Lucifer wasn't the only one who Fell.

I remember being human. I remember being a demon. I remember being in High School. I remember being with Hell. I don't quite remember being an Angel.

"When we discovered Belial's plan for you, we laid siege to Hell. We fought our way to get to you…but we were too late." Those were Caelum's words. The first thing he said to me. But too late for what, exactly? I remember the screams in Hell. And I remember the drama that is High School. But I don't remember Heaven.

Maybe I should.

Maybe the glimpses in my dreams are a clue to my past…my real past.

Oh, and one more thing: they may be able to help me figure out how to stop a team of renegade Angels teamed up with a rather powerful trio of demons from destroying all of humanity.

I am writing this one out on paper. I am curious if enough people will review for me to want to put it up on the internet before I publish it. Tell me what you think!