Chapter Twelve

Sky Rockets at Night

I'm so fucking mad I can't see straight. The one time I put my absolute trust in Cassie she hotfoots it out the nearest exit. The woman should be manacled at all times, preferably to me, or a bed. Imagine my surprise when I turn back to where I left a certain little lady only to find she's disappeared.

For once Matt didn't have a smile or wisecrack to toss at me when he realized our star witness was in the wind. If we don't find her within the next couple hours the search will go from tearing a strip off her hide to…Shit! I don't even want to think about all those possibilities. The Watson clan isn't known for being delicate when killing someone just because they happen to be a female. Chances are with someone looking like Cassie they'll play with her like a cat with a mouse before putting a bullet through her brain. That will be a mercy for Cassie after those boys get finished with her.

Using what I know about Cassie I scan around trying to get a fix on the likeliest route she'd take.

Those two bozos from the ambulance are still here so that avenue can be crossed off. The front is a no go what with all the carnage spread around. Only for a brief moment do I feel a clutch at my heart for my beloved Baby. Ah well, I have a runaway doe to pursue.

Eureka! I spy an Exit sign that leads out into an open terrarium. By law there has to be another exit out of there. That's where my little doe has gone. My mind and body are getting all hot and bothered imagining all I'll do to that woman once I make sure she's okay. After that, all bets are off. In this case I think I can be forgiven for being a man first and a cop second. Hell, if needs be, I can be both at the same damn time. For a few split seconds I'm distracted by visions of Cassie wearing nothing but my handcuffs while spread out open in welcome. Oh man that smile she's flashing me makes me weak in the knees.

Get a grip Nick old man. You have a hunt in progress. To the victor go the spoils. Oh Cassie my sweet, you are so going to pay.

Stalking my runaway prey doesn't take long. I nab her just as she's about to make her move through the outer exit. I'm gratified by her yelp of fright as my arm snags her just under her breasts. Pulling her snug against me might be a mistake as I feel my body react to her closeness. Other than her heart beating in time with a hummingbird's wings there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with my captive.

Once I set Cassie down I wrap my fingers around her thin wrist. My damn handcuffs are...were...damn it they went to handcuff heaven at the same time Baby went to Car Heaven. They're likely as melted and mangled as poor Baby. Thinking about my car brings an involuntary growl from deep inside me. Shit! I never growled at anyone before. I've even got an urge to take a bite out of someone's pretty tight butt.

Taking a deep calming breath doesn't help much but it does put out the fire causing steam to come out of my ears. Bet if I belched I'd scorch everything within a fifty foot radius. Steamed? Hell yes I'm steamed. I'm about ready to blow. Usually when I get one of my mad dog episodes I either pick a fight or fuck the shit out of whatever woman I'm currently sleeping with. I can't be picking a fight right now, so that leaves me one option. Hell yes. I'm going to fuck her until she can't remember her own name let alone where the nearest exit is.

Honesty compels me to admit I've wanted Cassie almost from the moment I saw her. I like a little hiss and spit in my woman, makes things interesting. Just imagining how hot the sex will be has caveman tendencies rising within me. Me man, you woman. Let's fuck.

Of course I can't act on my impulses, not in public anyway. I need to let Matt know I've located our lost lamb. It's easier to text him than call or speak face to face. I don't relish him getting a close look at me right now. He knows me well enough to know when I'm on the hunt. Protocol be damned. I'll protect her with my life but I'm not spending more time than it takes to find a bed before I get to know her up close and personal. I got a feeling she won't be protesting too hard.

Matt arranged for a car to be sent for my use. It's Lacey's old clunker. It isn't pretty but at least it isn't on fire. Knowing the luck I've been having lately that could change.

Things have changed. Matt doesn't want us to stay in our usual safe house as it might be compromised. Instead I'm taking Cassie to a house Matt bought a few years back as an investment. So far the thing has only been a money pit. Sure glad I didn't go in on it with him. As far as I know I'm the only one in the precinct who knows about the house other than Matt and his wife Lacey.

We haven't driven very far when Cassie decides to get chatty. "Some explosion huh?" She pauses, waiting for me to reply. I'm not in the mood for idle chatter.

