I haven't smoked a cigarette
since the [ohso]punk/rock/boy left.

His jacket with all of its
had to weigh at least a
good 10 pounds and
fell down almost to my knees.

What can I say
I love tall boys.

We went to the park one night
with a backpack full of alcohol and
our [your] friends
brought the [ohso] hardxcore music.

Your ex-girlfriend showed up.
She wanted your jacket,
but for the night [in this 50 degree weather]
it is mine.
She had her chance and now,
it was mine.

We went to a show that night
grabbag to be exact and
there was a mosh pit
but I am too small for that
so I sat on the side
catching her glares the entire time.

I loved it.

She can have you back
now I'm done.
Van dancing and warehouse shows were fun though.