"Mmm…" Nicci muttered to herself as she stirred from her slumber. There was a throbbing pain on her right arm and her legs felt numb. Weird, weird, weird. Nicci had never felt that way before on her bed and her bed, it was the first time it ever felt so hard and lumpy. Wait, why would there be a lump on her bed? Nicci reached out to feel the lump and was surprised to find it so cold and smooth around the edges...like a staircase step... Wait a staircase step? Nicci's eyes immediately shot open. She scanned her surroundings and while doing so last night's memories started to come flooding back to her. Talking about last night, where in the wold was Han Minkyung?

" Minkyung!" Nicci called out after spotting him sitting at the far end of the building entrance. Weird, i thought he was sitting a few steps directly above me last night, what is he doing so far away. However, Minkyung did not respond, Nicci then walked over and gave him a hard tap, before his eyes finally fluttered open.

The instant Minkyung's eyes fluttered open, he saw Nicci. Her sleepy eyes, her disheveled hair... Despite the mess, she looked adorable. No the messiness accentuated her adorable side. Then, the frantic beating of his heart started, not as intense as yesterday, but intense enough to send him glowing red.

"Minkyung, nal jib-eulo bonae jusyeoseo gamsahabnida."( Minkyung, why is your face so red? ) Nicci asked, puzzled.

"Aaahh ... he ... jilong. naneun changnyeoyeyo gieoghae kkwae ... ibwayo, E.. seupi oncheon."( Aaahh...H...ot. I'm ho...t. Ve...e..ry hot.) Minkyung stuttered.

"has? geu ga-eul. ga-eul-ui jung, dangsin-eun tteugeoungeoya? singi hane."( Hot? Its autumn. Middle of autumn and you are hot? Weird. )

"geuman naege jilmun."( Stop asking me questions.)

"mwodeunji. geuligoi haetteugi jeon-e gaja nega nugudeun bon bad-euseyo."(Whatever. Let's go before the sun rises and you get seen by the anybody.)

************ Outside Nicci's house*********************

"Minkyung, nal jib-eulo bonae jusyeoseo gamsahabnida." ( Minkyung, thanks for sending me home. )

"You are welcome. its the least I can do" ( You are welcome. its the least I can do )

"hajiman dangsin-eun dangsin-ui maenijeoga kkujij-eumyeon an ojeon 3sie dol-agal?" ( But you going back at 3a.m. won't your manager scold? )

"geuneun kkujijdadoeji anhseubnida. geuneun ihae halgeoeyo. geuui daebubun-ui ama jigeum jago gedaga. bumonim-i kkujij-eumyeon andoebnikka?" ( He won't scold. He will understand. Besides his most probably sleeping now. Won't your parents scold? )

"yeogiseo nae sugmoleul bangmun-ibnida. nan geuleon mal an haessna? geuligo geunyeoneun naleul kkujij-euhaji anhseubnida. eojjeomyeon jogeum bagaji." ( i am here visiting my aunt. Didn't i tell you that? And she won't scold me. Maybe nag a little. )

"aju joh-a. naega gaya haeyo. annyeong" ( That's good. i have to go. Bye )

"annyeong dasi anjeonhan yeohaeng-iissda. ppajiji masibsio." ( Bye and have a safe trip back. Don't get caught.) Nicci said with a laugh as she waved goodbye to Minkyung. As he turned away from Nicci, a small crept up his face unknowingly and a warm feeling tingled all over him.

*********** Isle's dormitory, morning 6 a.m. ********

"gwanlijaga nim-eul hyung. uli daehag syokeiseu 3 jujeonbuteo seonmul eodi?! nae chinguga jigeum-eun geugeos-eul chajgi wihae geu seonmulhago naega pil-yo jung-eseo naleul wihae seonmul-eul oenjjog-eulo" ( Manager hyung nim. Where are the gifts from our university showcase three weeks ago?! My friend left a gift for me among those presents and i need to look for it now )

Isle's manager, Jae Kyung shifted in his sleep and murmured "Minkyung, dangsin-eun bal-yeol-ina mwo meog-eo, mong-yubyeong-ibnikka?" ( Minkyung, are you sleepwalking, having a fever or what? )

"ani wae geuleohge mudji?" ( No. Why do you ask that? )

"geuleom jam-ina ja! nan naman-ui aleumdaumdo jam-i pil-yo haeyo!! naega hairstylistui noonawa cheos deiteuleulhaneun de!" ( Then go back to sleep!!! I NEED MY BEAUTY SLEEP!!! I am having my first date with hairstylist noona!!! ) Jae kyung screeched, shot up from his bed and gave a knock on Min Kyung's head before dropping right back down into the snug embrace of his bed.

