Smut, plain and simple. Enjoy.

Warning: Sexual content, BDSM.

It had started with a blindfold.

Val had barely woken when the dark strip of fabric was knotted roughly around his face, biting painfully into his hair. He had jerked back in shock, searching for his assailant's thoughts with his mind, and had only felt a flicker before it was gone-but that was enough for Val to recognize him. The man in the room with him was an expert in an old style of magic, one that taught barriers and filters-a skill so often neglected in modern day-as a basic part of control. The bastard had blocked him.

Blinded and muffled, it had been all too easy for his captor to grab his wrists and knot them crudely behind him, forcing him from the warmth of his bed and out of his apartment into the hall. He had struggled, but it seemed to have no effect; when he had cried out, his head was forced back and sharp teeth were pressed against his neck, and he silenced with a whimper. He had been made to march through the halls, then up a flight of stairs. Without the use of his eyes, he had stumbled more than once, and when he finally tripped and slammed to his knees his captor had grabbed his hair, dragging him to his feet, and made him walk faster.

The stairs they had ascended must have led to the roof, because when they emerged he could smell fresh air and feel the night wind caressing his face. Here his captor had stopped, moving away and leaving Val to stand uncertainly in the middle of the open area, forced to rely on his other senses. He could hear the other man moving around, setting things down with metallic clinks, but what they might have been, he could only guess. Then his captor had returned, stripping him roughly, and he had been forced to his knees with only his crumpled pyjama pants between the hard concrete and his skin.

The short length of rope twisted around his wrists had been removed, to be replaced with strong cuffs, the locks snapping shut with a heavy finality. His ankles were cuffed as well, forced apart by a steel bar that kept his legs one foot away from each other. He had fought, releasing his wings from their magical hiding when his limbs were locked up, but his captor had caught them and forced him to fold them down against his sides, binding them with a long cord. Still, he didn't stop struggling.

The man had spoken then, in a deep voice with a growl thrumming just beneath the surface. "It would be better for you if you didn't fight."

Val spat on the ground in front of him.

In the next instant his head was jerked back, and he bit back a cry at feeling those fingers tangling roughly with his hair.

"Don't doubt that I can hurt you," his captor said. "I've got power you can't even dream of."

Val knew that voice quite well, and he believed it. The man who had tied him up was far stronger than he was-but he couldn't give up his pride for nothing.

"Maybe not, but I can still do damage," he hissed. In a moment his wings were transformed, sharply bladed tentacles springing fully formed from the feathers to lash at his captor. The man sprang back with a curse in another language, and for a moment Val smirked, but then he felt a powerful hand close around one of the tendrils, and it was jerked to the ground and a chain was wrapped around it, binding it tightly against his body. Val froze in shock, then redoubled his efforts, thrashing desperately as his captor methodically caught his tentacles, binding them one by one until he was so wrapped up in chains and ropes that he could barely move his upper body. It was all for nothing.

For a moment, he considered trying to crawl, even though the bar between his ankles would force him to move only in short, foot-long increments-but even without his eyes blindfolded, where would he go? He couldn't risk it in any case-with his hands bound behind his back, it was more than likely that he would just overbalance and fall on his face, and even in the most desperate of situations his vanity forced him to balk at that thought. He was trapped, plain and simple. He couldn't remember ever being this trapped.

And then he felt something stinging strike the bare flesh of his ass and he jerked forward anyway, biting back a cry.

His captor caught him before he hit the ground, grabbing him by the ropes wrapped around his torso-at least they were good for something-and forced him back down on his knees, bending him down until his face almost touched his upper thighs.

"I suggest you try to stay still," was all he said before laying another strike across Val's rear.

Val jerked again, but he was ready for it, and this time he kept it controlled. He let out a whine, but his captor only laughed, a rich, throaty sound. And then he was struck again, and again, the crop-it had to be a riding crop-making an audible swish every time the other man brought it down, giving him a half second of warning before every flare of pain. He didn't stop until Val was shaking and moaning with every strike.

"I told you it would be easier for you if you didn't fight me," he said. Val could practically taste the smirk on his mouth.

"Easier for you, you mean," he spat-but the bite in his voice was all for show. He had already given up struggling.

"I think you know exactly what I meant," the other man said, his voice still laced with that infuriating smugness. Val heard the crop clatter to the ground, and then his captor crouched down behind him, one hand reaching between his legs to cup him firmly. Val groaned.

"Well, would you look at that," the other man said, his fingers sliding forward to rub the base of Val's cock. "Hard as rock already."

Val tried to snarl, but he was having trouble concentrating. "You're not going to get anything from me."

"My dear Valentine," his captor said, laughing, "I've already got everything I want." "You bastard," Val hissed.

The man only laughed again. "You say that, but you don't believe it. Slut."

