"Uh, make yourself at home…I guess." Conner said gesturing to the couch as he removed his jacket and hung it on the coat rack. Hide smiled a bit at the red head's nervous behavior. He was entirely too cute like that. Conner was avoiding looking at him; instead he was throwing his keys and mail onto the counter of his kitchen. Hides unabashedly stared at Conner's ass as he walked and moved. Perfectly round and tight. He was aching to feel it, and not just with his hand.

But he had promised Conner to take it slow and stay within his boundaries. The trick was to lower those boundaries and make Conner want it. Want him. Luckily, Hide was more than confident in his ability to seduce the good doctor. And now that they weren't in the hospital where he was in danger of being paged, Hide could barely contain himself. Well, he had said make yourself at home. Hide thought as he silently crept up behind Conner and wrapped his arms around his waist.

Conner jumped a bit. "Hide!"

"You haven't said anything about hugging." Hide pointed out kissing Conner's neck softly. "You just said we're going to keep our clothes on."

Conner blushed and struggled to come up with a reply. Hide wouldn't let him though and let one hand drift down to rub against Conner's groin. Conner gasped, "Hide! No!"

"Your clothes are still on." Hide said rubbing a bit harder while he licked up Conner's neck and his other hand moved up Conner's chest to rub against one of his nipples under his shirt. Conner groaned and pulled away but Hide simply used the movement to turn him around and kiss his wonderfully pouty lips. His hand that had been rubbing Conner's groin slid down his ass to squeeze it possessively.

Conner groaned again as Hide ground his erection against Conner's hip and groin. "Hide…" Conner whined as his head fell back. Hide kissed and sucked on Conner's exposed neck.

"Hmm?" Hide moved his hands down so that both were clutching at Conner's ass and keeping him pulled tight against Hide's erection.

"You're not…playing fair." Conner said clutching at Hide's shirt with both hands.

Hide smirked and turned Conner around in his arms. "Sorry, baby, but you're just too sexy for your own good." Hide commented as his hand undid Conner's fly and his other went back to teasing his nipple.

Conner gasped and let his head fall back. Hide wasted no time in attacking the smooth skin with tiny bites and kisses while his free hand dug into Conner's jeans, making certain to stay outside of the boxers. Conner mewled a bit as Hide's hand rubbed him through the thin material of his boxers. "Hide…"

Hide smirked a bit able to tell that Conner's resolve was crumbling. He knew it was only because last time he hadn't taken it slow he'd gotten hurt that Conner was resisting at all. Hide slid his hand even further down Conner's pants. Conner shifted his legs apart instinctively to give him room. Hide smiled and cupped Conner firmly in his hand.

Conner made another strange mewl and Hide fought back his desire at hearing it. He did however grind his erection against Conner's ass so that the redhead couldn't possibly mistake what Hide wanted. Conner grabbed Hide's shoulder with one hand while the other grabbed Hide's thigh in an attempt to ground himself.

Hide smirked and nibbled on Conner's ear while his hand massaging Conner's privates abandoned them to trace the edge of Conner's boxers. Conner made a small noise of wanting that Hide ignored. His hand teasing Conner's nipples slowly moved up and traced his pouty, gasping lips while Hide's nibbled on his earlobe. "Oh, baby, you're so hot I can barely stand it."

Hide's hand found Conner's puckered entrance through his boxers and rubbed against it teasingly. Conner gasped in surprise, jerking slightly in response. Hide gently prodded Conner through the fabric, teasing ruthlessly and enjoying the noises he was getting. The way his hand was in Conner's pants meant that they were pressing even tighter against his erection and Conner retaliated by digging his nails into Hide's thigh. "Hide…please…"

"I want to feel you around me." Hide whispered into Conner's ear. Conner groaned both at the words and at the hand teasing his entrance. "I want to rip your clothes off and put you over this table." Hide added, gently lowering Conner across the dining room table to illustrate his point.

Conner moaned at the feeling of Hide's erection against his backside while his hand kept rubbing his entrance. "Or better yet…" Hide pulled Conner back up and pushed him against the wall. "Against the wall…you can grind against it while I pound into you." He added huskily.