" Manager hyung nim... " Minkyung pleaded pitifully. However Jae Kyung was adamant about leaving his bed and remained unmoved by Minkyung's soft whimpers and pleading. After half an hour of pleading, Jae Kyung still refused to detach himself from the bed. Left with no choice, Minkyung gave up. He was going to do it all alone.

************ Isle's dormitory 8 a.m. ************

"o, museun il-ieyo? geugeos-eun bam-e uli bang-euloleul hwibsseulgo toneidoleul boibnida. jaemi, nan danji geugeos-eul mugeobge eojesbam biga geos-eul gieog, ani toneidoga balsaenghaessseubnida"( Oh my, what is going on? It looks a tornado swept through our room in the night. Funny, I only remembered that it was raining heavily last night, there was no tornado ) Kangdae said as his eyes swept around the living room. There were boxes, shoes, cards, gifts, wallets, all gifts from their fans.

"Hyung,naega hwajangsil dowajwo" ( Hyung, come help me look ) a voice called out from the storage room. Curious, Kangdae walked to the storage room.

The instant he stood outside the storage room, a bright lollipop came catapulting towards Kangdae and smacked right onto his forehead before dropping onto the floor.

"Ouch" Kangdae gave a yelp and placed his hand onto his forehead, rubbing it vigorously.

"Minkyungneun mwohaneungeoya?" ( Minkyung what are you doing? ) Kangdae shot a glare at Minkyung as he asked.

"Hyung, nan dangsin-eul ttaeligo mian haeyo. nae chinguga 3 ju jeon-e na-ege daehag-eseo uliga uliui syokeiseu dang-il seonmul-eul jueossda. jigeum-eun geugeos-eul balgyeonhalyeohabnida." ( Hyung, I am so sorry for hitting you. Someone gave me a present on the day of our our showcase at the university three weeks ago. I am trying to find it now. )

"eonje achim-uisi ojeon 8si. jom ileuji anhnayo?" ( When its at 8 a.m. in the morning. Isn't it a little early? )

"dangsin-eun naega geugeol chaj-a dowa deulilkkayo? chokollis kukiui geugeos-ui gabang-eul. gabang-i saegsang-i palansaeg-ibnida."(Can you help me look for it? Its a bag of chocolate cookies. The bag is blue in color. )

"chokollis chib kuki? palan gabang?" ( Chocolate chip cookie? Blue bag? )

"Ye" ( Yes. )

"naneun huimihage palan gabang-e mwongaleul meog-eun gieog-i. neomu na-e cheombudoen memoga balsaenghaessseubnida."( I vaguely remember eating something out of a blue bag. There was a note attached on i too.)

"Hyung, nan nae geos-eul hwagsinhabnida! eotteohge nae kukileul meog-eul su iss-eulkka?!" ( Hyung, I am sure that is mine! How could you eat my cookies?! )

"naega kukileul meogji anh-assda. geugeos-eun jeoege matgyeojyeoss. mullon geugeos-eul meog-eul su issseubnida. jega biseushan gabang-eul gajigo jaeui jun geol bon gieog-i. naneun nugungaga jeonhwa-eseo kukiieossdeon geos gat-ayo Nicci. jamkkan! Nicciilago eoje geu sonyeon-eul guhaejun agassiga ani laguyo!a, seodu leuseyo. kukineun balo, geunyeoibnikka?" ( I didn't eat your cookies. It was addressed to me. Of course I could eat it. I remembered seeing Jae joon having a similar bag. I think the cookies were from someone called... Nicci. Wait! Isn't the girl who saved the boy yesterday called Nicci?! Oh, i get it now. The cookies are from her, right?)

"Er...ye" ( Er...yes. )

"malhae bwayo. wae geuleohge geunyeoui kukie daehae yeomlyeohaneun? dangsin-i geunyeoe gwansim-i issseubnikka?" ( Tell me. Why are you so concerned about her cookies? Are you interested in her? ) Kangdae started interrogating Minkyung.

"Annn...yyy..ooo, danji geunyeoga seongsillo mandeun geu seonmul-eun, geulaeseo eotteohge geuleohge geugeos-eul injeonghaji injeong meolieobsneun su issdago." ( Nnnn...ooo, its just that its a gift that she made with sincerity, so how could i be so inconsiderate to not accept it.)

"jeongmal-iya? eolgul-eun wonsung-i eongdeong-icheoleom bulg-eun boibnida." ( Sure? your face looks as red as a monkey butt. ) Kangdae said, doubt written all over his face.