"I sure thought we were goners didn't you? I mean, I felt a bullet whiz right by my ear. That's too close for comfort." Another pause, this time accompanied by a wide-eyed glance in my direction. I'm still keeping my Stone Cold persona. If I look at her I'll end up pulling this car over and most likely get the both of us killed or at the very least arrested for indecent exposure.

She begins fidgeting in the seat. Without looking I know she's biting her lip. Damn, maybe I shouldn't imagine biting that lip myself until I'm in safer circumstances. If the horn blaring from a passing motorist is anything to go by I guess everyone else will appreciate me keeping my hands to myself and my mind firmly out of Cassie's pants. Damn but I bet that lip is soft as silk. I will be finding out…soon.

"Is…is the car insured? You shouldn't have been driving it if it wasn't insured. That's illegal. You can get into trouble for that, big trouble. I'll bet they'd throw the book at you, you being a cop and all."

Insured? Sweetheart, that car has more insurance on its life than I do. I could tell her that but since I'm in silent but deadly mode I'll keep that info to myself. She might feel guilty enough to try and make it up to me. There are so many ways she can make it up to me. I'm very creative when it comes to gift giving and makeup sex or makeup anything.

This drive is taking too long. Pushing my foot harder on the accelerator we shoot forward or would have if we didn't have such a crap piece of shit for a car. I understand we have to be inconspicuous but couldn't we at least have a car that looks like it isn't about to hock up a cloud of smoke then die?

Pulling around back of the house I enter the garage through the alley door. There aren't any windows so any curious neighbors will be disappointed if they play peeking Tom. The house likewise is peek proof. Heavy drapes or shades cover every single window.

With the half dead trees in the yard, weeds knee high and a flower garden that should be filled with growing flowers but only appears to be growing a rock garden fit for snakes I don't think anyone's in any hurry to look for paranormal activity or anything else. The house is secluded enough to be almost completely hidden from the alleyway and from the street in front. As houses go it is one spooky off-putting domicile. Looks fit for creepy crawlies, ghosts and apocalyptic zombies.

If I was a man who believed in vampires and shit like that I'd be putting a ton of garlic around my neck, digging out my Bible from the closet floor of my apartment and wearing the gaudy silver cross I bought during a drunken weekend in Mexico. I'm not scared, nope not me. Cassie might be though which is why I jumped when I heard a twig snap beneath my foot. I didn't want her to feel bad about letting out a shriek or jumping a foot off the ground. I'm a gentleman that way, willing to sacrifice my manhood to save a lady from embarrassment. Oh man, am I good or what at piling on the shit even if it is in my own mind.

Creaky floorboards, peeling wallpaper and unidentified odors aside….Hmmm, maybe... Nope, it's a shithole. I don't even want to know what is making rustling noises or squeaking in dark corners. Any second I expect Cassie to climb up me like I'm a tree.

"It's pretty dark. Is there any electricity?" Cassie manages to whisper with her head tucked firmly into my armpit. Guess my manly fragrance is better than the unknown smells in here. It also serves as a hiding place should something ghastly pop up.

"Everything is turned on but I think we should forgo any lights. We don't want to advertise we're here. The fewer people aware of us the better."

Cautiously I move seeking the table I know is in this room. Matt uses it for eating as well as for a utility table when working on repairs. I manage to find a candle and matches. Matt said the electric was iffy. Works when it wants to. Yes sirree, Matt bought himself a bona fide money pit. This room faces the yard which is so overgrown I don't think anyone will see the low candlelight. I'll concede that much light. For Cassie's sake of course.

Handing Cassie the candle I say, "Stay here, I'm going out to the car to get our supplies Matt had Lacey put in the trunk."

"Lacey? Who's this Lacey person? I thought we had to be incognito?"

Is that jealousy I hear creeping into her voice? I thought for sure I mentioned Lacey to Cassie before. Suppose there isn't any real reason I shouldn't mention Matt's wife now that I think of it.

