I can feel it starting,

Starting in my stomach.

The butterflies are loose.

They flutter on,

Giving me chills,

Causing goosebumps to rise.

All of the sudden,

I can see in my head,

What I want you to do.

I want you to touch me,

Like I'm pretty enough for you to wanna touch.

Find all my sweet spots,

Learn all my turn ons,

Make me ache for you,

Make me burn for you.

Touch me.

Tease me.

Talk to me;

Tell me what you wanna see.

Drive me to that edge,

But don't let me jump just yet.

Make me want it,

Make me need it,

Make me beg for it.

Push me to the point of insanity,

Then push me,

Right over the edge of extacy.

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