For a moment Val froze at the words, but then he felt something hot flood through him, spiking through his heart and down his nerves and coiling in his groin. Damn him for bringing up the past. Damn him for degrading him. Damn him for being able to turn him on with it.

"I'm monogamous now," he said, fighting back moans. It was so hard to ignore those searching fingers-

"Being a slut for only one man doesn't mean you're not still a slut."

Damn him for being right.

"You're an asshole."

His captor chuckled, threading his free hand into Val's hair and pulling him up against his chest. "And you love every second of it," he said, grinding his hips into Val's ass. It was only then that Val realized the other man was naked.

He shuddered.

With his eyes covered, Val was hyper-aware of the other man's movements, and with that hand caressing and rubbing his cock it was all he could do not to buckle against him. He could feel his captor smirking against his neck and then his hand shifted back and he was pressing his knuckle into the sensitive skin between his legs, and Val bit back a shout and a moan and squirmed back against him, unthinking, and the hand in his hair was gone but he barely noticed, too intent on the pleasure already building in his groin-and then his captor slid something over the head of his cock and settled it at the base, something tight that made him flush with heat-

A cock ring. The bastard had put a cock ring on him.

"What the hell are you-"

"Don't pretend you don't like it," the other man said, pressing his thumb against the head, and Val could tell from the slickness there that he was already leaking precum-god, he was already so far gone-

And then the hand between his legs was gone and for a moment Val thought he'd done something wrong, but his hand was still on his cock and Val could feel claws even though the other man was being careful not to scratch, and his hips jerked forward with a moan-and then that hand was back, fingers slippery with lube, sliding into him so easily that he almost came right there-

"Oh fuck-Ozul!"

Ozul chuckled, pressing a biting kiss to Val's jaw. "Oh, good, you did recognize me. I was starting to get a bit worried there."

"You know I wouldn't get hard for anyone but you-ahh-"

"Too true," Ozul said, and then his hand was moving, sliding in and out with ease, and Val couldn't think anymore-when had he added a third finger-or maybe it was the fourth-?

"Oh, fuck, when did you get so good at this-?" Val moaned, writhing back against him-he wanted to touch him, wanted to see him, but he was bound too tight and struggling just made him hotter-he couldn't spread his legs any wider-

Ozul laughed. "When I started sleeping with a slut," he purred, voice against Val's ear, his rough tongue working its way into the crevices in the outer shell, and Val's mind went spiralling, heat spreading through his body-he couldn't take much more of this-

"Ozul, please," he moaned, "please-fuck me, fuck me-"

"Shut up," Ozul growled, biting down on the skin behind his ear. "You're forgetting something here. You're the slut in the chains, and I'm the one who captured you. You don't get to make requests."

Val could only whine, dizzy with heat and pleasure and arousal as Ozul's fingers slid in and out, stretching and teasing, pressing into sensitive places and making him choke back screams-oh god he was so close-

"Ozul please I'm gonna come-I want to come with you inside me, please-"

"Shut up," Ozul snarled again, and then those amazing fingers withdrew and Val almost sobbed at the loss, desperate.

"Oh god no-I need you, I need you-"

"Shut up," Ozul barked, and then he bit down hard on Val's collar, and Val could feel those sharp teeth pierce the skin, could feel the blood trickling down his shoulder and Ozul's powerful body trembling with the effort of keeping himself in check, and he couldn't speak, too overcome to formulate words-

Ozul's breathing was rough, his voice heavily accented with the African vowels that came out when his control was dangling by a thread. "You get to come when I say you can come. I'm not done with you yet, you slut."

Val shuddered. "Okay-okay-I'll do whatever you say-please-"

"Better," Ozul purred, pointed tongue delving into the puncture wounds he had left in Val's skin. "What you're doing to do is bend down and put your ass in the air. I want to play with you some more."

Val complied, shaking, curling in on himself, immediately missing Ozul's warmth-his cock was throbbing, but he had lost momentum, and he was sure Ozul knew it and was doing it on purpose. The other man had picked something up now, something that made an elastic snapping sound as he pulled it onto his hand, and a moment later Val heard the hum of a bullet vibrator and Ozul's palm was pressing it between his legs and his fingers were inside him and he screamed, writhing-his skin was buzzing-

Ozul chuckled smugly, his fingers already moving in sharp thrusts, and he answered Val's whimpers with a groan of his own-he was playing with himself, Val was sure of it, and he felt himself tense as that visual flashed through his mind-it was building again, that coil of fire tightening in his belly, and he couldn't hold on at this pace-

But Ozul could feel his body's reactions almost as well as he could, and as Val started jerking he slowed his movements, finally pulling out and shutting off his toy, and Val screamed again, out of his mind with desperation and wanting. But Ozul wouldn't budge, teasing gently at his swollen cock, not nearly enough to give him relief, and Val could feel release spiralling out of reach again-he would never be satisfied-

"Please," he begged, shaking, straining against his bindings, "please let me come-fuck, I want you so bad-please, Ozul, I'll do anything, just let me come, just let me-"

"That's it," Ozul said with a low groan, hand still working slowly up and down Val's tender flesh. "Give me your best. Why should I give you what you want?"

