I thought there was a black hole,
In my chest, where others have a heart.
I've hurt so many and not cared at all,
But now there's a feeling which just won't part.

I see you standing there,
A victim you would have been,
But now I sit and stare,
Now I think differently.

Your innocence and your beauty,
The look you have in your eyes,
Took me back abruptly,
Took me by surprise.

You befriended me, unaware,
Then started changing me too.
I can't continue, no I can't bear,
To do what I planned to do.

Is this love no it cannot be,
Surely that couldn't come from,
Someone as heartless as me,
Or perhaps I'm wrong.

This I've never felt before,
What is it that you do?
I only know that I can't hurt you anymore,
No, not you.