As pretext to this piece,
I use empathy as a manner to describe relations between sound,
and music - a dimension of fantasy.

I write with desire to participate in the elaboration of you.
And so I ask, do you know of My Love?
If not, please let me tell you.

The sum of awe, My Blossom,
she is the odor of jasmine of spring and the soft taste of nectarine, and I
am convinced with this, her strict communication.
How if God had created only her, I would always call this perfection.
And how I want
nothing than to hold
nothing, then to hold her.

But I have been with many a thought of thought of whether she will come,
and so she has not.

It is you I wish to be with longer than has been,
to divide this feeling of knowing.

And so your beauty, as with my means to explain,
grows, but how I wish it closer.

So please imagine a world
where you and I are meant to be;
and now, imagine everything else.