A/N; Prompt #1 Introduction

"Hey," Serene voices in unison, calm collected strangers waiting for their due.

A boy circles a girl; she tilts her head over her shoulder, eyeing his mischievous mouth dance upward at the sight of her. Reluctance had never been their strong points, and though at any given time they could die, from a poisoned kiss or a well placed knife, they hadn't minded this strange set up. Eager to get on with it, to meet, to serenade to the other's soul, they had felt it long before, though never once seeing or hearing the other. A girl smiles playfully in the direction of the boy, who wraps his arms around her waist resting behind her. A tense moment quickly passes, as they remember their song.

His mouth brushes the back of her neck, sending shivers down her spine, a breathy laugh and she giggles too. Amusing how so easily one could die at the hands of someone they never knew.