i woke up really early this morning and your face was really close to mine. one of your legs was thrown over my knee. (i wanted to smoke a bowl with you but i didn't want you to move away from me. this is precious.)

i was pretty shocked at this because there's plenty of room on the pullout couch and i'm pretty sure i gave you your own pillow and blanket even though your're sharing mine with me now.

it's okay, because you're sexy, and you smell good, and there's no way in hell i'd be able to get this close to you while you were awake. so i lay here and enjoy it. i move a little closer into you. so i can feel your breath on the bridge of my nose.

you're wearing shorts a couple sizes too small ("sorry dude, these are the only dry shorts around."), so i can see all kinds of outlines and curves and contours. i can see most of your upper thighs and i want to rub them because there's so much less hair up there. your shirt's ridden up a little so i can see your little trail of hair skip along your belly button. i went swimming with you yesterday! i saw you without a shirt the entire time! but this, glimpse. this sneak peak is driving me so much more insane it's entirely impractical.

you're beautiful, when you sleep.

here's where the story gets real: if i was a girl, i could touch you and smell you and experience you in your sleep and when you woke up, we'd have sex. so much.

but, i am male, as are you. your handshakes and your hugs linger long enough to satisfy me, though.

i just can't wait for you to spend the night again.

an: true story? you decide.