A/N: I only have a vague idea where I'm going with chapter ha ha. So bear with it. And you have to know that after the way the last chapter ended, the "mood" of this will be generally depressing with a chance of grim humor and a lot of grief. I mean, for the love of god, Belle was just killed. Without her we just have a couple of hormonal and moody teenagers on a mission. ( You'll find out about where they're headed and what they're going to do next chapter.) Should I reveal more? Nope, if I say anything else it would overshadow this chapter. You'll just have to wait . . . so in the meantime read this. About the POV of this chapter, it is written in third person limited; focusing on Zeke and his observations of Ethan and on Zeke's own actions. At least in the beginning; it might change, but I doubt it. Enjoy . . . or not.

"We have to go." Zeke had said it hours ago, after they had . . . discovered Belle. He suddenly winced at the thought and looked over at Ethan. Ethan hadn't said anything since then. He just sat in the passenger seat of the car, blankly staring ahead and occasionally blinking. He didn't seem to know where he was; he didn't seem to care for that matter.

They had been driving for five hours and the sun was just starting to set. Zeke would have to pull over soon to rest and they both definitely needed to eat something. Not that Zeke had much of an appetite. He glanced over again at Ethan. He looked like he had fallen asleep, so Zeke decided to continue driving. He didn't want to wake up Ethan. In a couple of hours we'll stop, he promised himself.

Ethan woke up to the sound of the car stopping. He opened his eyes. Zeke had gotten out of the car and was pumping gas. For the first time in hours Ethan thought about something other than Belle. Zeke looks like shit. For some reason it surprised him that Zeke could ever look this way. Zeke had dark circles under his eyes and he looked tired.

When Zeke noticed that Ethan was awake he smiled tiredly. "It took you long enough to wake up. You've been sleeping for hours. Do you feel okay?"

Ethan thought about it for a moment and announced in a surprised tone, "I'm hungry."

Zeke finished pumping gas and nodded. "Let's go eat."

Ethan looked puzzled and asked, "Eat where? We're at a gas station."

Zeke laughed a little bemused by Ethan's lack of awareness about his surroundings. "There's a diner attached to the gas station."

Ethan looked around for the first time. The gas station was old, it's pavement faded and slightly cracked, with weeds growing in the cracks. The pump station were a faded red, they looked like they were fifty years old at least. The gas station/diner was also red and faded; a throwback to fifty years ago. "This place looks like it doesn't even know that it's the 21st century." He snickered, "It looks kind of cute. Look at the architecture."

"Like you have any room to talk; your car looks like it could fit right in."

Zeke was desperately trying to distract Ethan from what had happened to Belle. He didn't know if it was working or not. Dealing with Ethan's grief had been a lot simpler when Ethan was five. He had cried endlessly for weeks; and had had nightmares every night, and Zeke would sing him lullabies so he could get back to sleep. Of course, their fathers had disappeared in the middle of summer break so there had been no adults around to ask questions. By fall, Ethan only had the occasional nightmare and started to play with his friends again. Why couldn't this be that simple, he wondered.

Ethan was desperately trying to not worry Zeke. He didn't want Zeke to be worried, especially about someone like him. He and Belle . . . for weeks they had been hiding something from Zeke. They had actually planned to tell Zeke before, but Belle had been . . . murdered. I don't deserve Zeke's concern. He forced a smile as they continued to talking.

They both walked into the diner.

A/N: I kind of felt uncomfortable having them banter like this, but at the moment they are both trying to not worry the other. Remember, Ethan thinks this is his fault. And Zeke thinks that it's his own fault that Belle's dead. You readers should know better. It's all the council's/my fault. Zeke and Ethan are not taking Belle's death lightly. This chapter is mostly filler, but the process of writing this inspired me for the next bit I'm going to write.