A/N: This is my take on a suspense/horror kind of story. I hope you like it.

The Half-Life: the Creation of Dr. Insano

I had no clue why I was going on this stupid science trip. My science class and I are going on this field trip to a science research facility, called GeneTech Genetic Research Facility. I guess I was forced to go. The girl I liked was going. I didn't care much for the science part in this, only her.

I sat in the back of the school bus, as usual; no friends with me, they didn't bother coming. My arms folded across my chest, and my eyes stared at the moving landscapes. I noticed that it was getting dark. The sun was setting and a orange glow filled the sky. Either this facility was far away from the school or the bus driver didn't know where he was going.

Then I caught sight of her. The girl I liked; Isabella Yocam. She was the prettiest girl I knew. And I would do anything to be her boyfriend. But she didn't even know I existed. I watched her from the back; she was talking with her friends. Isabella was friends with…everyone. She got along with everyone. And that's why I liked her.

I said to myself that this is where I would confront her. Not to tell her how I felt about her, no; but ask her to be friends. Course, with me, it'll stay that way; just friends. I hated when plans I make up come back and bite me in the ass.

Our science teacher, Mr. Bolderon, said to the class, "OK people! We'll be arriving in just a few minutes. I want everyone on their best behavior, and NO ONE touch anything!" Bolderon was a strict teacher. He wasn't a very much loved teacher. But he was a good one at that. "The scientist," Bolderon looked at the chart that he had in his hand. "Dr. Iver Insano, will lead us and tell us what is going on."

Why did the name, Insano, disturb me so much? Everything didn't make sense on this whole trip. How did Bolderon get us into this facility? Why would a doctor escort us through the facility? Who knows. I didn't care either way.

The sun was now gone, and the sky was dark. Just perfect; whom is gonna tell my mom why we were late? Then, we arrived at the facility. It was huge! There was two large towers and guards. All of us gazed up at the towers. The bus pulled up and parked. The bus driver opened the door. Bolderon got from his seat first and walked to the door. "OK, single file line, and let's move!" he said. Everyone lined up, me being the last student, figures. We walked out of the bus and in front of the main entrance.

From the two large doors came a man in a white lab coat. He had massive eye goggles on, a white beard, and just seemed…insane. "Hello, kiddies," he said, a hiss in his voice. "My name is Dr. Iver Insano." He began to walk in front of the "military" line that we were in. "I will be escorting you through GeneTech and show you all of our prized experiments."

I heard someone quietly say, "Maybe he's creating a monster in there." That was my guess. I don't trust doctors who come from any facility.

Insano turned to Isabella. "And what's your name, little miss?" Isabella answered as she always did to anyone who asked her that. "Isabella Yocam." "Do you like science?" Insano asked. "Well sure, I find it interesting." Isabella answered. Insano smiled, "Once you enter these doors, you'll find it fascinating."

It made me angry. That Dr. Insano was pretty much hitting on Isabella! What a creep!

Insano walked to Bolderon. I wanted to just get this over with and go home. And now, Insano was leading us into the facility. My stomach churned; I found this place creepy enough, not to mention that it was now nighttime!

Inside was massive hallways. Insano was talking about all the experiments going on inside the rooms on the hallways. I…wasn't listening. I was too focused on Isabella; watching her moves and made sure that Insano didn't touch her.

About an hour later, after BORING lectures of all the genetic discoveries, we were about to get out. I checked my cell phone's clock; it was already 9:30! This trip was not worth it. The lectures were boring; the ride was long; and I didn't even talk to Isabella this whole trip! Another failure for me! Yay!

Just before Bolderon was about to say those magic words, "Head back to the bus." Insano interrupted by saying, "Wait, you all must see my latest creation!" Great! Another lecture on how this is going to be the next wonder or something. Bolderon didn't turn down the offer; he told us to follow Insano. Some of us all moaned under our breaths. It'd be another long, long, hour.

We followed Insano to a large room, test tubes a vases full of strange green fluid filled the walls and tables and shelves. His desk was messy, and the place stunk! While holding my nose to avoid the nauseating smell, I looked up to notice claw marks on the wall. Three gashes on the wall. I wondered what made that.

