Chapter 1

A dark, misty night through a forest. A full moon was shining brightly, illuminating the way. She'd never been here before, but it seemed like she knew where she was going.

Her head ached and so did her body. She wasn't sure why. She was sure she could taste blood in her mouth. Was it hers? Maybe, maybe not. The memories told her it wasn't. Regardless, she continued on through the dark trees, pushing the thoughts away.

An old house came into view. It was more of a windowless cabin. Small, broken, made of wood. Nothing was made of wood anymore. At least not around here anyway. So this place must've been real old. There was an eerie glow about it—like something you would see in a scary movie. But there was no one here to shout "look behind you!"

She opened the door and it creaked on the rusty hinges. Making her way through the pitch black room, she could see just as bright as with the moon outside. She madder her way towards the object she came to see.

A large, round object—about the height of an adult and the width of a yardstick—began to glow dully. She reached towards it, her mind screaming for her to stop. Not to go there. Bad vibes were ringing off of it in waves. But that didn't stop her. She wasn't in control.

A split second before coming in contact, a bright light flashed. She covered her eyes.

When the light faded, she was looking into a mirror. Just herself. A normal reflection.

Hello, Arashi…

The voice came from inside her head. She starred into her own eyes. The mirror was warped into another creature, another reflection, and she gasped.

She was pale, fang showing, eyes glowing red. Dark liquid leaked from her mouth and she felt sick. It wasn't hers; and she was quite aware of that. She stumbled back, eyes shut tightly. Wanting to scream with no voice.

Do not deny it.

She suddenly grew angry and slammed her fists on the mirror. It broke and shards fell onto the invisible ground.

Finally, she gained the energy to look into it again. The face she saw was frowning. No longer her warped form, but somebody totally different. Different, but familiar.

You could've stopped this!

"No, I couldn't. But I'm sorry."

That's what you say—but not what you mean!

She opened her mouth again, but the reflection of her past friend was gone. The mirror disappeared soon after. And she fell into the dark abyss beneath her, screaming.


Arashi jolted up in bed. Her eyes instantly darted around the dark room in search of creatures. None could be found so she let out a sigh of relief. She was gasping for breath, as if the entire night she'd been holding it.

"It was only a stupid nightmare," Arashi mumbled to herself. She sat back against the wall and read her clock. Six a.m. "I might as well get up anyway…" She yawned and walked out of the room.

Arashi went in and sat down on the chair in the main room of the ship. Pulling her legs up to her chest and sitting her head on her knees, she half-closed her eyes, wondering why she even decided to get out of bed this early. Nobody would be up for another couple of hours anyway.

The next thing she knew, Arashi was waking up to the smells of breakfast. She yawned again and walked lazily into the tiny room they claim to be a kitchen. Sega was making plates of eggs and bacon for them all.

Each of the rarely ate breakfast, but when they did, Arashi realized just how much they were missing out on. Besides, Sega was the main cook around there. For any meal. She made the best food around. Not to mention, the rest of them really weren't all that sure how to cook very well anyway.

Sora was in the kitchen helping her. She was also alright at cooking and liked to help out.

"Why didn't you guys wake me up when you got up?" Arashi asked them.

"Hey, Arashi. I dunno. We just…didn't want to wake you up," Sora answered sheepishly.

"Oh, okay." She looked around, knowing the answer but asking anyway. "Where are the boys?"

"Uh, Jet and Rei are still asleep and Questin…just walked away, I guess,"

"Oh, okay. What time is it?"

"I dunno." Sora shrugged.

Sega put down the last plate and looked at the clock on the wall Arashi failed to see. "It's almost noon,"

"Wow, and you're actually up before noon, Sora? I'm amazed!" Arashi laughed.

Sora growled. "Hey!" Then she half-laughed once the other girl flinched, expecting her to throw a punch. "I was up before you,"

"I woke up at six. Then came out here and fell asleep again, though,"


"Uh-huh…" Arashi looked around. "I'm gonna go wake Jet up." She walked out of the 'kitchen' and came face-to-face with Rei, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. She instantly took a step back and smiled at him. "Hiya. You're up later than usual."

Rei nodded. "Didn't mean to," he mumbled. They stood there in awkward silence for a moment before Arashi spoke again.

"Did you see Questin or Jet?" she asked.

"Questin is in the main room. I don't know about Jet,"

"Okay. I think he's still asleep. I'm gonna go wake him up. I think breakfast is ready though."


Arashi left him there to greet Sega and Sora in the kitchen while she made her way to the short hallway of rooms. Sure enough, upon reaching her brother's room, he was snoozing away loudly with the covers half covering him.

Arashi strolled casually over to his bedside and stared at him for a moment before smiling deviously. She allowed her finger to spark up before taking another glance at him.

Closer, closer….ZAP!

"Ahh—OUCH!" Jet jumped and fell out of bed next to Arashi's feet. She blinked down at her brother with a smirk on her face.

"'Moning, Jet," she said smugly, putting out a hand.

The green-eyed boy took the hand and lifted himself up. "You could've just poked me or something," he complained. She shrugged and started to walk out of the room.

All of a sudden, the entire room—and ship—shook and the two almost lost their balance. They shared worried glances and raced out of the room to the main room. Questin was already at the monitors with everyone surrounding it.

"What hit us?" Jet asked.

"That did." Sora pointed to the center monitors at a small fleet of ships coming straight towards them. They were horribly familiar. Black and pointed, with ragged sides and the same snake-heart insignia on them.

"How did she find us? We didn't even know she was here!" Arashi growled.

Before anyone could respond to the obvious rhetorical question, the ships let loose more torpedo fire. Questin hit the shield button seconds too late. Some already got through enough to knock their larger ship back at a dangerous range and speed. They screamed as the ship spun around and around.

"Somebody do something already!" Sora yelled.

The torpedoes fired, one from each enemy ship, with a barrage of unordinary bullets circling them. They hit all at once, sending the ship completely off balance.

"I can't get control of it!" Questing told them. He managed to keep his eyes open long enough to catch a glimpse of what they were crashing towards. "We're going to land on a planet!" It was blue and green with transparent puffs of white covering the upper most layer of it.

There was no time to admire this as they hit the atmosphere. At this rate, the ship was bound to catch fire.

They either died that way or from the impact of crashing on the ground at alarming rates.


So what'd you think? This is my first real, non-fanficitional story. It's based on me and my friends and events in my life as it goes on, but with a more interesting twist, of course. You'll see as it goes on what I'm talking about.

Oh, and the ship is a spaceship, not a water-based ship. Which would explain the falling to a planet instead of the bottom of the sea.

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