Who are you to judge a life you know nothing of?

What makes you better than that boy? Than that girl? Those thrown into the real world, perhaps a bit to soon.

Or maybe that tired old man, who worked thirty years for that cardboard box he's living in?

You think you know everything, but you are nothing of perfection.

To judge a new life in the making, to be disgusted with those bringing a baby into this world because they didn't follow your beliefs-

That is disgusting.

Their lives are not yours to judge.

You do not know them. You won't ever bother to try to know them, because your judgement is unrivaled. How would you like me to tell you that your judgment

is wrong?








He may be the most inticing, considerate boy you, you judgemental soul, would ever have the immense honor of meeting. She may be the sweetest, kindest heart to grace a doorstep. But it seems you forgotten what it was like

to love freely.

So you care not either way, lest it be to disgrace their name with your poison riddled tongue.

You know nothing.

How can you judge some one you've never met? Your way is not the only path to walk. Robert Frost mentioned the roads of life, and not a single one was yours.

How does a person get so caught up in their own ideals that the birth of a baby-an angelic, beautiful baby who will mean the world to so many- would digust them?

Who the hell are you to judge?

You with your morals, and your quick tongue. You who judge without conservation. Turn up your nose without hesitation. Criticize without investigation.

Disapprove without introduction.

No one can truly understand what another goes through, grasp the predicament of another, or the reasoning. No one can know. A face is a mask the you cannot see through.

Unless you try to, which you've never even attempted.

Don't point fingers with dirty hands.

Because that girl? She will give life to a little miracle.

Whether you see it in such a light or not.

And that boy? He will proudly boast his little baby.

Whether you care one way or the other.

You are no better than them.

Everything happens for a reason,

and your opinion, your harsh judgement changes nothing. If it is willed, it will be, and it will be smiled upon by greater men than you.

Save your judgement, and try to understand that.

I didn't even go back and edit. I'm so angry that I just need to get this out there-and no, I'm not pregnant, thank you very much. But it's very close to me. Please give me your thoughts.

*'pointing fingers with dirty hands'-I actually got that from a song. I'm not sure if it's a direct quote. But I think (think) that it may've been Bob Marley's. I don't actually listen to him, but I heard the song once.*