Death will be my rebirth

Unwanted, everyday I am becoming less of a human

because mankind rejects me. I am not hesitant to say

I wish I knew why I feel so distant if I am suppose to

be important to the world and the Lord. All I need is

someone to stab my heart with a sword instead of

giving me a encouraging word to help me to get through

the day. I can't fight this feeling, the need to break away

from the arms of my beloved in order to be free to breathe

on my own. Jesus, you promised me that I can be with you

in heaven so I give you permission to take me off of life support.

My dying born again death wish, my birthday is worthy to be

forgotten. I'm certain death will be my rebirth that will make

my life to be full of joy again after I have quietly slipped away

from the spotlight.