Beautiful Stars and Fireflies

I look up to the sky and stare,

Show yourself, I know you're up there,

Our common ground scares you too much,

With our false stars, those bulbs and such,

They shine our way through our darkness,

Better than you can ever do,

But what most of us don't understand,

Is how ugly these false stars are,

They don't show us miracles,

Like you have shown us millennia before,

They only blind our eyes and others,

And hide your beauty through unnecessary tours,

We only get a glimpse of you in the sky,

You're hidden deeper in space,

I only ask you for the world to see,

You penetrate our false stars and for you show us your true face,

But you've eliminated your fears enough,

You've shown something your true power,

We catch a glimpse of it flickering at night,

Right above our heads, circling the air nonstop,

Fireflies carry your essence,

They show it at night on intervals,

They circle the air, showing us the miracle you can't let us see,

And that's enough to show us the lies of our lights,

Watching them fly around us with ease,

Flickering their lights whenever they please,

It's enough to make a grown man worship the power,

We can't have until forever to come,

Sometimes they gather in large groups,

They fly around in random harmony,

But even without a common beat to see,

We can make music to their melody,

If only I was in a place with no false stars,

If only I was with the two greatest people I know,

To be out in the night looking up at the sky,

To see the true power of those beautiful stars and those fireflies,

A miracle it would be for it to happen,

But common development for our species lessen the chances,

But maybe there's a place out there to just sit and watch,

A true miracle to view up in the trees, the branches,

One night is what I want, to see all those stars,

To see those large groups of fireflies,

May I pray for that day, yet to come,

So I may truly see what we all have been missing,

All these years, the beautiful stars and fireflies,

May I see you at least once in my life.

A/N: Light pollution is one of the main reasons we can't see the many stars at night. Those who don't live close to major cities or places with way too many lights, I envy you. :P