This is for The Lounge's June challenge.


It was midnight now, pretty warm and uncomfortable too. The house at 210 judge street stood dark and quiet like all the others, save for an extra person in one of the bedrooms. The room was mostly coated black, broken through by dim moonlight that only covered the floor and the foot of the resident's bed. The resident laid under the thinner underblanket, curled up and with her back to the door. She had a fan going and didn't have any way of noticing the visitor sitting in the corner boredly.

This other person felt like she had sat there for too long now and stood quietly to move over to the bedside, lightly pusing the sleeping girl's shoulder to wake her up. The sleeper whined a bit following it with a "Not nowwwww", so the wide awake one scoffed and started poking her.

"What is it?" the girl softly whispered and turned over, expecting it to be her mom or dad, but a look of confusion, then fear washed over her face and she scrambled out of bed and against the wall across from the invader. "J-Jenna?"

Now that the other could be seen, the girl living there recognized her vaguely thin face, green eyes, and curly red hair resting on her shoulders. She tilted her head and placed a hand on her hip, "Yeah, why so surprised, Bailey?"

Bailey's still half sleepy brown eyes blinked a few times with hopes that she would vanish or Beiley herself would wake up, but nothing happened. "Because you're dead. I saw you after the..." she stopped and actually built up a bit of courage to stride over and see that she was very real. "How are you standing here?"

The red head smiled and placed her hands on the black haired girl's shoulders, "I forgot about that. Yeah I kinda died, but I'm here for a day."

Bailey grasped one of the hands on her shoulder and after a moment, tears welled up and fogged her vision before she wrapped her arms around the apparent friend's neck, "I'm sorry!" Jenna's own arms hugged her friend and she still held the smile while Bailey spoke, "I saw what happened, when the accident-"

"Not an accident." Jenna cut in suddenly and broke the hug to stare back as Bailey cleared her eyes, "I'll say it simply. Clay is now a murderer, and he's not the only one I'm here for."

With the last tear wiped away, Bailey smirked with thinking she was joking, but when Jenna's stone face didn't break, she realized she meant it, "But he couldn't have. He's an alright guy."

"No he's not, but it doesn't surprise me that you're still defending him." She drew back and let go of the brunette, scratching her head and sighing a bit, "You were always one of the nicest people I've known, but he did do it."

"But...why are you here? Are you...?" she tried forming a thought, then became visibly pale when the gears in her head turned, "Wait, you're a vengeful spirit, I never did anything bad to you!"

Jenna swung her head to the door and back to her friend to clamp a hand on her mouth, "I'm not going to do anything to you, calm down!" When no more sounds came from between the fingers covering the brunette's mouth, the dead girl continued, "I'm not so much a whatever you called me. I'm a force today, that's all, although Clay is on my route."

The hands of the other pulled her hand off her mouth, "Then why did you come to see me?"

She smiled again, somehow reassuring her that nothing bad would happen to her, "You're coming with me, and you'll be the last person on my route."

"What're you-" was all Bailey managed to say before the two just popped out of existence.

What seemed like only one second to them, Bailey suddenly realized herself in a new room, but the light from outside told her it was more than a second. It was now midday. "Jenna, what happened?"

The red head shook her arms and glanced out the window, "I brought us to today at noon, in Clay's house. This is his bedroom, and there he is."

The girl in her night clothes turned and responded to Jenna's hand motioning toward a bed with a tall boy laying on it, talking on the phone. What was weirder was he wasn't moving, and now that she noticed it, nothing was. "Everything's frozen."

"Yep." Jenna chirped and raised a hand, "Lemme hit play first." She snapped her fingers and everything began moving normally again, followed by the boy almost instantly seeing them and jumping up.

"Jenna?! What the hell are you doing here?!" The tall boy with the short brown hair dropped the phone with whoever he was talking to still yapping away, and motioned toward the door, which she was suddenly blocking.

Her face now held the most bitter expression as she spoke, "I guess that would be a good question, seeing as how it's all your fault I'm dead."

He made the "tch" sound behind his fear mask and tried to fake nice, "It was an accident, you know it was. I-I couldn't control the car-"

"LIAR!" The room actually shook when her voice and temper flared and, to keep from being noticed, they all three appeared in a field in town somewhere. Both of the people there for the ride looked around at the new surroundings until the ghost spoke again, "Pay attention. I know everything you've ever done and what you're thinking now, there's no lies here so don't insult me."

He brought his hands up halfway to calm himself down, "Alright look, I wasn't right at the time, but your..."event" made me change. I know you won't believe me, but it's true."

