It's barely a flicker.
A long lost shard of hope.

One of the many faces of insecurity.
Masked by that shield of pure ice.

Her confidence.

Today they told her.
That she was pretty.

She doesn't believe them.
Her confidence long lost.

They tell her she's thin.
She sees fat blubber in the mirror.

She no longer believes in love.
The fantastic thing she comes across often in books.

Nobody falls in love with an ugly girl.
She would never get struck by cupid.

She longs for that tiny inch of affection.
That small slight of love.

But she never would tell.
She'd keep in the angst in herself. Bottle it up.
Ugly girls don't get pitied.

She reckons she's been driven to madness.
The slightest of things breaks her fragile heart.

Every story begins 'Once Upon a Time', yet not every one of them ends with a happy ending.

She agrees.
She cries.
She breaks.