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"Come on you can't tell me you're not excited." Anden teased. "These boxes will be ours forever, or as close to it as we'll get. Be a little more excited, come on, this will only happen once." He said it with biting sarcasm, masked by a cheerful and careless tone of voice.

His best friend just stood there looking at him expressionlessly. He finally whispered to Anden so quietly that Anden leaned closer. Suddenly Anden was whispering too. "What did you say? I couldn't hear you."

His friend repeated himself. "I'm so nervous I could die."

Anden laughs and puts more distance between them. "You'll be fine. You're the council's little golden boy. They hate my guts, though. It's 'cause they're a bunch of stodgy bitter old people. They're practically as old as dirt."

Anden continues speaking.

"Do you know what my father said to me today?"

Anden clears his throat, and lowers his voice in imitation.

'"Do not bring shame upon our name or I will kill you the moment Lucy comes of age.'"

"And Lucy doesn't even know about the boxes. She's two Alexander. That's why I'm not trying to refuse this. "Family duty", my fucking ass. The council just wants power without having to deal with anyone trying to steal the boxes. That's going to be our duty Xander." Anden finished, bitterly confiding his true thoughts to his closest friend.

"If you don't give a damn, then do it for Lucy."

"That's why I'm still here dumbass."

"At least you're not an only child like me, Anden. They'll make me have a kid as soon as I get the box. If I die right now, the line dies out." Alexander's voice was as emotionless as his expression.

If it weren't for the fact that they'd known each other since they were small children, Anden wouldn't have been able to tell that Xander was upset. He wanted this even less than Anden. But, it was tradition, and what the council dictated would be obeyed at all costs.

Anden tried to comfort his friend. "Just think, Xander, of all the things you can do with the Pandora box. You can wash all your dirty dishes dry them and put them away by hand faster than the dishwasher can even wash them."

"We're supposed to protect the boxes with the powers we already have, not use the boxes to do chores."

"How will the council ever know?"

"That's something I try not to think about."

Both of them sense someone approaching and fall silent. One of the council's servants stops in front of them.

"The council commands your presence in the chamber."

Anden's orange eyes flash will anger, while Alexander's gray eyes turn cold like stone. Regardless of their anger, both obey the council.

And both think with dread that one day this will be the fate of their unborn sons.

Little do they know that their families lines with end with them. If they had known that day, maybe they would have done things differently . . .


A/n: Just a heads up, next chapter features the sons of Anden and Alexander.