Prologue: Mistake

They thought they had created the cure for A.I.D.S. They being the Black Club Corporation better known as the BCC. A little green pill that at first seemed to work wonders on patients with the disease. All the symptoms went away. Life expectancy started to raise over the years and it even seemed that soon as the drug was improved and improved, they would be able to restore normal life expectancy to the people who used it. Scientifically it was known as arghophetinamine, but it was more commonly known as the Green Pill, Pillaid, and the Grim Pill. The latter was due to the fact that the only side effect known was an increase in angry and violent behaviours.

As the years went on they improved upon the pill so much, the media and people of high power were pushing for them to develop cures for other serious diseases and inflictions that affected a lot of the world. BCC's president Armano Islrati began to feel he was under constant pressure and accelerated the work being done on the pills. He put out a very undertested new version of the Green Pill and it looked like it was a complete success! The symptoms went away almost immediately and it was hailed as an instant cure.

For weeks all the people who had A.I.D.S continued to take this new pill and began to see the benefits as they could all resume a normal life. Everyone was happy, and the Black Club Corporation was on the verge of winning the Nobel Peace Prize. They were hailed as gods on earth and even religious groups believed and supported this statement. They said it was as if God had come down himself and provided a sign that he existed.

Then the worst happened. People began to become unstable. Violent and angry. The murder rates all around the world skyrocketed for users of the pill. The world screamed and pointed it's finger at the BCC and demanded them to fix their problem. They were so worried about the blame game that they did not realize what was going on beneath their very own noses.

News reports showed that the killing had become mindless and lacked motives. Th ese pill takers began to kill anyone and everyone, including themselves. People began to store up supplies and lock themselves in their houses, hoping the "zombies" as the media called them would kill each other off. It looked like this would happen for awhile, until all changed for the worst.

The zombies realized what was happening and adapted to a group like attack. They would group up and storm houses, killing and infecting all those that they did manage to kill. The pack mentality grew strong, and yet some zombies remained solo hunters. These were not zombies that were portrayed in the movies, no these were semi-intelligent killers. Some were as smart as humans, and some even seemed to pass the level of intelligent of a normal human.

The scariest thing about this epidemic, was that the smarter zombies could speak. You could tell they were a zombie because they had red eyes and their speech was more forced, but they could speak. If death by a zombie wasn't terrifying enough, no. The zombies could speak.

Bands of humans were forming together to survive against the zombies and each other. Just like in normal times, humans would fight each other for supplies and strongholds. Temporary alliances were made when zombies attacked, and much backstabbing would go on during fights. Human nature didn't receed even in the face of unimaginable danger.

One man's dream to save the world, ended up damning it.