You said that you loved me,
And I loved you too,
But then you went and left me,
You didn't care what I would do.

I knew our love was forbidden,
A break in the laws of society,
But I thought we could keep it hidden,
Keep going on quietly.

But you wanted to have another,
One of status, class, and beauty,
Just to please you father,
When he spoke about "duty,"

You told me you didn't want me,
You needed someone to love in public,
You cared only fro you to be happen,
No thought for me in your life so idyllic.

With that you turned away,
And broke my heart in two,
You never looked back that day,
You thought you knew what to do.

And now you're here, now you're back,
You "loved" me too much to let go,
Without me your world is black,
Why you left me you don't know.

The wound's cut too deep,
You can't heal it now,
I, you cannot keep,
To make me love you again I know not how.

Don't think you can cast me aside,
Then just come running back,
I'm not a weakling always at your side,
Don't think my will I lack.

You said that you loved me,
And I loved you too,
But your selfishness lost me,
Never again will I love you.