I awoke in Ash's bed, a blanket, warm and furry was pulled over me, but I knew Ash had been in my arms when we finally slept, but she wasn't there now. I reached across the bed trying to find her, but she wasn't there either. I was disappointed. I wanted to wake up with her in my arms, maybe relive some highlights from last night, or create some new ones. But where had my beautiful bride gone?

I sat up and looked around the room, which was greying. The sun would be up soon. I got up and found my pants and put them on. I stepped out of the bedroom and called her name quietly as I went. She wasn't out in the main room. I found and opened several doors. A servant room was empty as was a small kitchen. She had vanished. I didn't worry too much. She'd turn up somewhere. The sun would be up soon so I decided to witness the sunrise and wait for her to show up.

I yawned. I was up too early for the time we went to bed. I hadn't thought she would be ready for sex, especially with her past. I remembered last night with a smile.

"I think we should stop," I said and pushed away. I then rolled away onto the side of the bed.

"Stop what?" she was fighting a smile. She pulled me back over.

I looked into her mischievous eyes. I didn't see any fear. "I thought you were hesitating."

Her smile faded. "I might be," she said sheepishly. "Alright, so I was. I'm sorry.

"But we just need to do it. I've dreamed about this night for a while," her smile came back. "This is going so much better than I thought. Yes. I'm a little scared, but…" she kissed me passionately. "I want to," she blushed, but then she was flush all over. So beautiful.

The sun would be up soon and while I reminisced I leaned on the balcony looking out. After a while I heard my name being called quietly. I smiled. I turned to look, but I didn't see Ash. I moved to the doorway. I leaned on the jam relaxing, I folded my arms. Ash came out of the bedroom in a sheer dress.

"Where have you been?" I accused playfully and slightly surprised.

She came over with a smile I could see—such a lovely sight. She waved at the table, which was covered in food. There hadn't been anything on it before. "Making breakfast." Her smile widened.

I looked at the spread. "You made all this?"

"No," she admitted. "Most of it was prepared by the cooks yesterday. I chopped the fruit and cut the bread."

"It looks good, but I'm not hungry for food," I said impishly.

Ash looked a little surprised but then blushed.

I scooped her up and carried her to the bed.

"But I'm hungry! Won't someone save this queen whose hungry," she laughed. She mocked hitting my back and she swung her legs.

"Nope, you're mine."

She put her head against me and stopped flailing. "Alright," she conceded, not unhappily.

I put her in the bed, "Now when we're done, I'm gonna go back to sleep, and when I wake up I want you in my arms," I said firmly.

She gave me a mischievous look and then she kissed me. "I thought I'd be back before you woke up," she said in her defense.

I kissed her.

I woke up after our little romp and she was in my arms. I sighed. I liked this a lot. I kissed her cheek, happy to see her here in my arms. It was like a dream, but for once I wasn't dreaming.

Ash stirred, opening her eyes. "You awake?"

"Yeah," I pulled her closer, closing my eyes.

"I'm hungry," she said slightly annoyed.

I rolled my eyes, "Oh fine." I rolled out of bed, and I was going to pull up my pants. "Let's eat naked!"

She let out an exasperated sigh but smiled and went to sit down.

I pulled out her chair for her to sit.

"Thank you."

Eating naked was fun, shame I wasn't eating.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Enjoying the view," I said mischievously.

She leaned across the table putting a piece of fruit in my mouth. "Eat your breakfast," she said irritated.

"Tired of me already?"

"No," she smiled. "But you like it better if I'm hard to get."

"You were hard enough. You can be a little easier now."

"Where's all the fun for me?" her smile said it all. She enjoyed causing trouble.

I smacked my lips disparagingly.

Ash laughed.

After breakfast we walked around the garden. No one would come around the palace for our week together so it was eerily quiet.

We spent our days just being with each other. Each day we'd go to the training area and we spared. It was enjoyable. We found we were pretty even in matches. On our last day we took a bath at the bathing pond. We splashed and played.

I hoped out week would never end, but it did. The morning of the eighth day I went out to the balcony to find out about the noise. It was a large group of people. They cheered when they saw me. I saw more were coming up the hill from the city while I stood there. Ash called me back inside. "There are a whole lot of people outside," I said surprised.

"Yes," Ash said as if I should know. She was dressing. "They're here to see me unveiled." She had put on a beautiful dress and then she was throwing on her hair covering.

"You're really going to cover your hair?" I said. I had almost got used to seeing it after a week.

"Yes, Fileas. I don't like my hair," she said condescendingly.

"But it's beautiful. You should show it off." I thought a moment. With her hair uncovered everyone would know how beautiful she really is, maybe her hair covered isn't such a bad thing after all. "I won't stop you though," I finally said. I returned my attention to buttoning my shirt. I was torn. I did want all the jealousy though. I threw on my tunic. I didn't look at her. I didn't want to sway her one way or another. Ash had laid out the gold sash and the sword. I put them on as well.

When I turned her hair was uncovered. I smiled, but she looked nervous. I opened my arms so I could hold her. "It's alright. I'll be right next to you."

She nodded into my chest. "I know," she murmured.

I kissed the top of her head, and there was a knock.

It startled us because no one had knocked in a week. I released her and called them in.

"Are you ready?" the servant said.

I looked at Ash inquisitively.

"We're ready," she said.

We walked down and stood in the hallway. Ramoah announced me, and it was my job to announce Ash. (Of course the groom knows what his bride looks like so it's his job to do it.)

I came out to great cheering. Malrosh and many lords were at the front with throngs of people behind. I waved to them, smiling. I looked back a moment. Ash stood in the shadows. I knew she was nervous, but it couldn't be delayed any longer.

"May I present to you, my wife and queen, Ash Ralnal Carnalashin." I bowed low and put my hand out to receive hers. I felt her hand in mine just as cheers went up.

Malrosh was the first to come and congratulate us, first me, and then Ash. I noticed he was embarrassed and said something to her and then she gave him a hug. Lords came up then, and the throngs of people. All morning we greeted people.

After we went inside and had court. I got to escort Ash out. She sat down and I sat in the lower seat next to her. She heard complaints from lords and people alike until dinner. We ate quickly and stole away into a rear hallway and kissed. Ash planned to go back in and hear a few more cases if possible. "You know, you don't have to sit with me everyday," she said as she made her way back inside. "The army is your responsibility… I know this can be boring," she said in a voice to display she didn't find it boing at all.

"Maybe half a day," I said.

She gave me a great smile.

"I saw you and Malrosh."

She nodded.

"So what did he say?"

She fiddled with my tunic. "He said Valromalish would be proud of us and that he wished me happiness. And that he knew you'd work to make me happy."

"Did he?"

She smiled. "And I am." She kissed me, with a kiss that said it all. She was.

"I'd better whip those soldiers into shape," I said after we broke the kiss. "Come by the training area when you're done?"

She nodded smiling.

I walked to training area. Everyone stopped to watch me enter. I was going to enjoy this. "Alright," I said loudly. "Stop gawking. Get back to your training."

The End

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