"Again with lying right to my face." she sneered and rubbed her face, "You have a thing about attacking girls, I just happen to be the first one to die. That reminds me." She snapped her fingers and he was drenched in some foul smelling stuff.

They all heard growling and he had to wipe the gunk from his face to see the bears and wolves and cougars surrounding them all, and they were looking at him. Bailey scrambled toward her best friend and threw her arms around her, "Please let him go! You can still do the right thing, he's already scared, please!"

"Bailey." A hand was felt on the brunette's hair and she looked up at the solemn face, "This is supposed to happen to him, just like the others before him."

While they spoke, Clay stayed deathly still so as to not make the large mammals want to chase him. The living girl's face asked its own question to her dead friend, "I dealt with four people before coming to get you, but I needed you in this one to know something."

"You already killed others?!" Her mouth hung open, horrified and completely skipping the last part of her sentence.

"What I wanted you to know was that he doesn't deserve someone to defend him like you do, and yet you do anyway. You should know how good of a person you are."

A thin smile appeared on the dead girl's face until her eyes met Clay's again. "The only two choices you have, Clay, are to be caught by these creatures, or another."

The sheer panic on his face made it surprising he could speak at all, but he managed it, "What's the other one?"

The smile came back, "They won't run fast enough to catch you before you get to a cliff. When you get there, you can get caught, or you can jump."

His panic multiplied and sounds of babbling fear began to ramble out of his mouth. Some of the animals behind him cleared a path for him to run, and he looked to Jenna. She spoke, "So run."

Clay freaked and almost tripped when he spun to dash away into the woods, and Bailey tried yelling to him and pleading with Jenna some more. She wouldn't let up though, and the two vanished again.

This time they appeared somewhere with fairly strong gusts of wind which caused pajama girl to crouch and shiver, "Y-you left h-him there. We h-have to help him!"

"You're cold, here." She handed Bailey a coat that appeared from nowhere. The brunette looked at it with a slight lack of trust before taking and putting it on and looking around to finally notice they were on the roof's edge of a building.

What caught her sight more was the black and gray pillars standing on the streets and floating up from building windows. The beginning of each pillar of smoke was always a blazing orange that spread on contact as everyone in their cars drove chaotically to escape. There were a few small shapes on the ground she realized to be people, either run over or left after being beaten and having their cars stolen.

"This is horrible, what happened?!" Bailey was forced to raise her voice over the wind and the horns from below.

"My next to last stop. The city's corrupt in turn corrupt others, making the place worse than it already is. In answer to your question, I happened." She raised a hand and pointed to a group of average looking people shooting at a family's vehicle to take it, and turned her stone face to her friend.

Tears broke out in her eyes again, "Why would you do this, I live here! These people don't deserve this!"

"I'm not causing anything bad to happen to the good people, just bad things to the bad people. This city needs to be cleaned."

The living girl stared at her, then the city, then her again. Her mouth opened silently as her eyes burned, and didn't even notice her hand brought up and across Jenna's face. "You can't do this! If you want to do this, I want nothing to do with you!"

For a moment, all that Jenna knew was the air and a hand, and she knew what happened. Her head slowly turned toward the owner of the outburst and slowly......again..........smiled. Tears appeared in her eyes now, and her mouth broke to talk, "I can deal with that, but there's one more thing on my route."

The other couldn't believe the tearful smile and turned around to cross her arms, "What else could there be?"

"I was given a choice of..." she started while wiping her face, "Anything I wanted other than my own life after finishing these jobs."

The barely shivering girl didn't seem to care, "So?"

"Your've never been able to live without any fear of them. You won't have to worry about them or money every again." Bailey uncrossed her arms and wondered what she meant. "This was my last day on Earth, but I have to go now. Goodbye." Her friend spun around, and everything went black.

Two days later...

"The search for suspects in the death of eighteen year-old Clay Johnson have come to a dead end after the victim was found at the bottom of a cliff. The investigation suggests he jumped while running from unknown assailants. Jim?"

"Thanks Lara. The disappearance of seventeen year-old Bailey Suthers have also led nowhere as there was no evidence she was taken by force, leading the police to believe she ran away."

A girl with black hair watched the news station playing on all the TVs in the window and glanced down with a slight sadness she made leave in the next moment. The thing about Clay and Bailey's parents, along with the damage to that city weighing on her. Though, everything had turned around for her when she began to live with her new family. Everyone of them was just as nice as the girl that had come back for a day and apparently the family was well set as far as money went.

"Bailey, hurry up!" Her ten year-old adoptive brother shouted to her, standing next to her new mom and dad. She missed Jenna so much, but this was what the dead girl gave to her as a last act. Bailey waved to the her family and ran toward them.