"Lacey is Matt's wife. We borrowed her car. Matt had her put some provisions in the trunk when he decided Baby wasn't going to be going anywhere but the junk yard. Man, that hurts just saying it out loud."

" long will we have to stay here?" Now she sounds plain scared. No wonder. Almost being shot then blown sky high tends to give a person a bad case of nerves. Not me, I have nerves of steel. Just barely I resist glancing over my shoulder. Yep, nerves of steel.

"We have to stay until Matt gives us the all clear. That won't be until those two idiots are put in jail."

"Why don't you just go and arrest them? Last time I checked it was against the law to shoot willy-nilly in a populated area and I am pretty sure blowing up a car has all sorts of nasty penalties attached to it and lest we forget, hello, they murdered a man."

"The problem we run into is catching them in the act, getting witnesses to testify and evidence mysteriously missing from the property room. Until this last fiasco they've been pretty clever about the day to day operation. Louie Watson is Jimmy Watson's brother. Jimmy's more cunning than smart. Louie...Well...Let's just say he's just this side of crazy driving down the highway to the nuthouse."

"Are...are they as dangerous as they sounded that night?" Cassie asks timidly. She sounds so damn scared I'm almost willing to forgo her punishment.

"Is a cobra dangerous? Is a rattlesnake deadly? Hell yes they're dangerous, especially when they feel cornered. Usually they tie up all the loose ends before we catch wind of what they're doing. This time they left a loose end... you."

Maybe I shouldn't have pointed that out just at this precise moment. Cassie sounds like she's going to hyperventilate and looks like she's about to pass out.

Food. Food fixes most every ailment in my book. Give me a good steak, fresh baked bread, a baked potato with lots of butter and sour cream and I'm good. I've heard Lacey say some good chocolate is almost as good as sex. Wonder if she thought to put some in our provisions.

Bringing the boxes in I see we are both doomed to disappointment. Cans of beans and weenies, crackers, peanut butter, a couple loaves of bread and a jar of grape jelly is what we have. It appears Lacey is under the impression Cassie and I will only be in hiding for a few days. Gotta love her optimism. I've always liked that about her. Well that and the fact that she's easy on the eyes too. Usually I wear blinders around Lacey but sometimes I let myself catch a peek.

Damn if the can of beans and weenies don't taste pretty good...even cold. Both Cassie and I scarf them down like ravenous wolves. We stop short of growling and snarling to protect our bountiful meal. Civility is still reigning supreme. As soon as the mess from dinner is cleared away-all of two seconds-I mean, how long does it take to clear away two weenie cans-I set about making our sleeping quarters ready.

That accomplished I turn to Cassie and say casually, "Are you ready Cassie?" I advance, she retreats.

"Re...Ready for what?" Her tongue takes a nervous swipe across her lips. Is that deliberate or simply a nervous tick? There goes that tongue again as I take another step in her direction.

"Punishment," still in a casual tone belied by the predatory glint I am sure she sees in my eyes.

"P…P…Punishment?" Her eyes are wide and filled with incredulity. I'm not sure if I meant to actually spank her but now the idea is taking root with a chorus of 'hell yes' from my libido. I'm not into kinky crap but lately I've been hearing about this book. Can't go anywhere without someone talking about it. I don't have to become Vlad the Impaler. More along the lines of Horny Principal to Naughty School Girl. No, that sounds creepy. Shit! I'm over thinking this. It's just a butt paddling leading to some great overdue sex.

I let her get away a few times so I can get the feel of her moves, watch for her tells. Just when she thinks she's home free I snag her wrist, pull her over to our sleeping bags and pull her onto my lap.

Damn, I haven't been this turned on in a long time. Easily I could forgo the foreplay and go straight to fucking her blind. I'd feel great but she might have a few complaints. Gotta tease and titillate before the big show.

Once I have her across my lap her struggles go straight to my already hard dick. Before I realize my brain's intention my hand comes down across her right buttock, hard. Crap, that stings the fuck out of my hand. Now I see why this kind of thing involves whips and other shit. My next swat is less forceful. The lingering caress my wandering hand takes down over the curve of her butt to follow the enticing tight fit of jeans over silky thigh is heady shit.

