"Don't do this to me." Adam told her, his voice barely audible in the confined space. She had fled to the bathroom to compose herself, though he didn't know why. The familiar guard was up, her grey eyes steel against her pale skin. Her eyebrows rose, shock showing through the steel barrier she had just raised.

"Don't do this to you?" Aimee asked skeptically. "Really? Are you seriously about to play that card?" He nodded.

"I told you how it is. Told you I'm not like that anymore. Told you that I have given up on women. So why do you give me that look like I just broke your heart?" Because you have, she answered bitterly in her head. She didn't want to show him how much that little fact hurt her, didn't want him to see how much she hated just being friends, for fear of losing that friendship. She didn't want to let him see that she was....jealous. She hesitated, wondering what to tell him. This was the man she loved, the man she trusted more than anyone else in the whole world. He knew her hopes, her dreams, her fears. Knew her from the inside out. So why was it so hard to find her damn voice? After three tries to speak, she managed to choke out,

"Because I still love you!" Everything stopped. Adam stared at her, his shoked gaze tearing into her now ashamed stare. Her stare fell to the floor, years of unshed tears pricking at her eyes. She wouldn't cry, not now. The sound of her name being called brought her eyes back up to meet his. His eyes were gentle, with years of words unsaid dancing behind them. Her breath caught.

"You know why we can't be together....you know that, don't you?" Aimee growled, pulling her hand through her hair in frustration. Yes, she knew, but damn, she still wanted it!

"Yes, I know damn good and well why we can't be together! I know exactly what kind of fear lies under not only your skin but mine, too! And I know how hard it is to let go....especially when I crave you more than I ever have anyone else...." His look turned from gentle to teasing.

"Even that slut that shares your bed now?" She blushed, how did he know about her? Pretending she didn't know what he was talking about, she shrugged.

"Who I have casual sex with is not your concern." He laughed; the sound was bitter.

"Casual? She lives in your fucking house, Aimee!" She turned her head to glare at him.

"I don't know what your talking about." She hissed between clenched teeth. He glared down at her, his body shaking. It was then that she realized he was too close. She could feel Adam's breath on her face, smell his cologne on his chest, see his muscle clenching and unclenching under his t-shirt. He growled, loving the way she shivered and her eyes half closed.

"Do you remember how it used to be between us, Aimee?" She laughed, the sound actually warm.

"How can I forget? No MAN has dominated me since, Adam." she answered, grinning at the way his eyes narrowed.

"Do you still keep that rope under the sink?" Silence.

"Yes." She said slowly, frowning, lost in thought. "I believe so." Adam smiled. It was a smile that promised dark desires, forbidden lusts. Aimee felt herself getting wet under his gaze.

"Get it." he ordered in the gruff low voice he knew she loved. "Now."

Moments later, her cries rang out through the pitch black room, the growling grunts of her lover close behind. Adam's vicious fingers dug painfully into her thighs as he held them wide apart and her firmly in place for his brutal thrusts. Aimee's hands were secured behind her back, face pushed into the floor and her hips and arse pulled up high for his ravishing cock.

The position was cruel and humiliating and Aimee was completely at the mercy of the man she loved. She could feel his lust, his dark need for power and his pure exhilaration having her so helpless beneath him. But with each punishing plunge of his long, thick cock, she could feel herself flying higher into his forbidden darkness and she was free. Where there was no choice, there could be no guilt, no responsibility. She was free to let Adam do as he pleased, free to embrace and scream her own carnal rapture, free to be taken and ravished the way he wished, the way she wished.

"Adam!" She screamed into the towel that he had allowed her to rest on, her mouth falling wide and her fingers curling around the restraints holding her wrists.

"Yes, bitch," he hissed between gritted teeth. "You wanna cum for me, don't you?"

But all at once his hands left her thighs. She cried out on the brink of climax and yet terrified that he would stop. One hand grabbed her long hair and curled it around his fingers, pulling her head back sharply and the other hand clasped strongly around her secured wrists. And he pulled her up against him, changing the angle of his cock within her and sending a new wave of pleasure-pain through her trembling body.

All she could do was whimper and beg as he held her on the brink of bliss. She was so close the softest touch would yank her over the edge, and he held her there, whimpering and trembling, her soft pleading words the only sounds besides their harsh breathing.

"Answer me!" he rasped, nipping at her shoulder. "Do you wanna cum for me, baby girl? Feel your sweet cunt clenching around my - thick - hard - cock?" He rocked inside her as he spoke, his strong hands holding her in place, stimulating her just enough to keep her on the brink. "Feel that hot rush of pleasure filling you till you're mindless with it?" Aimee loved it when he was this ruthless with his words, loved to hear him taunt her, tease her. It drove her over the edge every time.

"Yes," she whimpered, letting her head fall back onto his shoulder. Her body was on fire for the cruel man at her back. "Ooh, Adam...."

His heartbeat thumped against her back and she felt his balls tighten and his rock-hard cock pulse and expand within her.

"That's right, Aimee," he hissed into her ear and his thighs flexed as he set the long hard rhythm, his hands gripping and tugging with each powerful entrance, pulling her down onto him as he thrust up. "Filthy - little - whore. Moaning and begging like a bitch." His voice cracked and he dragged her down harder onto his pumping cock. "Nothing but a dirty little slut."

He was punishing her for her earlier comments, for her feelings. She knew it, and hated that part of her craved this side of him, his crude insults driving her own lust higher, making her body burn hotter. He had touched her soul just as she had touched his and where she had found lust and darkness, anger and hate, he had found her true feelings for him. He'd felt her love and he'd felt her pain, her jealousy and her desire and he was punishing her for them.

His gruff moans filled her ears just as he filled her body with his violently ramming hardness. His body was so hot against hers and she could feel him shuddering as he drew closer to his release. Like always Adam intoxicated her mind and senses and she was lost to everything but him.

"Je t'aime!" It spilled from her lips before she could stop it, but if he knew already then what did it matter? "I ask for nothing, just let me be yours!"

The world exploded, white hot behind his eyes and without thought he wound one strong arm around her shoulders and sent his free hand down between her thighs wanting her with him all the way. Two fingers parted her nether lips wide and his remaining two rubbed furiously, either side of her swollen clit, the way he knew she liked, soaking his fingers in her juices.

Her words rang in his head and vibrated through his powerfully built body as he thrust hard and fast. Opening his eyes, he watched her beautiful flushed face as her orgasm rocked through her sweet body, his name a soundless cry on her trembling lips, and he wasn't far behind. With a strangled roar he held his witch close and rode out his own blazing completion within her clenching cunt.

With a strangled cry, the two lovers collapsed to the tile floor, sweating and exhausted. Without a word, Adam untied her wrists. Aimee slumped beside him, shivering and trembling from her strong release. Adam smiled and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. Just as she was about to lean into him his lips left her. With a determined sigh, Adam stood, ignoring the slight wimper of the woman next to him. She sat up, watching him get dressed swiftly with tear filled eyes.

"Adam wait!" she managed to say as he reached for the door. He turned, tossing her a wolfish grin over his shoulder.

"Jusqu'à la prochaine fois, mon amour." he whispered seductively.

And with that he was gone.

NOTE: So......this could be a story.......or it could be a smexy one shot. What does the rest of FP think?