Alcohol is a metaphor for life. You do what you want, and you want what you but when you awake you feel like you've made a mistake, is it real it is it fake? I don't know what to believe but let me tell you I've done stuff that I've enjoyed and maybe it's not legal, but let me tell you it gave me a hangover. I was hung hi strung more so than a twelve string guitar, and yeah maybe thats a little farfetched, outstretched, and maybe my words are slightly misplaced, but I know that Alcohol is a metaphor for life. You get happy and have fun in the evening, but there will always be a hangover, start over you are gonna take a night by storm but waste a day, waste away until you pay the price of your actions you know consequences grow on trees and even though they're endangered by a saw machine disease, they seem to grow plentiful more and more every day but thats the way the world works, it's got it's quirks and I'm sure that you might think it's worth it in the evening and even more so later into the night, but just remember nothing worth getting was ever gotten without a fight.