Cassie is no longer struggling. Fingers that were ready to scratch my eyes out just moments ago are now finding their way over my own denim clad legs. I need skin on skin.

Pulling her up I slip my hands around her waist. I slip my fingers inside the waist of her jeans. I don't hear or feel any protests so I slide down the tab of the zipper. I don't think I've ever been so inept getting inside a woman's panties before. I used to be able to find my way in the dark when it came to a woman's treasures.

For some reason I feel all thumbs with Cassie. Not the impression I want to give at all. Collecting my cool, I begin to slide her jeans down. This requires either we stand up or lie down. All my votes are cast for lying down. Since I'm not asking Cassie only my votes will count. Down it is. All the way down. I twist so she ends up beneath me.

My very important male part comes to rest between her thighs. How convenient, or would have been had the damn jeans already magically disappeared. Since they didn't I'll just have to remove them myself, slowly, closely inspecting what is revealed by the removal of aforementioned garment.

I tried. I really did try to go slow. I wanted to appear to be all smooth experienced lover only to end up acting like a boy with his first foray into the sex arena. My hands are shaking, her jeans won't come off easily, I forgot to take off her shoes, and girlish giggles don't help either. I'm sure the giggles are the result of nerves, at least that's the reason I'm sticking with.

Finally she's lying there sans jeans, all stiff as a board with only her panties, tee shirt and I suppose a bra between me and hallelujah land. I don't want to go all bull in a china shop with her so I take a deep calming breath, wipe my sweating palms on my jeans then stand to remove my own shoes and clothes.

Perhaps I didn't think this through long enough as now I'll be doing a strip show for her. This will be a first for me. Can't say I remember the last time I had to remove so many clothes just to have some good old-fashioned sex. Usually my women are stripping as fast as I am.

Article by article I remove my clothing. With each piece tossed carelessly aside Cassie's eyes grow rounder until I think they might pop out of her head. Jeez, is she that scared-of me-what the heck have I done to cause this reaction? Then it dawns on me. Holy shit, she's a virgin. I thought-suspected-how in this day and age does a woman reach her twenties and remain a virgin?

Of course I know there are virgins in all age groups. It's just that as far as I know I've never encountered one. The teens I know are hookers as are some of the older women. I make damn sure the women I bed are clued into what happens when the lights go out and the clothes come off.

Okay, I've already screwed up any chance to convince her I'm anything less than a knuckle dragging missing link or something along those lines. I have to make this so good that her eyes roll to the back of her head as she speaks in tongues.

If I see to her needs first then she might not focus so much on the inevitable pain when I take her. No matter how gentle I am the first time will be uncomfortable. I don't know firsthand, but I listened to enough of my buddies in school bitch about how much his girl cried, cursed or denied him sex because they took an innocent girl in the same way a man takes a seasoned woman. I figured you either take the time to learn how to do it right or stay the fuck away from virgins. I kept a clear path between me and any female not versed in the joys of sex.

After I'm completely naked I let her look her fill. I want her to see exactly what she's getting. Slowly I kneel down. Even now she can say no. It would kill me but I won't force myself on any woman.

Softly I run my hands over her thighs. I can feel the muscles tightening beneath my fingertips. It's a good sign when I hear her panting. The quick rise and fall of her chest draws my eyes to the tight little pebbles made by her nipples. It isn't cold causing this reaction. This is encouraging.

Hooking my fingers into the waistband of silk panties I slowly begin to pull them down. I deserve some sort of freaking award for going slow when I want to jump right in and fuck her fast and hard. I'll have to dig deep to find some finesse left over from the days when I first started getting lucky. Back then I was afraid if I didn't give a little first I might not get any at all. After many years of practice I know my way around a woman's body but it's been a long time since I had to finesse one into acquiescence.

I can't stop my sharp intake of breath at the lovely sight of Cassie bared before me. Instead of virginal clenched thighs they are slightly parted giving me a hint of the treasure I am about to discover.

A swipe of her tongue over parted lips turns the heat inside me up a notch. Man, how I want to feel that hot wet tongue licking along my hard cock. At some point I will encourage my lovely lady to do my bidding but first...

