Made: Friday, June 18, 2010

Time: 9:50p.m


We all remember the cat
From that movie long ago
With a man in a quite large hat
Who always knew what there was to know

That cat always had a grin
Plastered on his face
And his patience never did wear thin
No matter the time or place

Another thing intrigued my young mind
It was when this purple striped cat
Disappeared and none could find
Him anywhere, how about that

I always wondered if
When the cat disappeared
If that grin stopped being uplift
And a frown then appeared

I wondered if that was what the world was like
People hiding behind grins
If frowning was unacceptably psych
And if we weren't allowed to make amends

But I just shook my head and laughed
Not knowing what I had
His grin couldn't possibly be so sad
After all, he was mad