Author's note: (yeah, again.)

Hi guys, sorry again for another author's note-y update, BUT DEAD AS IT GETS GOT NOMINATED FOR A SKoW AWARD!!

At first, I had no idea what SKoW was (it stands for Some Kind of Wonderful, btw, like that awesome movie with the super hottie, Eric Stolz. Yeah, that one.)
But then when my friend told me I got nominated (she is an avid SKoW-er and checks it somewhat obsessively, I believe), I went to check it out and it is actually this really cool awards site for romance fiction on FictionPress.
And I got nominated for most humorous! Ahhh, this is muy exciting.
I am just writing this to say:
A) Thank you so much for nominating me whoever you are.
B) Go vote for this story hehee. I don't think voting is open yet, but when it is, vote! :)
Ima put a link to the site on my profile, but you can also google SKOW and it comes up with the homepage. Check it out; it's a cool site.