A pair of guards brought in a crate shrouded by a blanket. They set the crate on the ground in front of Insano and left. Insano was drawn to the crate. "Inside this crate," he said, walking around it. "Lies the greatest experiment that I've ever worked on, and succeeded!" Insano grabbed the blanket. "Children, I give you… the Half-Life!" Insano pulled away the blanket, and what we saw was a sight that we will never forget.

It was a man, and what looked like a ape. But really deformed and just…just…I can't even describe it. What scared me was the blood red eyes staring at me. The Half-Life bounced around in its cage, angrily, snarling at us. We backed away slowly. Insano said, "Fear not, children, the Half-Life wont harm us." Insano's arm was right next to the Half-Life. It grabbed his arm and started to chew at it. Insano screamed at the top of his lungs. And we screamed even louder.

The Half-Life tore off Insano's arm. And then, it busted out of its cage. The first response in my head was to get out of here. And that is what we were doing. We flooded through the doors of this room. We could here the Half-Life roaring behind us. It then grabbed Bolderon and started attacking him.

We closed the door behind us. I wanted to tell the guards, but no one was in the hallway. All we could hear was screaming from various places. What the hell? I thought this place was just finding genetic discoveries, not creating monsters! It was like once the Half-Life got out, everything else just fell apart. One of our classmates was freaking out, "I'm getting out of here!"

He started fleeing when another monster-looking experiment attacked him. It was small, like a baby with like spider appendages. It scared us all. Another kid screamed, "RUN!" and we did just that.

I ran up to Isabella and grabbed her hand. I started to run with everything I got, dragging Isabella with me. She said, "HEY! What are you doing?" I wanted to save her. Get her out of here. I did not answer her question though.

Other monsters started to emerge from the rooms around the hallway. All being humanoid with animal like features. They started to attack our classmates behind us. I wanted to help them too, but Isabella came first in my eyes. I spotted a room with a note that said, "EMPLOYEES ONLY". I made a turn for the door and opened it. I brought Isabella in and we closed the door.

Isabella and I could hear the screaming of our classmates from outside. Isabella started to cry. "Oh, why didn't we save them?" she said. I didn't have an answer for that either. Stupid field trip, stupid Insano, stupid GeneTech. And stupid, goddamn monsters!

We then jumped to the knocking of the door. Isabella opened it and it was a scientist. He dropped in and I closed the door. The scientist was covered in blood. He was also panting. Isabella went over to him and asked, "Hey, what's going on?"

He answered, "It's all falling apart." I asked him, "What is?" "The Half-Life experiment. It was all Insano's idea; he wanted to make humans more agile like animals do. That ape thing you saw, was his prized work. And he suggested that we all try it, see if we can't make more Half-Life abominations."

"How do we get out of here?" Isabella asked. The scientist walked around the employees only room. "This room was designed to be an escape route." he pressed a button on the wall, and a door opened up. "Come on!" he said. The door behind us busted open, and the spider, baby came crawling in. Isabella screamed. The scientist ran in front of us. "You two get out of here, go get help."

The scientist started to smoosh the spider baby. Then a half goat, half man monster attacked the scientist. I didn't want to see anymore blood. I grabbed Isabella and I dragged her down into the secret hallway. And more of those experiments followed us.

The secret hallway was a winding stair. Directions on the walls, red arrows, pointed to a door with a orange light glowing from its cracks. I told Isabella, "We're almost out of this hellhole!" But Isabella couldn't keep up with me. She began to feel tired. She released my hand, but I didn't release hers.

But my hand was becoming sweaty, and her hand slipped out of mine. She fell on the stairs. I stopped and tried to reach for her, but one of those monster experiments got her first. It chewed into her skin and ate at her. Her cry could be heard throughout the entire facility. It pained be to see it, but I couldn't to anything. I continued to ran to the door, tears flowing through my eyes.

I rammed through the door and quickly closed it. I looked for something to keep the door closed. A pair of crates were all that was there. I piled them in front of the door and began running away from the nightmare. It was over for me.

I found myself at the backend of the facility, on a dirt road. A street light gave a orange glow. I stopped and began to cry at the thought of Isabella gone forever. But my crying came to a stop when I heard a growling from behind me. The terror wasn't over. For the ape monster, the Half-Life, was behind me. I didn't want to look, I didn't want to see those red eyes.

I guess when someone tries to create a monster, they don't realize that they have full control over it. And this is my message to you; don't go into a science facility, and don't EVER trust a guy with the last name Insano.

Those were my last thoughts, before total pain and darkness.