Title: A Love Square

Author: Lacrymosa string-quartet

Summary:Den, a shy and quiet boy loves Chad, the strong and hyperactive teen. But Chad thinks about Brittany, the beautiful and lovely cheerleader, who obviously lust for the tall, dark, and handsome yet mysterious Ken. Who unfortunately, is obsess over Den. And the cycle start all over again, until one thing change the cycle.

Rate: M (just because it's a male and male thing)

Side note: I'm searching for a beta, so if anyone is interested, than please don't hesitate to PM me. Thank you.

Ch. 1

Perhaps your wondering what am I doing? Or you might wonder if I'm one of those boys who acts cool and stuff, but nope. No little old me. I'm a nobody. A little shy, quiet and reckless Mr. Nobody. And I'm planning on keeping it that way until college. Why all the way to college you ask. Because I want to wait until college, where you won't be completely judge as being indifferent. Expressing my true idenity will ruin my high school life if word ever got out that I'm-I'm-I'm.....oh dare I say it!

"Hey, rooster-head, wake up!" interrupted the intruder.

"Huh?!" I completely forgot that I was still in English class, and that the student next to meet snapped me out of my daydream about someone that sat in front of me. The one that woke me, looked annoy by my lazy eye than pointed at the slightly upset English teacher. Apparently he called me to answer a question the book we had to read for homework. I remember reading the chapter that was assign to us, but I'm not quite sure what question he was asking. Damn it. Oh why did I daydream about him again? I quietly groaned before asking the teacher, "W-What w-w-was the q-question again?".

The teen around me laughed at my red face and obvious stuttering. I always stutter when I'm in a embarrassing situation like this. I could hear the brown hair teen next to me, John, laughing about me, and than made a remark about my hair. The top of my head had a strain of hair that never seem to stay down. I tried various product to lay it flat, so it won't be any distraction, but the stupid strain seem to have a mind of it's own, because it never want to come down. That's why John and almost every boy in my class call me, "Rooster head," or sometimes, "Chicken,". Which I don't mind half the time because, I think about eating chicken sometimes, and they taste pretty good with almost everything.

"To Kill a mockingbird, Den. Who is Boo Radley?" he asked, before sighing at me for dozing off during class when I should be paying attention. How can I? When the most outrageous person sitting in front of me is the most hyperactivity person than I've did seen. I love the smile, grin, laugh, spirit, glowing eyes, and those tight skin that looked so smooth and rough that it makes you just want to touch them and taste them slowly.

Stop! I'm fantasizing again. This isn't healthy for my mind......but it feel so damn right to think about......


"Huh? Oh-uha......Boo Radley is next door neighbor to Scout, her brother and her father?" I said it quickly, while it's still fresh in my head. The teacher nodded, than began talking about the book. I try to keep my hazel green eyes on the board and learn my lesson, but that person's shinning blond hair is full of distraction. Oh, why me? Why do I have a crush on the class clown? Especially to someone who has eyes on another person in this class. Someone more beautiful, dazzling, smart, and outgoing. While I'm just plain, quiet, shy, and prefer indoor. I hate it.


Once the door bell rang, everyone packed they belonging and began exiting out of class, while I wait and patiently place my things inside before bumping into-

"Chad!" I blur out without thinking as my two notebook slipped out of my weak hand. I froze for a second and stared at him in shock that I made a living statue out myself without even noticing his famous smile on me.

"Whoa, watch it," he said. We both reacted to the notebooks and reached down to pick them up. I pick one, while he pick, and soon, we both noticed a white paper on the center, and both reach to grabbed it. I placed my hand on it before Chad place his on top of mine hand. I instantly blushed at his smooth light brown skin on top my pale hand.

"Oh, sorry," he laughed lightly as we both got up, than he gave my notebook back, "Well, see you late, Den," he waved before leaving me in deep silence and uncontrollable rush of blood thru my thin vein. I made sure not to look back at him because I think I'm get too red that I might faint, again. For some strange reason, that young, muscular teen, make my heart beat three times than it already is, and his touch almost did the trick.

Chad Mohoff; Half Russian while half of something else(I heard eavesdrop to his conversation by accident, I couldn't help it, don't blame me!) barely sixteen, one of the stars player of the football team, basketball team, and baseball team. Works out everyday with the other players, and totally committed to his athleticism. The reason why he's the class clown, instead one of the hottiest, it's because; for one thing, someone beat him to that title, and second, he's enthusiastic! He prefer being the class clown than the crown prince of this high school. He loves joking, and making everyone around him smile, it's like his job to bring the shin in everyone. The boy is perfect. He's strong, hot, cute, hot, funny, hot, sweet, kind, and oh, did I mention that he's so damn-

"Hey, watch where your going," said a soulless tone.

I gasped and took a step away from the dark, angst presence, "I-I'm s-sorry," I whispered as my stare gazed straight down to my dirty black shoes. Even though my eyes weren't watching him, I still had this thought he was smirking down at me, seeing right thru me instead of staring at me. Maybe. Or maybe he was annoyed by my stupid stick-up hair that everyone never seem to look away, instead they laugh at it.

I heard a chuckled before he said, "Weakling," than walked to his next class.

I try not to think about his word that hurt me emotionally because I'm too emotional. Very. I don't like the name calling, or the staring, it scares me. And it bring a terrible past that I want to keep shut and lock.


Oh shit! That's the late bell! I'm late!