**** At Incheon airport in Korea*****

Dressed in a white coat and a pair of navy blue flats, her bag slung over her shoulders and a hand on her luggage, Nicci smiled to herself as she stood at the entance of the arrival hall. She was too exhilarated for words. Her first trip without her parents and her annoying siblings and the cherry on top of it all, she was in Korea!!! The country she had been wanting to visit all her life.

As she stood there, wrapped in her happy bubble, her phone rang out loud, bursting her train of happy thoughts.

" Oh…" Nicci muttered to herself as she scrambled for her phone.

" Hello."

" Nicci sweetie, where are you?" the voice on the other line asked.

" I'm here already. At the arrival hall"

" Stay there, I will be there really soon. Trust me, this time I will be there like really soon. So be patient, patience is a virtue. And bye."

Nicci laughed to herself as she slipped the phone into her bag. Her aunt, Cay is her name, moved to Korea to start afresh after her husband, Uncle Ray, passed away in a freak accident.

After waiting for Aunt Cay, who was never ever punctual despite many assurances on numerous occasions, Nicci was starting to get bored.

Just then she noticed a large group of people emerging from one of the passageways near the arrival hall and instantly a loud commotion followed their arrival, camera flashes started to appear from everywhere. Then she heard squeaks and screams.

" Minkyung!"

" JoonHo"

" Jaejoon"

" Hyunsu"

" Kangdae"

" Isle! Saranghaeyo!"