submerged under water,
the pressure keeps mounting
higher than any mortal high
while your thoughts remain ohso low
like the roots hidden in the earth.

and so i'll watch you go
up, down; left, right. forever walking
in circles, squares, rectangles:
shapes with paths that have no
true beginning nor end.
so what's the meaning of it?
are you lost, lonely boy?
i could help you find your way
if you wanted, or i could teach
you how to spiral downward
with tact; like the devil in his
designer sunglasses. always
gotta impress. gotta pass the
test ! but it looks like we both
failed this time, because now
there's a gun to your head
with the trigger in your hand,
and bangbangbang! you're
motherfucking dead.

you put a price on the priceless;
you stole the wings off the backs
of your own guardian angels.
so tell me, heathen, was it worth it?
was the freedom worth losing your soul?

[i hope your lungs fucking imploded
when you decided it was too much
of a hassle to keep afloat. this was
your choice--you left us here, me here,
to fend on our (my) own.]

i'll see you in hell, boy,
but don't expect any sympathy
from me.