow, and I want you to come when it's closed. So we can have an adventure."

"And adventure? You aren't going to rape or anything are you?" Again she's shocked.

Smith laughs, and smiles a big smile, "Of course not. I wanna show you what it's like to live, break some rules, have some fun!"

Cindy blinks a lot and looks around, 'what in the world is this boy planning' she thinks.

"Hey, guys! This is Cindy, some of you might know her," Of course they know her; Smith did have a crush on her. He's been friends with these guys for years and they're his really close friends. At one point Smith kept talking about Cindy, but she'll never know. At least if he had any control over it.

"Hey!" They all greet happily with smiles." Inside they're all thinking, finally he gets the girl.

"Hey Cind." Morgan knows Cindy and is friends with her actually. And there's Steven who's friends with her too.

"Hey Morgan, Steven." She says softly. Smith tilts his head at her adorableness but only for a brief moment before he warps his arm around her.

"We have a date tomorrow." He grins cheekily and proudly. Cindy turns that shade of tomato again.

"Seriously?" Craig yells, "You know what Cind, this guy had the HUGEST crush on-"

"Shut up!" Smith yells, his turn to turn tomato red.

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