"ne, jeon hwagsinhabnida. geuligo wae geuleohge mobsi hogisim oneul-ibnikka? eojjaessdeun, dangsin-eun ajigdo dangsin-i kukileul meoggo on gieog eotteohgehaeyahabnikka?" ( Yes, I am sure. And why are you so terribly inquisitive today? Anyway, can you still recall how you got the cookies? )

"eotteohge geuleohge olae jeon, gieoghaseyo?" ( How could I remember, it was so long ago? )

"Hyung, dangsin-eun gieognaneun sido su eobs-seubnida" (Hyung, can't you try recalling )

"dangsin-eun jeongmal golchisgeoliibnida. nan dangsin-i mul jom masil nan hue geugeos-eul chajgi wihae doum-idoebnida." ( You are really troublesome. i will help you to look for it after i get a drink of water. ) Kangdae, after seeing Minkyung looking so distressed, felt a little pity for him, decided to chip in to help that obviously-was-interested-in-cookie-girl-but-refuses-to-admit-it-boy.

Finishing his sentence, Kangdae turned to walk towards the kitchen, when he spotted a blue back of cookies lying near the door.

"dangsin-eun dangsin-ui ko alaeui gwonlileul baboya." ( You moron, its right under your nose. ) chided Minkyung as he picked up the pack of cookies from the floor and turned over the card, about to read it. However even before he got to read the first word, Minkyung had whisked the card away.

"Hyung, dangsin-eun naege kukileul chajneun nae butag-eul deul-eo jueossjiman,hajiman nan yeojeonhi dangsin-i kadeuleul ilg-eul sun. joesonghabnida! geuligo gamsahabnida! dangsin-eun hangsang naega gajang salanghaneun hyung-i doel geos-ida! saranghaeyo!" ( Hyung, although you did me a favor by finding me the cookies, but i still can't let you read the card. Sorry! And thank you! You will always be the hyung I love most! I love you!) Minkyung said that with a chuckle and gave a quick pack on Kangdae's cheek, before running off.

" Han Minkyung!dangsin-i geunyeoege gwansim-ieobsneun malhae! noseudakota!" ( Han Minkyung! And you tell me you are not interested in her!!! )

~ Hyung means big brother in Korean, for those who do not understand what i mean. Oh and by the way i am thinking of writing a new story. Here goes the long summary of it:

Its about a 16 year old girl that is from an international organisation. This organisation is set up by many countries, including main world powers like the United States, China, France, Japan, India etc. In this organisation, it is all made of youths agents sent as spies to collect information from crime syndicates, protect international delegates on the secret and stuff. But only top military personnels from each country knows about this particular organisation. This organisation is known as Youth Security and their youth agents are nicknamed Invisible Guardians. Each country will send select four youths to receive training once every six years at the Youth Security Academy. These youths, when they first enter the academy are all below the age of nine. In the academy, these youths are taught everything from math, science, languages, defence skills. Its only when these youths pass all the tests conducted by the professors and instructors at the academy, then are they considered full fledged agents and will then be assigned to Youth Security headquarters. All these agents are extremely gifted, physically fit and have an IQ of at least 150. Avril, is an elite agent who can speak sixteen languages, has a black belt in judo,aikido and is particularly gifted Biology.

Every year, ever since she was 12,she would visit a retired Biology research professor, who used to teach her at the Youth Security Academy. The professor, in the past having seen her with such exceptional talent when, had decided to take her under his wing as a disciple. This professor is a French professor and lives in a castle in France. This story started in the year she was 16, as usual. she goes to the castle to be taught by the french professor as usual. This time round, she is not the only guest at the professor's castle. There are 2 male korean idol groups and 1 female idol group there filming a show. Avril befriends them and falls in love with one of them. Then, her hot best friend (Don't worry its a guy) from Youth Security turns up. Her best friend had been in love with her ever since they were seven. Chaos is sure to ensue with jealousy from her best friend and... obviously the female idol group. Whats a girl to do??? Having to keep her identity a secret as well, her friendship with her best friend intact, continue to date her Mr. Celebrity, manage the jealousy from the girl group, and KEEP THE PAPARAZZI AWAY!!!

So what do you all think??? Give me some comments. And yah its about kpop again. I JUST CAN'T STOP OBSESSING!!! Aahhh.... I won't write it unless i receive comments about it cause i am not sure if you all would want to here about kpop again and besides, i am not done with this story. geez, i have not even completed 1/3 of this story. Sorry! So tell me if you all want to hear more about Avril.... And have a nice day:)

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