"Because I'm a cock-hungry slut," Val moaned, the dirty talk spilling effortlessly from his lips. "Because I'm your cock-hungry slut-no one can satisfy me but you-I love being at your mercy, I love being tied up and controlled-god, if I could spread my legs any wider you know I would, please, Ozul, I'm so hard for you-"

"Oh, god, you're so tempting," Ozul groaned, dropping his lips to press a firm, biting kiss to Val's ass. Val moaned.

"Please-please, I'm yours-I'm your hole, I'm your toy, I'm anything, please-just fuck me, Ozul, fuck me until I can't breathe-"

Ozul groaned again, leaning over him, pressing his hips against Val's rear, and Val could feel the heat and hardness there and it made his pulse pound. He squirmed back, arching against him as best he could, his whole body pressing and shifting against the heaviness of Ozul's form over him, a helpless whine escaping his throat.

"God, please," he whimpered, "please use me-please come-"

An instant later Ozul bit his shoulder and he screamed, writhing-then he had shifted and slammed into him and his world exploded in pleasure and he convulsed, crying out-no matter how many times Ozul fucked him he would never stop feeling that stretch-

"Oh-oh fuck yes-yes-oh god you're so big-"

Ozul snarled, arms around him, pulling him tightly against his chest as he started to rock, and Val screamed again, writhing into him, eagerly meeting his thrusts. His world narrowed Ozul and he forgot everything else-forgot the blindfold, forgot the concrete under his knees, forgot the cramps in his muscles from being bound in place for too long-forgot everything but Ozul pounding into him, driving deep and filling him up with every stroke.

"Oh god oh fuck you're so hot-Ozul-"

"Ngh-Val-" Ozul moaned, the heavy African accent growing more pronounced with every second. "Fuck yes-you're mine-"

"Fuck," Val gasped, head tipping back with a whimper, straining. "I'm yours, I'm yours-fuck-"

Ozul groaned again, biting down on Val's neck, and Val cried out, jerking against him-he could feel that spiral of heat coiling again, could feel his body shuddering in response, and every breath was a gasp now-his heartbeat was pounding in his ears, his entire body pulsing in time with Ozul's thrusts, and his cock was so flushed and swollen with blood that every movement was enough to send him reeling-

"Ozul, please-fuck, come inside me-come-"

Ozul snarled, biting down again and piercing the skin, working his tongue into the bites with a hungry aggression, and then his hand was in Val's hair, jerking his head back, and Val moaned, writhing-he could barely breathe and spots were swimming before his blinded eyes and every second felt so good-and then Ozul's hand was on his cock-

He hit his peak in a sudden rush and his vision went black while he screamed and jerked against him-he could feel the sticky mess on his legs and chest as waves of dizzy heat slammed through him, and Ozul was speeding up as he went over the edge and spilled inside him, so hot and wet and slick, and he was still jolting and shuddering-he had never come this hard-

After what seemed like an eternity, Val slumped forward, gasping, his entire body shaking with the aftershocks of his climax. Distantly he felt Ozul pull out, heard him collapse into a seat behind him, and then the cock ring was removed and Ozul started undoing the chains with gentle hands, and finally he could start to relax.

"How was that, love?" Ozul asked, pressing a kiss to his spine as he picked apart the knots in the ropes binding Val's wings.

Val chuckled weakly. "You know, I'm sure there's a more interesting way to be woken up after you get home from a trip than an intense kidnap and bondage roleplay on the roof of our apartment, but I quite frankly have no idea what it is. I'm not even sure I could come up with one."

"And with your intellect, that's certainly saying something," Ozul teased, unlocking the cuffs from Val's wrists and ankles.

"Of course," Val said, sitting up stiffly. Ozul helped him, pulling him back into his lap to stretch his cramped legs.

"You're incorrigible, you know."

Still blindfolded, Val tipped his head back against Ozul's shoulder, humming happily. "I know."

Ozul chuckled, pressing a kiss to Val's exposed throat. "I love you."

Val sighed, turning his head toward's Ozul's to catch his lips in a soft kiss. "I love you, too," he murmured.

Ozul slid the blindfold from his face, and Val's eyes fluttered open, focusing on his lover's face for the first time. Ozul smiled, kissing him again. "You looked good in chains, beautiful."

Val just smiled. "Of course I did. I look good in everything."

"Or nothing."

"Or nothing," he agreed, and pulled Ozul down into another kiss.