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Countless aeons ago, before the age of man, the universe was a dark and lifeless void, an endless abyss of chaotic energies that twirled and fought like great colliding storms. For time immemorial, these forces existed, constantly struggling the universe. Space itself was in a state of confusion, lacking purpose or reason.

Then, at a time unseen by the eyes of any living creature, a light began to form. It shimmered and glowed and grew, until at last, it encompassed every fiber of the universe and those beyond it. So powerful was this light that it eradicated all others, becoming the universe as a whole, the sole existence within the infinity of space, a force that would come to be known as The Fate. And with this birth, came what the universe had never before witnessed in its infinite lifespan...purpose.

Through powers unfathomable even to the most metaphysical of organic minds, the energies within The Fate would will it be that life be bred. So, in this immaterial expanse of infinite energy, imperceivable to our inferior minds, were born celestial beings of unimaginable magnitude. These all powerful beings would eventually come to be known as The Ancients, and they were born as two. Abaddon, The Destroyer and Prometheus, The Creator. By their will alone entire galaxies were born, worlds and stars alike were shaped and formed by their minds. Together they worked in harmony to create the universe as we know it, a tangible, material plane.

But these two were not the only to be born of Fate itself. By the will of the eternal energy, by the strength of its infinite power, the all knowing Fate gave a new and profound purpose to the universe it had

So it was to be that the last two of the celestial Ancients be born into this material universe; Aphrodite, the giver of life, and Thanatos its taker. Together these two beings were tasked with an eternal mission, to channel The Fate's energy into what their elder brothers had built, to create life as we know it. And, when the time be, to take their loans back, to draw Fate's energy from our living bodies and back into the central mass, in this way, the energies of Fate could never be exhausted, and life may be created anew in an infinite cycle.

And it was by this that we were created. Placed upon the eight Homeworlds, spread far and wide across the single galaxy known as the Milky Way. What lay elsewhere? That, as Fate would have it be, was beyond our understanding. For the story of man, we were created in this galaxy, for this galaxy, given birth to upon the most prosperous of The Ancients creations, eight planets each born with its own elemental blessing.

Fire, Ice, Sand, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Light, and Shadow. These are the eight realms, the eight Homeworlds of our birth, to which man exists and thrives upon to this day, connected to one another through the Warp, the realm of gods, which stretched in parallel to our own universe.

To think that we were the first to be born would be ignorant, naive, foolish. No, before us came the gods, the first of material beings, existing in a universe tied to our own. Immortal and powerful, but not inconceivable, not metaphysical. These superior beings were given a task much simpler than that of the Ancients, to watch over man.

And they did, together man and gods lived in harmony. We worshiped them, and they blessed us, with power, with gifts, with knowledge, with peace.

But unforeseen to all but Fate itself, the human mind, though uncontrolled and misunderstood by man itself, was capable of immense powers. Through the collaborative emotions of man manifested life of its own. Born from the pools of human feeling, beings of power that rivaled the gods themselves came into existence within the Warp. Feeding off human emotion, these monstrosities bred and grew, until finally, the hells of war were let loose.

It was not long before what is known as The Great War broke into our universe. Unable to withstand the onslaught of the demon-gods, the immortals whom we worshiped soon fled into our plane of existence, followed by their arch enemies. The result was a war with which the universe had never set eyes upon in its countless existence. For three long centuries man struggled to survive, facing immortal enemies of horrible power. Even with the gods on their side, the war was brutal. Entire systems were destroyed, billions upon billions of lives were taken, countless stars were swallowed whole by the hungering demon-gods, entire worlds were set ablaze. One could almost swear that the universe it self held the stench of death, its war torn existence bathed in blood.

Then, it ended. In the blink of an eye, The Great War came to a halt, the gods and their demonic brethren retreated back into the Warp, severing their universe from ours. Left alone and without guidance, mankind slowly began to rebuild their destroyed Homeworlds.

But the gods' war was not the only thing that had left with them. So did their order. Without the gods to command and guide, what was left of humanity struggled to fill the gap of power the immortal ancestors had left in their absence. In their greed for this power, the once peaceful nature of mankind faded to the sway of hostility and competition. Homeworlds separated themselves from one another, isolating their realms into separate powers. The planets themselves were split into nations, not even men who had been born and raised on the same Homeworld seemed to share their loyalties. And in the thing became apparent...

War...would be inevitable...

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