The Eyes of the Dreamer

I looked without seeing

Their steel helmets, their death's-head emblem.

In the face of cowardice, decay, misery,

I woke with a start, torn from my dreams.

I fled.

The child I was had been consumed by the flames.

My soul had been invaded—devoured

All that was left was a shape that resembled me.

I was nothing but body and the gaze of a dreamer.

There for the taking:

An open tomb,

A summer sun.

Whenever I happened to dream of a better world,

I saw the three gallows, three black ravens,

Erected on the Appelplatz.

The death knell,

The funeral procession was beginning its march.

Death enveloped me, suffocated me,

All around appeared a dance of death.

We were collecting corpses,

Extinct stars and unseeing eyes.

Souls condemned to wander through space

Until the end of time.

My eyes had opened and I was alone

Without God, without man, without love or mercy.

I was seeing the truth in all things.

But all I had to do was close my eyes to see

The whole world pass before me,

To dream of another life.