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A young girl by the name of Eve sat on the filthy floor of what was once a kitchen, nursing her burning hands. Salty tears streaked her face and it was only the beginning of her pain.

She tried to keep the noise of her sobs to a minimum so she wouldn't disturb the creatures lurking in the shadows outside. It wouldn't do much good, they could already hear her heartbeat fluttering through the walls. There was practically no one left because of them. The predators would rip anything that even moves into pieces, feasting on any flesh the poor victim might have.

Eve slowly got to her feet and inched her way to the nearest window. All the windows of the abandoned house were shattered or at least cracked. She peered slightly out of the gaping hole, to see if any predators were waiting for her. Moments before, she had just managed to outrun a couple. Faintly, she could hear the clicking the creatures made while they were hunting.

Carefully, Eve stuck more of her head out the window to get a better look. The sky was crowded with thick, gray clouds and red light bleed through them. Vehicles were overturned and smashed. Buildings had crumbled and were left vacant. Dry, dead soil was being softly blown around. Some of it getting in Eve's eyes making them sting with more tears.

Yet, no monsters in sight.

The girl sank away from the window and groped blindly for the door knob to leave. She couldn't bare to stay in that run down house any longer. The door creaked open and Eve grimaced at the noise. She took a few tiny steps out of the shelter and looked around again. Nothing was moving so she thought it would be safe to look for other people. If there was any left.

With those predators, humanity barely stands a chance.

The creatures fascinated Eve. They filled her mind with many questions. What are they? Where did they come from? Who made them? It was obvious the monsters were man-made. Evolution doesn't happen quite that fast.

Eve hurried down the deserted street, her head whirling around in case of an attack. She didn't notice the predator trailing her quietly.

There was a loud groaning echoing from one of the buildings. In this world, anyone who was human was a friend. Eve started to run towards the moaning, smashing the weak door in on her way. The building was dark inside like all the others and Eve stumbled over disarrayed items on her way to the possibly injured person.

It was a man. He was crumbled up in a corner, blood trickled down his face and dripped onto his ripped shirt. Eve bit her lip so hard she broke the skin as she made her way over to the man. His hand flew up and grabbed her arm, trying to yank her closer to him.

"Behind you," he whispered in a hoarse voice.

The menacing clicking was coming from behind the girl. She sqeezed the man's hand harder and she turned around to see the large beast crawling over to them. The body was gray and it was hunched over on its four crooked legs. Its mouth open wide and displayed a set of sharp, pointed teeth. Drool dripped hungerily from the teeth.

"What's your name?" the girl asked, taking her eyes off the monster to look at his face. The man was a little surprised she would ask that question when they were just about to be eaten but he guessed that it didn't really matter. It is nice to know the name of the person you're dying with.

"Adam," he said, fear was laced in his tone.

Eve clutched at his hand even harder then before, shutting her eyes too. Both of them waiting for death to come. At first, pain seared through their bodies as the monster ripped away at them. Blood was spilled on to the floor and attracted even more creatures. Their screams sounded through the entire area, leaving a haunting memory.

Their heart beats came to a stop and the world was silent once more.