Epic Ballad


There once was a warrior of song

Who hailed from the land of Evermore

He left on a journey in search

Of a place once told in ancient lore

Jimi left home aboard his ship

The Dolly Dagger as it was known

He brought only his clothes and guitar

For those were the only things he'd ever owned

His musical prowess was unmatched

Supernatural some would say

He could gather crowds of listeners

On command almost any given day

It was a long and stormy trip but

After months of sailing he came ashore

A land covered in forests and misty mountains

That was quite different than Evermore

After only a day he came upon a fortress

A Spanish castle as he described it

A massive stone structure with odd battlements

That led Jimi to believe it was magic

He gazed all along the watchtower

That made up the castle's highest peak

And discovered an enchanting purple haze

Thick enough to suffocate any too weak

But Jimi was strong and climb he did

To the top of the castle's highest tower

Where a strong wind did blow among the haze

Trying to intimidate Jimi with its power

Ascending higher till past the mists

He reached the top where the view was grand

Free birds floated triumphantly around him

An audience marveling at the far below land

Perched on another tower not far away

Stood another man Jimi thought he may know

With a long breath and a friendly wave

Jimi warmly called out "Hey, Joe!"

The man responded with a wave of his own

And inquired as to why Jimi had come

So he explained to him his quest in brief

The search for a place only seen by the sun

Then to his surprise a zeppelin appeared

A little wing on each of its sides

"Use this my friend" Joe offered to Jimi

"You may borrow it so you have something to ride"

And take it he did on a lengthy trip

For seven months he did fly

Across mountains and deserts and jungles

Hearing nothing but the wind's lonely cry

All he had was time and his guitar

So he strummed from dawn till dusk

His skills improved to extraordinary levels

A point incomprehensible to any of us

Then one summer day the sun dawned

And Jimi woke to a spectacular sight

A colossal stairway ascended before him

Plated in gold and cast in heavenly light

This was the place for which he sought

The legendary stairway of the music elite

Accessible to only the greatest of the great

The finest musicians with songs so sweet

Jimi was determined to walk its steps

He had come too far not to succeed

He left the zeppelin and stood before it

Wondering where the path might lead

Guitar in hand he took his first step

Placing his foot on the stairway's toe

Happy to find it accepted his presence

He continued upward to places unknown

Jimi never returned to Evermore

Let alone walk back down those stairs

He now only exists in memories and music

But old Jimi certainly doesn't care

He's in a place where he loves to be

Where the music's always groovy and loud

Surrounded by the musical gods

Now they are the listeners in Jimi's crowd


(This was for a class originally)

This poem is a tribute to Jimi Hendrix. There are a lot of classic rock references within but most of them pertain to songs that he himself wrote. I decided I wanted to try and do an epic, because I've always really liked stories like Beowulf and the Iliad. However once I started writing I couldn't help but begin to rhyme certain lines so I decided to make it an epic ballad. It has just a simple ABCB rhyme scheme with four line stanzas. For the characteristics of an epic poem, I have a strong central figure embarking on a journey away from home.