"Brace yourself Cassie. I thought I could do this slow and easy but honestly honey, after letting you get accustomed to me I'm going to fuck you hard and fast. I want to go so deep I can feel your tonsils."

Her eyes widen so big I think her eyeballs may pop out. Shit! So much for Mr. Sensitive. I'll be lucky if she doesn't run screaming from the house.

"I...I think I want it fast and hard too. talk too much." Saying this she uses her foot to unbalance me. It's all I can do to shift sideways so I don't crush her when I hit the mattress. I do hear a muffled exhalation of sound as my body comes to rest partially on her. Holding my weight on my elbows slowly I push up.

Where I thought I'd see fright or disgust there is only a hot flame of desire burning in her eyes. Holy Christ, what a woman and she's all mine.

Trying to prepare her for what is to come I manage to croak out, "I'm going to touch you...down there. It won't hurt. I want to get your body ready for me."

The second my finger finds her slick fold the room is filled with a loud lustful groan. It isn't me. I clear my throat just to be sure. Nope, it's the tigress beneath me. Damn, what's a guy to do when he's trying so hard to initiate an innocent and she's acting like a sex kitten ready to claw my back as I bring her to the brink? Fuck her that's what, with finesse, but fuck her all the same.

"Hold tight baby, this may hurt for bit but trust me, it will get better. I for damn sure will make certain of that."

I'd been slowly positioning myself so I could enter her but to my surprise the tigress in her took over. With a thrust upward of her hips I'm suddenly surrounded by her warmth. She's tight, wet, warm and so damn ready once again I congratulate myself for being one damn lucky SOB.

"Did I mention you talk too much?" Cassie says in a voice sure to lure a man to do whatever she asks of him. I know damn sure I'll cut my own throat if she lets me continue...after I fuck her blind of course.

Slow is a verb neither of us want in our dictionary at the moment. Fast, furious, animal lustful urges, kisses guaranteed to melt candles at a hundred those are words worth knowing...and a few thousand more I'm too busy at the moment to mention.

After our first explosive minutes I force my head to clear out the lust cloud inside. If we keep up this pace it will be over too damn soon. I want to savor her, pleasure her, learn all her womanly secrets. I want damn it...I want to make love to her not just fuck her. I...I...I love her.

Not able to hold back the words I mumble between our locked mouths, "I love you." Or at least that's what I mean but it sounds like some gobbledygook, not the romantic declaration I wanted or the one she deserves.

I hear a similar mumbled response so I guess we're good to go. Time for more finesse later.

Without realizing it we are so in sync our thrusts are perfectly timed so we get maximum friction on the upward and downward thrusts.

I feel like a kid in a candy store. What do I want to taste first, touch first, lock in a closet out of sight of the male population so I don't have to share any part of her. That last is too creepy and not my style...Although...

Momentum begins to build leaving my idea of slow somewhere out in the back forty. Feeling like my hair is about to catch fire along with the rest of me, I croak out, "Baby, I hope you're ready because I can't take this much longer or I'll go off like a Roman candle."

"Take me to the sky Nick. I want to touch the moon. Take me with you when you explode. We'll light up the sky together."

"Hold on Cassie. This is going to get wild." Going to get wild? That ship sailed the second I felt her warmth around my hard cock. I can't say for certain but I think my heart stopped for a few seconds then began to thunder in my chest as if it wanted to escape the confines of my body. I felt a similar thundering vibration from Cassie's chest.

Afterward, holding her sweaty air deprived body within the circle of my arms I have to pinch myself to be sure I'm alive and breathing. I feel depleted. Not usual for me after only one go-round with a woman. I want to nap. Nap? What the hell?

This is her first time. God help me when she gets some experience under her belt. Will I need to start a vitamin regimen, keep a supply of oxygen or maybe take Viagra?

A/N: Please be kind. This is my slow attempt to get back my writing muse. Illness, divorce and all the headaches that go with that, add near homelessness, poverty and a person feels pretty well whipped. I'm struggling to get my mojo back. Kind words do help. I know it's not my best work but bear with me.