"I want to show you all sorts of ways to make love, baby." Hide said removing his hand from Conner's pants to grip his hips and grind his erection against his clothed entrance. Conner moaned at the contact. "On the floor…in a bed…on the couch…across the table…against the wall…I want to have you every way I can." He said pulling Conner back against him.

Conner moaned. "Not…fair…" He gasped.

"Hmm, you know what's not fair?" Hide asked softly. "That we still have clothes on." He said. "Won't you let me take them off?"

Conner groaned before nodding. Hide smiled and wasted no time in pushing Conner's jeans off his hips and undoing the buttons of his shirt. In no time at all, Conner was against the wall stark naked while Hide ground his erection against him teasingly. "Hide." Conner whined.

Hide smiled and fell to his knees. He pried Conner's cheeks apart and licked over his entrance. Conner gasped in surprise. Hide swirled his tongue around several times before gently prodding the small hole with the tip of his tongue. Conner mewled a bit and Hide allowed himself to enjoy the sound before going back to preparing Conner with his skilled tongue.

Conner gasped as Hide's tongue plunged deep inside him. It was only through Hide keeping him against the wall that he didn't fall to the ground. His legs felt like jelly beneath him. Hide's tongue slid in and out of him along with Hide's fingers. Conner moaned and writhed as Hide's fingers pried him gently apart. "H-hide…"

Hide continued to stretch and lube the redhead with his tongue, focused only on making Conner as ready as possible. He didn't want to hurt the sexy doctor. Conner suddenly jerked and gasped. "HIDE!" Hide smirked and reached for that spot again and enjoyed watching a similar result.

Hide got to his feet, knowing that Conner was as ready as he was going to get. "Did any of those places appeal to you, Baby?" He asked still thrusting his fingers deep inside the redhead.

Conner groaned and jerked, his entire body seemed to be covered in a bright pink blush of arousal. "Just tell me and I'll make love to you however you want me to." Hide whispered against Conner's neck.

"Ugh…Hide!" Conner whined.

"Yes, baby?"

"I don't fuckin' care, you bastard! Just fuck me!" Conner shouted.

Hide suppressed his groan at the sudden spark of temper. He thought Conner was sexy before…Conner the spitfire was twice as sexy. He'd have to make sure to bring out that temper next time too. Hide grabbed Conner by his hips and turned him around to give him a scalding kiss while gently lowering him to the dining room table. Conner writhed slightly against the cold surface but was too busy meeting Hide's furious kisses to protest.

Hide crawled up over the redhead and Conner instantly wrapped his arms and legs around him. Hide crushed his mouth to Conners as he thrust forward. Conner screamed at the intrusion. Hide was the largest he'd every felt. He whimpered slightly as Hide continued to kiss him and stroked his sides soothingly. "Are you alright?" Hide asked after a minute.

"…you are soo going to pay for this later…" Conner whimpered. "I didn't know it was possible to be that big…"

"I promise I'll make it up to you as many times as you want." Hide said kissing Conner hard for a brief moment. "Are you ready?"


Hide started slow, making certain to give Conner plenty of time to adjust. Soon, Conner was moaning and gasping as Hide thrust into him with low growls of pleasure. It wasn't long at all before Conner arched his back off the table with a cry of pleasure. Hide continued to speed up and aim for that spot until Conner was barely coherent with the amount of pleasure he was feeling.

Conner gripped at Hide's shoulder as he tried desperately to hold out. He didn't last long and he cried out even louder than before as he came between them. Hide growled a bit and thrust deep inside Conner's tightening muscles several times before he to lost control and climaxed.

Hide didn't stop though, he was still aching for Conner and soon the redhead was moaning and mewling again. They both climaxed several more times before Hide was finally sated and almost collapsed on top of Conner's worn out body. Conner gasped for air as he stared at the ceiling. "Is…this…your idea…of slow?" Conner asked between gasps.

Hide chuckled a bit and kissed Conner's shoulder lightly. "No. This is my idea of a making myself at home."

"Well…your home…needs edict lessons…" Conner said closing his eyes tiredly. "I don't think I can move…"

"That's alright." Hide said kissing Conner's neck "I like you all sweaty like this."

"God…you're worse than Tarot…"

"I'll take that as a compliment." Hide said dryly.